San Marino Ranch -Henry E. and Arabella Huntington’s Property (1903-1927)

By Nancy Armitage

Henry E. & Arabella Huntington’s Mansion photo taken from the Huntington Library Building. Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage at Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

Hang on to your hats – this is my 50+page San Marino Ranch Report. It covers the property of Henry E. & Arabella Huntington’s beloved San Marino Ranch – 100 yrs. ago! It tells a fascinating story about his ranch, the whole ranch story not just a portion of the story. They are so many magical things that Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Huntington created at the ranch that people need to know about.

This report answers a lot of questions, about what the ranch actually looked like when Henry & later Arabella Huntington (1913) lived there. Do you know that Henry Huntington was the largest landowner in Los Angeles County in the early 1900’s? & in California….he owned 1000’s of acres of California Ranchos, from San Diego to Los Angeles (below). He was also the first rancher in California to commercially grow & sell avocados, too.  Have you ever toasted bread or French roll, smear slices of buttery avocado with lemon juice & garlic salt – “Avocado Toast”, just delicious! I even sprinkle a few toasted sunflower seeds on Avocado Toast. In the early of California they called avocados a funny name :”Alligator Pears”!

Henry E. Huntington, owner of the San Marino Ranch, CA which became the Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens, San Marino, CA. This property which he & his wife, Arabella Huntington so generously donated to the State of California.

Huntington Mansion Location/ Address:

Mr. Henry E. Huntington (1903-1927)

Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Huntington (Arabella- 1913-1924 on SMR)

San Marino Ranch Huntington Drive San Gabriel, CA;

About 1914, San Marino Ranch city changed, it was the city was San Marino not San Gabriel, CA But all someone had to write on their letter/Envelope was “Mr. Huntington San Marino Ranch” & the mail would have gotten to him.

Nicknames: “Belle & Edwards” San Marino Ranch, San Marino, California

Arabella D. Huntington lived on the San Marino Ranch after she married H. E. Huntington in 1913. They were usually “in-residence”at the ranch from January to April or May. Then, they would travel east to their other residences in NYC & Throggs Neck & then off to Europe to Chateau Beauregard in the summertime. Photo credit & illustration: Nancy Armitage

The Ranch address (before 1914), was actually San Gabriel, California. I saw this information in letters & correspondence with HEH’s lawyer, Mr. Harper & Co. When the City of San Marino became incorporated; HEH changed the address of the San Marino Ranch to the city of San Marino. San Marino is just south of Pasadena, Calif. & a 20-minute drive east of downtown Los Angeles, CA. Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 659 Box 131- Harper & Co. Lawyer to HEH. (in Chat. B papers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA Even in the Social Register- Southern California (1922), it states, Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Huntington “San Marino Ranch”, San Gabriel, CA.  When the Huntington’s went to get mail they went to the San Gabriel post office. Document: HEH correspondence with Lawyer Harper & HEH Coll. HEH 10968 (Burke Journals- San Gabriel post office) at Huntington Library, San Marino, CA; Historical Note: even after 1914 some mail did come to H. E. Huntington San Marino Ranch, San Gabriel, CA

Henry E. Huntington purchased San Marino Ranch 1903 (SMR)

In 1903, Mr. Henry E. Huntington purchased the San Marino Ranch; at the time it was 501 acres of land. The Book: H. E. Huntington a biography by Thorpe, he tells us that HEH bought it on Jan. 2, 1903 [HEH Collections Assoc. Curator, Jennifer Goldman told me this date]. The ranch acres grew much larger over the years.

I saw in the Huntington Land & Improvement Co. ledgers gives us another date. Mr. Henry E. Huntington bought the Shorb Ranch for $250,000.00 (on paper) & the date was different: January 24, 1903, (Note: the date is different than above date) 501 acres of land. After Henry E. Huntington bought the Shorb Ranch & H. E. Huntington keep the name: “San Marino Ranch”. Document: HEH Collection HEH MS 19/5; HEH Bio File uncat (3th Box) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

In this research there are references to other Huntington Mansions: SMR= San Marino Ranch, No. 2 = No. 2 57th St. NYC, TN= “Homestead” Estate Throgg’s Neck, Chat B.= Chateau de Beauregard Paris, PAR=Paris, LON= London, CPK=Camp Pine Knot, NY

The Ranch Property: Technically, the Huntington’s Mansion sits on the Los Robles Ranch. In the HEH’s San Marino Ranch ledgers, all ranches were kept very separate: San Marino Ranch, Los Robles Ranch, Winston Ranch, Oneonta #1, Oneonta #2, Huntington Tract #1 & Huntington Tract #2, Ramona Ranch, etc. Even though they were all part of the San Marino Ranch, they were categorized separate. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 (SMR papers); HEH Coll. MS 6/1/2 (San Marino Ranch papers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA; photo of Southern Calif. Water & Power Co. (photo of H. E. Huntington residence labeled on the Los Robles Ranch).

This document (below) brings insight on what properties belonged to each ranch:

Mr. H. E.  Huntington’s San Marino Ranch (SMR) 1914:

Los Robles Ranch:

Paradee Place, Oak Knoll, & San Marino Ranch (Old Shorb Ranch)

El Molino Ranch

Oneonta Park 

[Oneonta Tract 1 & Oneonta Tract 2 [South Pasadena area], Chippendale Hill, Westside Orchard, Davis Place, The Huntington Hotel, H.G. Hill, T.H. Foote

Huntington Dr. #1 Tract

Huntington Dr. #2 Tract

Talcott Tract

Wilson Tract [Ranch] 

San Pasqual Tract #2 [now San Pasqual Ave. East Pasadena]*

Document: HEH Coll.MS 6/1/2/ uncat (Foremen’s Report Date: 1914) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA; Historical Note: also spelt * “Rancho San Pascual” (on the maps) was once a 14,403 acre Ranch included San Marino, San Gabriel, So. Pasadena, Altadena, & San Pasqual.

The Magic Hour at the San Marino Ranch is quite stunning.

H. E. Huntington’s Properties: Huntington Land & Improvement Co. (which Henry E. Huntington was the President)  Properties & Ranches in San Gabriel Valley, CA: (SMR & beyond) – listed A – Z:

Chippendale Hill (El Molino Ranch, CA) on 1914 SMR foreman’s report (El Molino Ranch)

Davis Place (El Molino Ranch, CA) – on 1919 SMR Foreman’s report

Dodgeville (now Alhambra, CA which is southwest of Huntington Drive; H.E. Huntington with H.L. & I. Co. built a model town) – on 1916 SMR Foreman’s report

El Molino Ranch: encompassed Pasadena & what is now South Pasadena, CA  (included Oneonta Park, Chippendale Hill, Westside Orchard, Davis Place, The Hotel Huntington, Pasadena, CA also: E.H. Moulton, H.G. Hill, & T.H. Foote;  [El Molino Brand Oranges – the orange crate packing label states: the “San Gabriel Foothill oranges” & on the bottom of the crate label “Huntington Land & Improvement Co. in San Gabriel, Los Angeles Co. CA “with an illustration of the Old Mill on it]

T. H. Foote (El Molino Ranch, CA)

H. G. Hill (El Molino Ranch, CA)

Huntington Drive Tract #1 (SMR)

Huntington Drive Tract #2 (SMR)

Hotel Huntington (El Molino Ranch) 1914 SMR Foremen report 

Los Robles Ranch: included Oak Knoll Area, & Paradee Place & SMR [SMR – H.E.Huntington Mansion sits on this ranch]

E. H. Moulton (El Molino Ranch, CA)

Mission Tract [Mission Canyon was on the northwest side of the SMR] 

San Pasqual Tract #2   

Oneonta Park Orchards  [Oneonta Church & Oneonta Street in San Marino & South Pasadena; the “Oneonta Junction” Train Station (Pacific Electric Railway Co.) was at the corner of Huntington & Fair Oaks Ave.]

Oneonta Tract #1 (west part of SMR/ now Garfield Ave.) 

Oneonta Tract #2

Oneonta Park (El Molino Ranch) 

Oak Knoll Ranch or Oak Knoll Tract (Los Robles Ranch)

Paradee Place (Los Robles Ranch)

San Gabriel Wine Co., Alhambra, CA (HEH bought for $80,000.00)

San Marino Ranch – included Huntington Dr. #1 tract, Huntington Dr. #2 tract, Talcott Tract & Wilson Tract Foreman’s Report #69 in 1914 (SMR was purchased by HEH in January of 1903)

Shorb Ranch (Los Robles Ranch & the San Marino Ranch) H.E. Huntington bought in January of 1903

San Marino Park- 1903 [now Lacy Park, San Marino, CA]

Ramona Ranch – Alhambra, Los Angeles Co., CA (Ramona Ranch was on the main HEH Ranch Ledgers; each ranch was separated. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 6/1/4-6) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Rosemead Ranch (1905) Estate of San Marino Ranch & San Gabriel Blvd. –   Mr. L. J. Rose’s Sunnyslope Vineyards (famous for their Brandies & Sherries)

Talcott Tract (SMR) (1914 SMR Foremen’s Report)

Titus Ranch- Bradbury Estates Monrovia, CA [Orange Crate Label – Horseshoe on orange label, one of the labels has Bradbury estates & includes information that Titus Ranch was 550 acres of land]

Westside Orchard (El Molino Ranch)

Westside Tract (1919 SMR Foremen’s Report)

Winston Ranch 1903 [Location? Winston Rd.? San Marino/ Alhambra?]

Wilson Tract Ranch (SMR) (1914 San Marino Ranch Foreman’s Report)

Document: HEH Coll.MS 6/1/1-3 uncat (SMR papers Foreman’s Report 1914 SMR-; 1903 SMR Foremen’s reports at Huntington Library San Marino, CA ; Book: HEH a Biography Thorpe p.199; LA Public library picture of Oneonta Park train station/So. Cal water & power Assoc. website; Titus Ranch orange labels for sale on Ebay

The San Marino Ranch, in the early days, looked like this photograph. Quite stunning with just beautiful California oak trees spotting on the horizon and hilly landscape.

Ranches that surrounded the San Marino Ranch (1916-1917) 

(Owned by H. E. Huntington& the Huntington Land and Improvement Co.) Distribution of Fumigating Labor & Material [Oranges] 1916-17:

Dodgeville Orchard

Huntington Drive Tract #1

Huntington Drive Tract #2 

El Molino Ranch Orchard

Oneonta Park Orchards

San Marino Ranch Orchard

Los Robles Ranch

Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 6/1/ (4-6) uncat (San Marino Ranch papers) Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif.  Historical Note: On San Marino Ranch & Huntington Land & Improvement Co. ledgers were a wealth of information. The purposes of finding out the amounts of oranges & pumpkins & abundance of produce (which ranch yielded the most produce). Mr. H. E. Huntington was very detailed on each ledger… the ranch hands counted oranges on each tree – everyday! The ranches were always separated into categories or columns in Mr. H. E. Huntington’s ranch ledgers. 

The north side, “Carriage Entrance” to the Huntington Mansion on the San Marino Ranch. Photo credit: Nancy Armitage

The H. E. Huntingtons (Edwards & Belle): “In-Residence” at San Marino Ranch during the winter & the spring months (1913 to the 1920’s):

Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Huntington (“Belle” & “Edwards”) were “in residence” at the San Marino Ranch usually in the wintertime. They would always fly the American flag at their residence, when they were there. Their usual months in Southern California were from January, February, March, April, to May. Some years they spent longer periods of time at the Ranch; the war years almost the whole year- 1916 & 1919. Also, during these periods the Huntington’s would take short train trips up to Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, & up to San Francisco to visit their Huntington family or in 1915 they went to the World Fair . Document: Huntington Family Timeline by Nancy Armitage (put together from Huntington Library documents)

Mr. Henry E. Huntington Social or Calling Cards; the bottom one is a mourning card (1924) after Mrs. Arabella Huntington died. Photo credit: Nancy Armitage at the Nineteen-Nineteen exhibition at the Huntington Library 2019 – celebrating 100 years. Originals are in HEH Collection archives.

Henry E. Huntington’s – Business Address in Downtown Los Angeles, Calif.: 

Pacific Electric Railway Co.     “The Red Cars”

President: Mr. Henry E. Huntington

Main Street & 6th Street (called the “Huntington Building”)

Downtown Los Angeles, California

Also called: “PE Railway Co.” or the Red Cars and the Yellow Cars.

Henry Huntington’s Southern California “Red Cars”. Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

H. E. Huntington’s Retirement from Pacific Electric Railway Co. Los Angeles, Calif.:

In 1910, H. E. Huntington retired from Pacific Electric Railway Co. at age 60. No one actually believed he would retire, he was such a hard worker. After he retired, he still went to downtown Los Angeles to see what was going on with all his various companies that he owned or had stock in. Companies like Southern Pacific Co. (NYC & SF) & Newport News Shipyards & Drydock in Newport News, VA. 

Mrs. Emma Quigley was Henry E. Huntington’s loyal secretary at Pacific Electric Co.; HEH shared a gigantic desk & office with his dear friend & V.P., Wm. “Billy” Dunn. Atty. Dunn served on many of Huntington’s companies Board of Directors such as Huntington Land & Improvement Co. (Wm. Dunn was the Vice–President of the H.L. & I. Co.); Mr. Dunn was H.E. Huntington law adviser & friend. “Edwards” (HEH) & “Billy” would often go to lunch together at California Club or Jonathan Club in Downtown Los Angeles. Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 19/1-18 uncat & HEH Coll. MS 19/1 uncat, (HEH Bio File) [Mrs. Quigley tapes]; HEH Coll. HEH 13132 (Oct 1924 Letterhead of H.L & I. Co.[HEH Pres, Wm. Dunn VP, F. Griffith VP & Gen. Manager, A.G. Walker)] (Huntington Library, San Marino, CA)

Means of Travel (SMR)

The Huntingtons had many means of travel: Mr. H. E. Huntington’s used their Limousines & numerous Automobiles, Horse & Buggy, Local Trains, & Los Angeles trains (Pacific Electric Railway Co. “the Red Cars”) & cross country trains: (Southern Pacific Railway Co. & Union Pacific Trains) via the Huntington family private railroad cars: called “San Marino I” & “San Marino II”. Also, ships from San Pedro/ Los Angeles Harbor to San Francisco or Hawaii & from New York Harbor to Europe. Historical Note: In Burke Journals (HEH’s brother-in-law), Burke would often write about of the Huntington’s limos rides (day trips) to Long Beach & Santa Monica & Malibu, train rides from LA to SF & stops with overnight stops at Hotel Del Monte in Monterey (owned by Southern Pacific RR Co.) & the Arlington Hotel in Santa Barbara. Burke talked of amazing cross country train trips from LA to NYC with the whole Huntington Clan. Fun stops with fabulous luncheons & dinners in New Orleans, & Texas, etc. A lot of Arabella Huntington family lived in Texas. Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 10968 (Burkes Journals) Huntington Library, San Marino, CA 

Activities at the H. E. Huntington’s San Marino Ranch in the 1920’s:

On Sundays at the Ranch, there were so many fun activities for Huntington’s guests at the Ranch: Billiards, Lawn Bowling, Bowling in the Bowling Alley, Large Aviary to see exotic birds, Horseback riding, Horseraces at Tournament Park or Santa Anita, Luncheon (Formal), Dress Up Dinners (Formal), Sundays at the Ranch, Picnics at the Pond, animals to see: Cows, chicken, birds peacocks, the Bird Aviary, Luncheons at the Japanese garden, Croquet on the lawn, Lawn Parties, Hunting (Deer or Ducks), Deer Park, Turtles at the Turtle Pond, Golfing at Huntington Golf Course on the Hotel Huntington Pasadena,- Property the Old Mill, Daytrip: Automobile Picnic to Long Beach, Redondo Beach or Malibu, Exotic flowers in the Lath House, Read a book, Mrs. Huntington’s flower cutting garden, Rose Garden, Tea on the Terrace, Read a book or one of HEH’s rare manuscript, Washingtoniana, Lincolniana, or Shakespeare, Go see the original “Blue Boy” painting in the Large Drawing Room, pick loganberries or raspberries, watch Nora Larsen (SMR Cook & Housekeeper) & Kitchen Staff make “tutti-frutti” or preserves. Document: HEH Collection HEH 8/9 uncat (San Marino Ranch papers); HEH’s correspondence (Mr. Miller about Lawn Bowling at the Ranch) at Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

California Poppies, the California state flower.

San Marino Ranch Property (1903-1927) The Ranch – 100 yrs. ago

The San Marino Ranch was formerly called the “Shorb Ranch” – also the Shorbs themselves called it “San Marino Ranch”. Early in the 1900’s, there was the old Shorb Victorian Mansion standing technically on the Los Robles Ranch & it was replaced by the H. E. Huntington’s Mansion. Mr. H. E. Huntington wanted to build the new H. E. Huntington Residence or mansion (architect: Myron Hunt) on the same spot. Mr. Huntington used all the wood from the Victorian mansion; never any waste was Mr. Huntington’s philosophy. Document: 1904 Maps of SMR – no call number (at Huntington Library San Marino, CA)

There are many maps of the San Marino Ranch that were made for Mr. Huntington. In fact, his Henry E. Huntington’s loved maps, (stated his secretary, Emma Quigley at Pacific Electric Railway Co.) A couple of these maps help us discover what the San Marino Ranch actually looked like when the Huntingtons lived there. One map was the 1921 San Marino Ranch map – called the “elevation map” CalTech & 1927 map of San Marino Ranch that was called the “Demolition” map (after HEH died, all structures, cottages, & barns, etc. were torn down). Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 19 1/18 HEH BIO FILE [Mrs. Quigley tapes] at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Places & Structures on the San Marino Ranch – Early 1900’s -1920’s: A – Z

Apiary – An “apiary” is a collection of bees hives to pollinate the ranch’s orange trees; the apiary was located by Patton’s Place at the northwest corner of Virginia Road & Huntington Dr. There was a cute story told by Mr. Hertrich about a surprise mass of honey in the water tower. On their usual walk around the ranch, Hertrich & Mr. Henry Huntington saw a huge streak of what looked like water leaking from the San Marino Ranch water tower. Hertrich investigated it & found it was pounds & pounds of fresh orange blossom honey. Everyone on the ranch was supplied with orange blossom honey for 2 years. Document: Map of SMR 1921 Cal Tech, – no call number (Huntington Library San Marino CA; Book Personal Recollections by Wm. Hertrich.

The Large Aviary – The Huntington’s Exotic Birds were housed in the Large Aviary at the San Marino Ranch. The Large Aviary was quite a large structure; it ran east & west from the Huntington Mansion to the Billiards room/Bowling Alley. The Aviary was called the “Aviary Bird-House” in the San Marino Ranch papers; it was W.O. #60 (Work order). A work order was a structure ordered by HEH & designed by Hertrich. 

On May 28, 1914, it cost $7.78 to make the aviary. The size of the large aviary was 80 ft. long, the center dome was 32 ft. in diameter, & it was 24 ft. high. The Aviary had side wings, 14 ft. high, steel frames, concrete columns, & ornamental work of metal, back walls, & concrete dome, with blown glass work. In March 1915, at a cost of $33.50 to make small nests for the baby birds. In Dec. 1920, the Aviary Caretaker was J. Muller $80.00 a month, he was paid. 

A black & white photograph depicts the Large Aviary on the ranch in Hertrich’s book: Huntington Botanical Gardens Personal Recollections. Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 6/1-10 uncat (SMR work orders (SMR papers) & Hertrich Book; HEH Coll. HEH 6/15 (SMR papers – payroll- aviary caretaker) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA Historical Note: there was a large aviary & a small aviary; the small one was located in the Huntington’s Mansion on the 2nd floor.

1914-1915 Huntington Large Aviary – List of Exotic Birds purchased at the Ranch (SMR): 

Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Huntington (Arabella) had an amazing collection of colorful & unusual exotic birds. This is a compiled list from 1914-1915 of receipts for purchased birds for the San Marino Ranch & Mr. Hertrich’s book:

A pair (2) of Blue Victorian Crown Pigeons, 1 Australian King Parrot (redhead with green & blue purple tail), 1 Red-headed Amazon parrot,1 Channel-Billed Toucan from South America (On H.E. Huntington’s Toucan Bird orange crate), 1 Razor-Billed Toucan (white tuxedo chest & yellow bill; it was bought on Dec. 26, 1914 & it got away), 1 Pair (2) of Royal Crown Pigeons, Long-nosed pink Kokoda, Lady Gould Finches, 1 Panama Talking Green parrot [named “Buster”; he spoke nautical phases & Mrs. Arabella Huntington’s voice perfectly], 1 Central American Green Parrot with yellow head, 26 Kinds of different Parrots, 1 Black Indian Mynah with yellow bill (2nd floor of Huntington Mansion), 1 pair (2) of Mealy Rosella,1 pair of Green & Gold Losegs, 1 Jungle Fowl Hens, 1 pair of Broad Loreys, 2 Ring-Neck hens, 1 Swim Hog Hen (Pheasant), 1 pair of  Major Mitchell Kakodoos, 1 pair long-nose Pink Kokoda, Mandarins, 1 pair of Wood Ducks, Pair of Bleeding Heart Pigeons, Fancy Pigeons, Tumblers, Crested-Bulbuls, Macaws, 1 Pair of Snow White Peacocks Hens, 1 pair of Green/Blue Peacocks, many Weavers, Lady Peafowl, Thrushes, Mynahs, Canaries, Finches, Weaves, or Weavers, Silver Chinese Owls, White Cockatoo with Yellow Bill [Talking Birds housed in the Huntington Mansion] Colorful Parakeets, Mockingbirds (May 1915), 1 Euphorbia San Salvador, 12 Snaps, 4 Pads, 3 Gall Cure, 8 pairs Stell Butts, Talking Birds, & Singing Birds; a lots of Pheasants, Parrots, Parakeets, & various Birds bought on Oct. 10,1914 $1,669.30 Document: HEH Collection MS 6/1-10 uncat (SMR papers); HEH Collection HEH MS 8/9 (SMR papers); HEH Coll. MS 6/3 uncat; HEH Coll. MS 6/2-14 (SMR Papers); HEH Coll. MS 1/F3 uncat (Huntington Land & Improvement Co. at the Hunt. Library San Marino, CA. Book: Personal Recollections Wm. Hertrich [Superintendent of the San Marino Ranch] Historical Note: “Buster” was Mrs. Huntington’s the green Amazon parrot; this parrot loved Mrs. Huntington & hated everyone else. Buster talked in a nautical vocabulary & also could emulate Mrs. Huntington’s voice perfectly; funny stories were written that Mrs. Huntington would be calling Mr. Huntington & he would walk into the room & it would be the bird calling him! Mr and Mrs. Huntington & the servant staff would laugh about it. 

One of my favorite birds of Mr. Huntington’s, the “Victorian Crowned Pigeon” with there funny fancy feathered hat.

Mr. Hertrich “Pocket Notebook” of the San Marino Ranch (contained Payroll list, Bird List, etc.) Birds in the Huntington’s Large Aviary: Detailed List of Birds (1914-1920) Typed 

“Cage #1: Trio of Golden Pheasants, 1 trio Silver Pheasants, 1 trio Lady Amherst Pheasant, 1 Reeves Pheasant, 6 pairs Harts Mt. Canaries, 4 pairs Chinese Linnets 1 European Linnets, 1 pair of Roller Canaries, 3 pairs Gold Finches, 2 Paris Trumpeters  

Cage #2: 3 Mexican Bluejays, 1 Mountain Bluejay, 2 S.A. Double Bar Jays, 2 Pairs European Blue Jays, 1 pair Brazil Glasey B. Jays, 1 pair Toucans, 2 Cardinals, 1 Mongolian Grass Beak, 1 pair Australian Magpie, 1 pair Laughlin Jackass 

Cage #3: 4 pair Japanese Robins, 2 pair Tumblers, 3 SkyLarks (In Song), 2 pairs European Black Birds, 2 pairs Thrushes, 1 pair East India Minah, 1 pair East India Shama Thrush, 1 pair Crested Bulbul, 1pair Crested Minah, 2 pair S.A Troopials, 1 pair Mountain Partridge

Cage #4: 4 pair Green Shell Parrakeets, 3 pair Yellow Shell Parakeets, 4 pair Grey Java Sparrow, 4 pair White Java Sparrow, 4 pair Black Headed Nuns, 1 pair White Headed Nuns, 3 pair Japanese Nuns, 4 pairs Tricolored Nuns, 4 pairs Society Finches,  4 pair Nutmeg Finches, 4 pairs Chestnut Finches, [ Handwritten in “Special quarters for Collection of 72 Fancy ?Horn or Homer Pigeons] 

Mr. Wm. Hertrich’s page from his 6- hole pocket book, he carried around with him at all times. The list of the bird cages in the Large Aviary, San Marino Ranch (1914-1920) Photo credit: Nancy Armitage at the Nineteen Nineteen- 1919 Exhibition at Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

Cage # 5: 2 pairs Cockatillos, 2 pair Ring Neck parrakeets, 2 pair Morten Bay Rosella, 1 pair Chocolate Face Parrakeets, 2 pairs Java Plum-head Parrak. 1 pair Alexander Parrakeets, 2 pair Blood-rump Grass Parrakeets, 1 trio King Charles Parrakeets, 2 pairs Bee Bees, 1 pair Quaker Parrakeets 

Cage #6: 3 pairs Zebra Finches, 3 pairs Strawberry Finches, 3 pair Waxbill Finches, 3 pairs Orange Cheek Finches, 3 pairs Bishop weaves, 3 pair Madagascar Weavers, 1 pair Paradise Widow, 1 red head Amandine ( pair), 3 pairs cut throat Finches, 1 pair Negro Finches, 1 pair Safran Finches; Handwritten in: Large Cage: 26 Different Parrots, 65 assorted seed eating birds”.

One of the Huntington’s numerous parrots: Blue& Yellow MaCaw (Ara ararauna)

Book: Nineteen Nineteen 1919 by Glisson & Watts; No Bibliography in this book, so I don’t know where Mr. Wm. Hertrich small “pocket notebook” is located. The book states that Hertrich carried around a little pocket notebook (photo 6-ring binder) when he walked the ranch. He jotted down notes to remind him of things on the San Marino Ranch: yield of oranges & avocados, bird names, structures on the ranch, etc. In the pictures of Nineteen Nineteen there is a payroll list for 1918 on the same page as the Bird List. This detailed bird list (above) could possibly be just for the year of 1918. They stated that there were 5000 birds at the San Marino Ranch –  (I think that number 5000 is throughout the years at the Ranch).

Mrs. Huntington’s favorite little pet bird, a bright green & red headed Amazon parrot named “Buster”.

Small Aviary: located in the Huntington’s Mansion on the 2nd floor on the south side of the mansion. They had a talking white cockatoo, a green Amazon parrot named “Buster” (ADH’s pet & spoke with Mrs. Huntington’s voice) & another exotic Macaw bird. Document: Hertrich Book: Personal Recollection Nancy Note: you can still see on the 2nd floor, the mint green tile floor, is where the Small Aviary was located at the Huntington Library Gallery.

Avocado Grove (SMR): 1920’s, avocados were hilariously called “Alligator Pears” ; the San Marino Ranch had 7-10 acres of avocado groves located north of the “Guest Cottage” & Library Building. Mr. Henry E. Huntington is credited to be the first farmer to commercially grow avocados. From 1905-1910,  H. E. Huntington & his son, Howard, lived in downtown Los Angeles at the Jonathan Club. At the time the Jonathan Club was located on the top of the “Huntington Building” at Main St. & 6th Street. Which was also H. E. Huntington’s business – Pacific Electric Railway Co. Building in downtown Los Angeles, California. 

The Avocado Grove at the Ranch started when Mr. Huntington was enjoying a lovely avocado salad at his downtown club, The Jonathan Club. The salad contained buttery avocado slices, he asked the chef if he would save him some of the avocado seeds. The chef said “yes”, he kindly saved 300 seeds for Mr. Huntington. By 1910, there was a 7-acres Avocado Grove on the San Marino Ranch. On Nov. 1, 1913, Mr. Wm. Hertrich ordered 5000 Herman avocado buds from W. A. Spinks in Monrovia, CA for $250.00 and/or baby trees to plant an avocado grove. Hertrich & team planted the avocado buds & trees. 

By 1922, Mr. Huntington’s Avocado Grove grew larger to 10 acres. In 1922, Hertrich shared his experience with avocados with the California Avocado Assn. In the Annual Report, he stated that the San Marino Ranch Avocado Grove was 520 ft. elevation & the distance between each avocado tree was 25 ft. The avocado varieties that were grown were: Fuerte, Spinks, Sharpless, Taft, Lyon, Dickinson, Murrieta, Knight, Linda, Queen, & Rey. They had good drainage with heavy loam soil, ideal for avocados in Hertrich’s opinion. Document: Annual Report California Avocado Assn. 1922; HEH Coll. HEH 6/15 various acct (5000 avocado buds); HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 uncat (SMR papers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Mr. H. E. Huntington’s Automobile Garage (SMR): the garage was a large building structure with a basement, housing 6 to 9 automobiles. It was located where the Boone Gallery is now at the Huntington Library in San Marino, CA. There was also chauffeur quarters attached to the garage building where the head chauffeur lived. In April of 1911, Mr. H. E. Huntington’s chauffeur was J. M. Barnett, he was the highest paid employee, at a rate of $100.00 a month (under Mr. Hertrich at $200.00 a month). On December 26, 1914, HEH purchased 2 chauffeur licenses from the State of California, (probably for: Mr. Barnett & Mr. Clarence Williams). Document: HEH Coll. MS Book 6/1 & HEH Coll. 6/2-14 (Huntington Library, San Marino, CA)  

In December of 1915, Mr. Clarence Williams was Mr. H. E. Huntington’s chauffeur at the rate of $100.00 a month. In March 1919, C. E. Williams got a raise to $110.00. His jobs were driving for Mr. & Mrs. Huntington anywhere they wanted to go, working & cleaning the limousines & automobiles, & he also rode the Motor cycle with a sidecar for errands. In Jan. of 1915 on the SMR payroll the auto mechanic was listed at J. M. Beavo. In Dec. of 1920, Clarence Williams is listed on payroll as Chauffeur & the Mechanic. Document: HEH Coll. 6/1/4-6 uncat & HEH Coll. MS 6/15 (SMR-payroll of ranch hands at Huntington Library San Marino, CA ).

The Huntington Automobile Building or Automobile “Garage” (SMR) was also referred to by the Huntington’s as the “Carriage House” this term dates back to horse & buggy days -in the beginning of the 1900’s at the San Marino Ranch. The Huntingtons used horse & buggy carriages before automobiles. Document: 1921 SMR elevation map states “Garage” at Huntington Library San Marino, CA. Historical Note: Mr. Clarence Williams also lived in a room in the garage; alsat o a Huntington’s traveling servant who traveled on the Huntington’s private railroad car “San Marino II” with the other servants to the other various Huntington mansions. 

Automobiles in 1912, Mr. H. E. Huntington owned (SMR): a 1911 Cadillac, Abbott, Lozier Touring Car, Ranch Truck, & an Alco.  Mr. Huntington owned in February of 1913, the auto repair invoices listed these cars: Limousine, Brummett, Braugham (this car had a open driver’s seat), Touring Car, & Oldsmobile automobile. Document: HEH Coll. MS 38/6 uncat [HEH’s estate papers] HEH mansion inventory book & in April of 1911, Mr. H. E. Huntington’s chauffeur was J.M. Barnett. Document: HEH Coll. 6/1/4-6 uncat (SMR payroll) Hunt. Lib. SM, Calif

Mr. H. E. Huntington’s Automobile List (SMR): 1915-1916 Lists:  Lozier 7-passenger Limousine, HEH Lozier 5-passenger Brougham, Lozier Touring car 7-passenger, 1 Cadillac 5-passenger touring car, 1 Detroit Electric 4-passenger, 1 Moreland 2-ton truck, 1 Lozier 7-passenger, 1 Oldsmobile 5-passenger touring car, 1 Overland delivery van (1/2 ton), & horse & carriage, & a motorcycle with a sidecar. Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 8/9 uncat (San Marino Ranch Papers) Hunt. Lib. SM, Calif.  Historical Note: The Duplicate Lozier Limousine is not a typo, often in HEH’s brother-in-law’s (E. Burke Holladay’s journal HEH Coll. MS 109 at Huntington Library San Marino, CA68 – he mentions on a particular day that Mr. Huntington taking a limo to downtown LA to go to the California Club & Mrs. Arabella Huntington taking another limo with friends to a tea party or shopping somewhere else.

Mr. H. E. Huntington’s Automobile Collection on the SMR (1927): May 23, 1927, a Huntington automobile inventory listed – 6 automobiles: 1 Limousine Open Drive 1920 Model, 1 Limousine Open Drive1917 Model, 1 Locomobile Town Car 1917 Model, 1 Loco mobile Open Drive Limousine 1917 Model, 1 Oldsmobile touring Car 1918 Model at a value: $1,000.00, 1 Detroit Electric Coupe 1914 model, Also, Mr. Huntington’s private railway car, “San Marino” valued at $37,500.00   Document: HEH Coll. MS 38/6 uncat [HEH’s estate papers- HEH mansion inventory] Huntington Lib. San Marino, CA

Huntington Automobile Picnic Basket for 6 (SMR): The Huntington’s loved to take long drives around Los Angeles & the beach areas. They would drive to Long Beach, Malibu, & Santa Monica, where Arabella D.Huntington owned a lot of land there. They would take delicious picnics along in their limousines. They also loved to drive around the San Marino Ranch & see their employees’ gardens & cottages. Mr. & Mrs. Huntington really enjoyed how each person who was gifted a cottage, grew their flowers & gardens, or decorated it.  

Mrs. Arabella Huntington’s personal secretary & friend, (Miss Carrie M. Campbell), lived at the Huntington Mansion. She was in charge of packing the Huntington’s Automobile Picnic Basket with tea & luncheon provisions. Carrie lived on the 2nd floor of the Huntington Mansion, she had her own room & the picnic basket was located in her room. Document: HEH Coll. MS10968 (Burkes Journals); HEH Coll. MS 38/6 [Huntington Mansion inventory book] & Affidavit Inventory of ADH property 1924-1926; Huntington Lib. San Marino, CA

This typical Edwardian Wicker Automobile Picnic Basket had 6 plates, 6 forks, & knives, 2 bottles [ice orange pekoe tea, lemonade or maybe mint juleps], 2 sandwiches cases, a pepper shaker, & butter jars (maybe ADH favorite Roquefort butter on a cracker as a canape). As you can see from the above list of Mr. H.E. Huntington’s Automobiles & Limousines, several of them were for 5 to 7 passengers.

The Huntington’s “1920’s Automobile Picnic Tea” menu would have consisted of tea and/or picnic provisions. Mrs. Arabella Huntington loved a French Flare in her romantic menus. The menu for their picnic could have been Ham & Cheese with French Dijon mustard sandwiches, or a French baguette with French Duck pate & gherkin pickles with French Tarragon French Potato Salad. Or Southern Charm accent with Southern Fried Chicken with Macaroni Salad or Coleslaw, Pickled Okra, with Southern Buttermilk Biscuits with Roquefort Butter or Orange Marmalade, fruits & Ranch berries. 

Or a tea party picnic…there could be tea sandwiches, scones, baked goods, & tea beverages. Mr. Huntington was partially to cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise & Dijon mustard; Also, for great picnic food: The tea blend was called 5 o’clock tea (1920’s). The also had Scones with Ranch Orange Marmalade or Ranch Honey, Beverages could have been Hot Chocolate or Hot Toddies, or Ranch Lemonade, & Mrs. Kley’s homemade cookies (sugar cookies, cinnamon swirl spice, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, & ginger snaps), they might even included French Champagne & chocolate bonbons on special occasions.

Also, the Huntington were lucky having Mrs. Kley’s who was a wonderful Dessert chef. She made a favorite dessert: Huntington Mansion “Honey Spice Bars” (between a truffle & a chocolate brownie very rich & very delicious), California fruit from the San Marino Ranch would have been in abundance: grapes, kiwi, apples, oranges, mangos. For a French picnic, Mrs. Huntington love French cheeses (Camembert, Brie & Roquefort) with Water crackers or French baguette with the fruit, French champagne or French wine might have been served.  Document: HEH Coll. MS 38/6 (HEH’s estate papers – [Huntington mansion inventory book]at Huntington Library San Marino, CA These Huntington recipes for Mrs. Kley’s Huntington Mansion “Honey Spice Bars” or “Cinnamon Swirl Cookies” were given to me by Mrs. Kleys’s granddaughter, Chris Story.

Huntington Mansion ” Honey Spice Bars” with Royal Icing

Mrs. Kley (dessert cook) for the Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Huntington used to make this divine little morsels or “petit fours” at the Huntington Mansion on the San Marino Ranch. Mrs. Kley’s granddaughter, Chris Story, sent me this recipe!

1 pt. honey [orange blossom]

1/2 lb. (2 c. ) cocoa powder

1 c. sugar

2 t. cinnamon, ground

2 t. allspice, ground

2 t. cloves, ground

2 t. nutmeg, ground

6 eggs (2 are for Royal icing)

1 c. flour

6 t. baking powder

2 c. walnuts, chopped

Mix the honey, cocoa & sugar first. Pour in [4 ] beaten eggs. Add flour, spices, baking powder. [Add walnuts] Grease pan [with butter & pour in batter into 2 71/2 x 11 glass pyrex dishes]. Bake in slow oven [Bake 300@ for 38 mins. Let completely cool & ice with Royal Icing. Cut into small 1″ squares. They are really rich & moist, a cross between a truffle and a brownie!]

Royal Icing

1 box powdered sugar [Confectioner’s sugar]

2 egg whites, whisk

Mix powdered sugar into the 2 egg whites to make a white icing to drizzle on top of [Honey Spice Bars] after they are baked & completely cool.

Berry Patch (SMR): At the San Marino Ranch they grew many different kinds of berries.  There were Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Marionberries, Loganberries (500 loganberry plants purchased), & Strawberries. One of the Berry Patch location was located near the Family Fruit Orchard beyond the 3-acre lawn (Desert Garden now). Another berry patch could have been located by the Automobile car garage. Berries grow in wild hedges & have thorns & get out of hand easily. Document HEH Coll. MS 8/9 uncat (SMR papers & Huntington Land & Improvement Ledgers); Book: Personal Recollections by Mr. Wm. Hertrich at Huntington Library San Marino, CA Nancy Note: Have you ever heard of “Myrtleberry Pie”? It is delicious made with raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, sugar & cinnamon in a good pie crust! Sometimes the simplest things are the very best! I am told there is no such thing as a Myrtleberry.

Billiards Room (SMR): located inside the Bowling Alley Building; just west of the Huntington Mansion. The Billiard’s Room was decorated like a gentlemen’s retreat in a California-Spanish decor; decorated in red, gold & black. It was a spot where Mr. Huntington & his gentlemen’s friends & family could enjoy smoking a cigar after a multi-course meal. Mrs. Arabella Huntington didn’t like smoke in the Huntington Mansion, so this was a great place to go. It was decorated with accents of red & warm colors like a hunting lodge with oriental carpets & deer antlers, wild cats, & bird taxidermy (even a toucan, etc.). Document: HEH Coll. MS 38/6 [Huntington Mansion Inventory Book]; 1927 SMR Map demo map-no call number; Document: Mr. Hertrich’s Book: Personal Recollections at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Bowling Alley (SMR): the Bowling Alley Building was located just west of the Huntington’s Mansion. It was decorated like a gentlemen’s retreat decorated in red, gold, & black. It looked like a typical California Spanish retreat with ceramic tile floor, heavy black rod iron, & brass fixtures, & comfy red damask couches. The Billiard’s Room attached, another fun entertainment to have at the San Marino Ranch. Document: HEH Coll. MS 38/6 uncat [Huntington Mansion Inventory Book] at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

“Car Barn” (1921 on the SMR) is the building that housed Mr. H. E. Huntington’s private railroad train cars. The Huntington’s owned 2 large private railroad cars – named, the “San Marino 1” & “San Marino II”. The “Car Barn” was located east from the Library Building on the San Marino Ranch. The Car Barn was what is now Stratford Rd. is; now outside the Huntington Library – Oxford Rd. gate at the N-E corner of Stratford & Oxford Rd. in San Marino. In May of 1927, listed was the “San Marino 1” Mr. Huntington’s private railroad train car was valued at $37,500.00. Document: “Car Barn” is labeled on the 1921 SMR map [elevation] CalTech map (no Call number) & HEH Coll. 38/6 [Huntington Mansion] Inventory brown book at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Cactus Garden (SMR): one of HEH’s many gardens was a cactus garden located east of the Family Fruit Orchard across the 3-acre lawn. The cactus gardener was Charles Ackerman. In Dec. 1920, Ackerman was paid $102.90 for a month salary. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 6/15 (SMR Papers) Huntington Library, San Marino CA

Citrus Trees: (SMR) The lion’s share of Mr. H. E. Huntington’s citrus groves were oranges, in particular, Navel Oranges & Valencia Oranges. Mr. Huntington sold his oranges under the several different names & orange crate labels: “Toucan Brand H. E. Huntington Packing Assn. with Sunkist” (illustration of toucan bird), “El Molino Brand” Foothill oranges San Marino Growers, San Gabriel, CA, La Marino Brand Bradbury Estates, San Marino CA, Titus Ranch Brand Oranges with a horseshoe illustration, San Gabriel Mission Bells Brand – San Marino Growers, San Gabriel, CA, Dos Palmas Brand San Marino Growers Packing Assn. San Gabriel, CA (Illustration of San Gabriel Mission), The Mission Play Brand, San Marino Packing Assn. San Gabriel, California & El Toreador Brand with Red Ball – San Marino Growers Packing Assn. San Gabriel, CA  

Mr. Huntington also grew other citrus fruits: lemons, tangerines, & grapefruit. I found documents on shipping ledgers: Mr. Huntington was very thoughtful & would often ship cases of these delicious sweet citrus fruits like oranges & tangerines, or avocados to his family and friends. At Christmas time, HEH would send his daughters (Marion, Elizabeth, & Clara) or his sister, Carrie Holladay (SF & Oneonta NY where he grew up) these special gifts from the San Marino Ranch. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 & HEH Coll. HEH 6/2-14 uncat Journal 6/6 “Shipments Memoranda non-local” shipping ledger at the back of HEH journal, HEH Household expenses; at Huntington Library San Marino, CA; eBay H. E. Huntington orange crate labels.

The Cottages on the San Marino Ranch Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Huntington were very generous with their employees at the Ranch. The employees on the San Marino Ranch either lived in the mansion with the Huntingtons or intheir own cottages; most of the heads of departments had their own cottages and/or bungalows. Many of the ranch hands lived in a large 28-room dormitory. Mrs. Louis Grossman was the Dean of Men taking care of the ranch hands needs & feeding them.  

The HEH Collection Huntington archives curator, Dan Lewis, once told me there once was 24 or more cottages on the San Marino Ranch for employees & librarians, etc. I found 27 San Marino Ranch cottages marked on the several San Marino Ranch large Maps (1904, 1921, & 1927). The number of cottages continued to change because HEH & Hertrich continued to build structures called “W.O.” (work orders) on the Ranch. On the April 1921 San Marino Ranch map, some of the cottages were actually labeled with names like: Weir (1), Curlbert (1), Martin (3), Moulton (3), pump houses, (one pump house was a 4-room cottage for pump man -W.O 132. There were (2) Gatekeeper Cottages by Hill Ave. & Lombardy Rd. & one other (1) gatekeeper cottage by original main entrance on Euston Rd. – gatekeepers cottage (2 others), Librarian cottages (5 of them) located just below the Hotel Huntington on “Lopez St.” which is now Monterey Road, (1-2) cottages by the “Silo” for the horseman/ranch hands. There was a cluster of cottages (5 or more) like a little cottage village, just east of the Library Building (where the main entrance pavilion is now). Sam Cockrell who was a Foreman of the Ranch Hands at the San Marino Ranch had a cottage (1) & R. Kleinert, he was a Barn man also had a cottage (1) near the silo (south of the mansion down the hill). 

More Cottages on the Ranch: On December 28, 1915, W.O. (Work Order) #88 was placed for a 2-room Cottage (1). It was located north of the vegetable garden (most likely used by the vegetable gardener) on the Los Robles Ranch at a cost of $300.00; replacement of the house when it was burned. 

Ms. Nora Larsen’s Cottage she was the Head Housekeeper/Cook of the Huntington Mansion at the San Marino Ranch. At first, she lived in a room in the Mansion closed to the kitchen, She also had a housekeepers office next to the kitchen, too. Later, Mr. Huntington built her cottage & it was located by where the Shakespeare Garden is now. 

The “Maids Cottage” was just next to Mrs. Larsen cottage (where the Shakespeare Garden now). Having their own cottage gave the maid a chance to rest & get some sleep. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9; also the San Marino Ranch maps 1904, 1921, 1917 (no call number) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Property on the H.E. Huntington’s San Marino Ranch, now the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

Historical Note: There is confusion about the San Marino Ranch cottages, because HEH continued to build & improve the San Marino Ranch until he died in 1927. The Cottages also had several different names, they were also called “gatekeeper cottages” or “lodge houses” or “bungalows”. I was told by a guard that a large amount of cottages built together – about 10 (like a village-like setting) was located in what is now the main entrance pavilion.  There were several “Lodge houses” were built for the gatekeepers to live in. Document: San Marino Ranch Maps (1904, 1921 & 1927) no call numbers at Huntington Library San Marino, CA; Photo you can see the cottages east side of the Library Building (photo of Water & Power Assoc.) http://www.water& (in photos you can see the village cottages). 

Cow Barn & Cow Pasture & “Milk House”: In 1927 on the Ranch, Mr. H. E. Huntington owned 10 cows & 2 calves, listed in SMR papers (we know that the Los Robles Ranch is credited for the cows & milk). The cows & milk house were probably located next to the “Silo” & “Barn” labeled on the 1921 SMR map. Mr. R. Kleinert was the “Barn man” on the payroll ledgers of Mr. Huntington’s San Marino Ranch. Mr. Kleinert had his own Cottage on the Ranch; located just east of Patton place & south of the Huntington Mansion (where the Australian Garden Road is now). In 1920, the barn man was J.H. Sims & made $90.00 a month salary from HEH. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 uncat (SMR papers); Document: 1921 map SMR elevation map made by CalTech (no call number); HEH Coll. HEH MS 6/1 (1)-3 (SMR Foremen’s report – May 1915) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

1st Crops on the San Marino Ranch (1904) When Mr. Henry E. Huntington bought the Ranch in 1903, there was the original Shorb Victorian Mansion standing. It was in the same place as the Huntington’s Mansion- which is the “Huntington Gallery” at Huntington Library in San Marino, CA is now.

The 1st crops grown in 1904, were Navel oranges & Navel Orange Seedlings, Native California Oak Trees, Pomegranate grove (running east & west; what is now north side of Euston St.), Lemons, Peaches, Apricots Grove, Olive Grove, Fig Trees, Pecan Grove (running east & west what is now the south side of Euston Street) Walnuts, Mixed Fruit Orchard, California Pepper Trees, Eucalyptus Trees, Cottonwood Trees.  Document: March 1904 Blueprint San Marino Ranch- Huntington Land & Improvement Co. Topographical Map (no call number) Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

They grow 1000’s of pumpkins on the San Marino Ranch. On Mr. Huntington’s ledgers pointed out the biggest pumpkins grown on the San Marino Ranch; with man name that grew the pumpkin, a contest of sorts.

Crops on the Ranch (1920’s): On the San Marino Ranch, there were acres & acres of Mr. H. E. Huntington’s Oranges (Valencia & Navel trees) also, 7-10 acres of Avocado trees, 1-3 acres Lemon trees; the huge West Vegetable Garden, the huge East Vegetable Garden (with every kind of vegetable one could think of)… plus fields of Barley, Oats, Alfalfa, & 1000’s of Pumpkins, Family Fruit Orchard (Plums, Peaches, Nectarines, etc.) & a Nut Tree Grove: (Pistachios, Walnuts & Pecans). Document: 1921 SMR Elevation map (no call Number) Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 6/15 uncat (SMR papers); HEH Coll. HEH MS 8/9 (SMR papers); 1927 (no call numbers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Deer Park: located just north of the Huntington Mansion, located west of the North Vista with the mermaid-fish fountain. Mr. Huntington purchased 2 deers at the San Marino Ranch. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 uncat (San Marino Ranch papers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

The Ranchmen Dormitory (SMR) was a 28-Room Dormitory on the San Marino Ranch; built to house the Ranch Hands on the San Marino Ranch. It was located east of the cluster of cottages by the Library building; it was a long, narrow structure, running north & south. Mrs. Louis Grossman took care of the men, fed them, & probably ran a tight ship. She was the highest paid employee on the San Marino Ranch; receiving $300.00 per month in December of 1915. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 uncat (payroll of SMR); 1927 SMR Map (no Call number) Huntington Library SM, CA

Dodgeville: the area west of Marengo in Alhambra, CA. became known as “Dodgeville”, on the Ramona Ranch (which was owned by HEH & H. L. & I. Co.). In 1916-17, the “Dodgeville Orchard E & E.” was one of Mr. Huntington’s most productive orange acres. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 6(1) (4-6) uncat (San Marino Papers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Ducks & many kinds of wild birds came to the ranch.

Duck Ponds & Dock/ Rowboat / San Marino Ranch Reservoir Pond Birds: in the early 1900’s, at the “duck ponds” there was a large body of water which a person could row in a row boat across the pond. There were many wild birds at the pond: Fancy Geese, Mexican Wood Duck, White Swans, Black Swans, Collection of Ducks, Magpies, Cranes, Stocks, Mandarins, & visits from Canadian Geese, & Turtles.  Book: Personal Recollections by Wm. Hertrich; HEH photo of dock, large pond, & rowboat 

Family Fruit Orchards (SMR): the “Large Family Fruit Orchard” was located just east of the Mansion (across the large lawn & by the tennis court. Mr. Hertrich listed the fruit trees in his book: 3 Blood oranges, 6 Grapefruit trees, 6 Navel Oranges, 6 Valencia oranges trees, 3 Tangerines, 3 Mandarin Orange trees, 3 Foreign St. Michaels, 3 Oriental Kumquat trees, 8 Peach trees (diff. variety), 3 Mission Fig Trees, 4 Apricot Trees, 4 Nectarine trees, 6 diff. kinds of Plums – [Santa Rosa], 12 Guava Trees, a few Cherry trees, Walnut trees, Sapota Trees, Cherimoyas trees. A Berry Patch filled with juicy Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Marion berries, Loganberries, & Blueberries. Document Book: Mr. Wm. Hertrich’s Huntington Botanical Gardens Personal Recollections p.39

Fragrant Flowers for the Huntington Mansion from the Huntington Gardens:

List of Huntington’s Cut Flowers – Season of 1915 (SMR): 3,900’s of Pink Hot-House Roses, 3,000 White Glass-house Roses, 2,800 Outdoor Roses (mixed colors), 3,500 Dutch Iris & Spanish Iris,  2,000 Gladiolus, 1,300 Daffodils, 1,000 Narcissuses [could have been yellow or bright orange], 1,000 Lily of the Valley, 1,800 Sweet Peas, 2,200 Branches of flowering shrubs, 3,300 Red Carnations, 600 White Glass-House Carnations, 2,400 Violets [lath house], 250 Branches of Heather,700 Watsonians [bright orange or coral in color], 600 Acacia Branches [bright yellow], 250 Stock flowers, [could have been lavender, pink, or white colored ] 150 Anthuriums [red Hawaiian flat disk flower] 250 branches lavender-red colored Heather. Historical Note: per Mr. Hertrich & a team of the in-house maids & servants made these huge flower arrangements with 150-200 stems in each arrangement (like Ritz Hotel), Mrs. Huntington wanted fresh flowers daily at the Huntington Mansion.  Mr. Hertrich’s list below is a more complete list for the Season of 1915- Floweres to House (Huntington Mansion).

Mr. Hertrich’s “Pocket book” for the San Marino Ranch. Page: “Flowers to House” [Huntington Mansion] Season of “1915”. Mr. & Mrs. H.E. Huntington in 1915, arrived at SMR before April 15th.1915 They spent April, May, June & maybe July “in-residence” at SMR; they were at Throggs Neck mansion in NY by August 7, 1915. The Pan- Pacific Exposition is going on in San Francisco the summer of 1915, HEH & ADH go to Exposition, they stayed at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, so their stay at SMR could have been extended. Photo credit: Nancy Armitage at the 1919 Exhibition at the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

1000’s Fragrant flower plants at San Marino Ranch (1915) ordered on Oct. 20, 1915: 1000 Snapdragon plants/bulbs: 1000 snapdragon- yellow, 1000 snapdragon- Rose, 1000 Snapdragons- white, 200 Grape Hyacinths -white & 200 Heavenly Blue, 1000 Nasturtium tall- Lemon Queen, 1000 Lobelia Graculus, 2000 Spanish Iris bulbs with 2 pkg. Beets. On Nov. 11, 1915 from Morris seed, 1000 Gladiolus- Blushing Bride 1000 Gladiolus – Marlborough Acct Hunt. Land & Imp. Co. 1000 Peach Blossoms, 1000 Covellea Alba, 1 case Lilium Giganteum $51.50  Document; HEH Coll. MS 8/9 uncat (San Marino Ranch papers) Hunt. Library San Marino, CA; Hertrichs Book: Personal Recollections. [I found massive amounts of flower invoices each month ordered by Mr. Hertrich, every flower you can think of they purchased.]

Front Entrance Driveway to the Huntington Mansion (SMR): The Original Entrance to the San Marino Ranch was actually on Euston Road just south of the Mansion. The entrance was adored with beautiful magnificent rod iron gates; which Mr. Huntington had bought these gates from England. The entrance is located on Euston Road, just east of Oxford Rd. (now between Westhaven Rd. & Bedford Rd.); a gatekeeper hired by HEH lived in a cottage close to the front entrance. Mr. H. E. Huntington’s address at the SMR was technically on Huntington Drive in the early 1900’s, so Mr. Huntington owned all the land from Euston Road down to Huntington Drive it was all orange trees at one time, miles of acres of his orange trees. Document: Social Register for Southern California (1904) Mr. H. E. Huntington San Marino Ranch at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Gardens (Themed) at the San Marino Ranch: there were numerous kind of gardens at the San Marino Ranch: there was extensive Rose Gardens with many large arbors & rose pergolas, a Formal Rose Garden (Hybrid Tea Roses), the North Vista, Garden surrounding Loggia, Japanese Gardens, Westside Vegetable Garden, Eastside Vegetable Garden, Cactus Desert Garden, Palm Garden, Camellia Grove Garden, Deer Park with large figure statues, Mrs. Huntington’s French Fragrant Flower garden (Rooftop of the Loggia), Huntington Herb Garden, Orchid Hot House, Mrs. Huntington’s Flower Cutting Garden, Rose Houses for propagation, Rose Glass houses, Orchid Glass house, Large Lath House with exotic plants & fruits, Australian Gardens, Climbing Roses on half-moon arbors & formal rose gardens that ran west of the mansion thru steel arbors, Japanese Garden with Full moon bridge & koi pond, & lily ponds. Roses that ran for miles down Huntington Drive. Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 8/9 (SMR papers) Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Gatekeepers Cottages/Lodge Houses (SMR): At one time, there were 4 entrances to the San Marino Ranch with 4 gatekeeper cottages; sometimes they were called “Lodge houses”. One was located at the original main entrance to the San Marino Ranch thru the rod-iron gates on Euston Road; this was called a 4-room “Lodge house”, it was W.O. (work order) #57 located at Huntington Dr. & the Main entrance. The other “Lodge House” was at the “Orlando Road entrance” to the San Marino Ranch (by the Avocado Grove). There was also a “Gatekeeper Cottage called “3-Room Lodge House” it was W.O. #58 at the “Oak Knoll entrance” to the San Marino Ranch. 

In December 20, 1915, a construction of a 4-room “Lodge House” was built to house the gatekeepers; it was located at the “San Marino Ave. Entrance.” The size was 24 ft. x 27 ft. on the Los Robles Ranch (SMR). In July 1914, 2 Gatekeeper cottages were built & called “Lodge House” W.O. #57 & W.O. 58; one was located at the main entrance of the Los Robles Ranch (SMR). In February of 1916, W.O. #77 there was another “Gate Lodge” was built for $287.05. In December of 1920, there were 4 gatekeepers or “Night watchmen” they were called on payroll: Chas. Higgins $110.00 a month’s salary, L.T. Birdsall, $100.00 a month & P. Fritzinger $110.00 a month & Mrs. J. Muller at $20.00 a mo. (maybe she was on the day shift, with her paycheck being so much lower then others.) Document: HEH Coll. HEH 6/15 (SMR Payroll) SMR map Cal Tech 1927; HEH Coll. HEH 6/1/2 (SMR); HEH Coll. HEH 6/10; HEH Coll. HEH 6/2-14 (Work Order Book) Document: HEH Coll. HEH 6/2/14 & HEH Coll.6/10 uncat (Work Order Book To: Wm. Hertrich – San Marino Ranch Papers at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Grape Arbor (SMR): In March of 1917, a large structure was built called the “Grape Arbor” W.O. #109 at a cost of $119.91. The location could have been in the Shakespeare Garden; a grape arbor exists there now [in 2019]. In 1917, this location would have been just outside the servant entrance/kitchen to the Huntington Mansion.  Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 uncat (San Marino Ranch) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Greenhouses (SMR) a set of 3 large long rectangular Huntington greenhouses that were lined up side by side, all running north & south. They were located just east of the Library building: (filled with exotic orchids, unusual pink & white roses, & green plant houses for flowers, vegetables, exotic plants, & propagating roses & plants). For the rose & orchid greenhouses, one of the green house was 148 ft. long & the other was 142 ft. long. In Nov. 1914, W.O. #68 was ordered for Glass Frames for Vegetables, charge of $30.59 & then $149.01. The Greenhouse caretaker was Gus Luttenberg; in December of 1920, he made $110.00 a month. Document: HEH Coll. HEH Book 6/1 (SMR work orders); map of SMR, HEH Coll. HEH 6/15 (SMR), per Hertrich, (3 long greenhouses – running west/east & located directly east of the Library building illustrated on SMR 1921 map.) Book: Huntington Botanical Gardens Personal Recollection by Hertrich; Document: confirmed on the 1921 SMR City of San Marino Elevation Map; 1927 San Marino Ranch map at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Glass Hot Houses (SMR) there were 3 main glasshouses: one for roses, one for orchids & one a green house located next to the large lath house. Mr. Hertrich (Head gardener of the Ranch or “Superintendent of the San Marino Ranch”) talks in his book of the many glass hot houses & they were located east of the Library Building & to the west of the servant’s cottages; they could be the same as the “green houses”. The large Lath House was a glass house that had blown glass work. Document: Book: Personal Recollections by Hertrich & HEH Coll. 8/9 (SMR papers/ W.O= “Work Order” information – Huntington Library, CA)  

Green Lawn & Grass (SMR): The Huntington had 3 acres of green grass lawn: for “Lawn parties” and Lawn bowling or play croquet at Sundays at the Ranch; to take lovely walks or play badminton. The green grassy lawn was located north & east of the Huntington Mansion. Document: HEH Coll. MS Box 177 Correspondence (Letter to HEH from Mr. John Miller on RMS “Olympic” stationary about “lawn bowling parties at the San Marino Ranch” at Huntington Library San Marino, CA; Book: Personal Recollections by Hertrich/ photograph of SMR in 1920’s

The Huntington’s Guest Cottage was decorated like a Spanish California Rancho. This Picture is actually Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara, it has a lot of similarities to the Guest Cottage. Photo credit: Nancy Armitage

“The H. E. Huntington’s Guest Cottage” titled on the Myron Hunt’s blueprint (SMR): The large H. E. Huntington “Guest Cottage” on the San Marino Ranch was built in 1916; located just north of the Huntington Library Building. The Guest Cottage was designed by architect, Myron Hunt, the same man that designed the H. E. Huntington’s Mansion. On the outside, it looked like the Greenbrier Hotel in WV or a small White House. It had Southern Antebellum feel – 4 large white Roman pillar columns; a rounded veranda in front & a half circle driveway. George Hapgood (HEH’s personal Secy.) gives us insight about the size…“The Guest Cottage was actually not a cottage at all but a very large house”. A large half-moon driveway with green grass in front of the Guest Cottage. It had a West Wing & an East Wing with servants quarters, great hall, 6 bedrooms & 7 fireplaces, a large wine cellar in basement. A fireplace in every bedroom & one massive one in the Great Hall. Maybe, the term “Guest Cottage” was tongue-in-cheek term like the “cottages” (or the Mansions) of Newport, Rhode Island.  

The Guest Cottage had a Great Hall & 6 bedrooms in total, with many bathrooms. There was a long West Hall way on the west side of Great Hall and East Hall way on the east side of the great hall. 3 bedrooms and sitting rooms on the west side and 3 bedrooms & sitting rooms on the east side. It had a back patio with a amazing view of Mt. Wilson. The color scheme by Mrs. Arabella Huntington & Sir Duveen was beautiful in rich “Crimson Red” & “Mulberry Red” brocade fabric covered the chairs & couches a curtains. With a Spanish Rancho style of damask fabrics & gold with oranges & dark hard carved black woods. The 4 bedrooms designated for the Huntington’s houseguests, also had large sitting rooms, all of them had fireplaces, & 2 other bedrooms were for servants: 1 bedroom for the gentleman’s valet in & the other bedroom for a ladies personal maid.  It had a small kitchenette to make coffee & tea; also the Huntington Guest Cottage had an extensive wine cellar, located under the Great Hall. 

The Huntingtons named this structure several names: “Archer’s Cottage”, “The Big House”, & the “Guest Cottage”. It was said that the guest cottage was built for Mrs. Arabella Huntington’s son, Archer M. Huntington from New York City. Archer had researched the Spanish culture his whole life; he created the Hispanic Society Museum in New York City in 1904. Mrs. Huntington decorated the Guest Cottage in a handsome Spanish/California Rancho style; to please her son Archer Huntington who adored Spanish culture. Archer Huntington created & built the Hispanic Society of America & church, NYC, NY. Did he ever stay at the Guest Cottage ? He might have in December of 1924, there are picture of Ana Huntington at the San Marino Ranch (maybe for Arabella Huntington’s final funeral). She was buried at the Huntington’s Mausoleum on the San Marino Ranch. Archer also inherited the “Old Mill” when his mother died, so he needed to come out to California to settle his affairs.

An example of Old California Rancho & Spanish style. It is actually the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara, CA Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

The Guest’s Cottage In the Summer of 1919, there was a dinner party at the “Big House” (the Huntington’s Guest cottage) is mentioned in E. Burke Holladay’s journals (who was HEH’s brother-in-law). The journal entry was on Wed. July 16th, 1919, there were 12-14 dinner quests at the San Marino Ranch; Belle Huntington is entertaining at “the Big House”; HEH dined in LA (downtown Los Angeles)…. “Eve on the 16th “Helen [Holladay] & I dined at the Big House. Belle entertained Howard & Leslie [Huntington], Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bixbee [Bixby] & two daughters & Miss Shaw & us [Burke Holladay- Burke’s daughter]. Edwards dined in LA & Carrie remained home on the acct. of her eyes”. Document: HEH Coll. MS 10968 (Burke Journals) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA Nancy Note: In the SMR inventory, there was a special Haviland gold & white plate ware, designated just for the Guest cottage; the fine china pattern could have been Haviland’s “Marquis” or “St. George”.

In the 1920’s, Huntingtons hosted Princess Clara von Hatzfeldt & her entourage. They stayed at the Huntington’s Guest Cottage.

In 1926, the Guest cottage was used, also. H. E. Huntington hosted the [“Royal Dinner”] for 24 guests on Friday, July 23,1926. It was in honor of Crown Prince Gustavus Alophus & Princess Louise of Sweden. It is highly likely that the Prince & Princess stayed on the San Marino Ranch for privacy for the 3-night stay or they stayed at the Hotel Huntington in Pasadena, CA.

When Archer Huntington didn’t come to California for years, Mrs. Arabella Huntington started using this cottage as a place to have her “Entertainments” tea parties or “Sundays at the Ranch”.  Sometimes, they would have breakfast there or large tea receptions, 30 chairs were located in one of the rooms. 

On a diagram/ map of the Huntington Mansion, a room upstairs is identified as “Archer’s Room” The reason Archer might have come to the ranch: The Old Mill (El Molino Viejo) was willed to Archer M. Huntington by his mother, Arabella Huntington. He would have had to take care of that inheritance & other things to settle his mother estate with H.E.Huntington. He gave the “Old Mill” to Leslie Huntington (Howards’s wife). Archer Huntington was also named as one of the Trustees of the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA.

Archer Huntington (Arabella’s son) stated in a letter to H. E. Huntington that traveling was way too uncomfortable for him. Archer was so tall at 6 ft. 5″, the beds on the trains didn’t fit Archer’s height. HEH responded to Archer that if he came to SMR, that HEH would have a special long bed made especially for his private railroad car, “San Marino I” for Archer. It is possible Archer came to Arabella’s final funeral on the SMR in 1924 with his 2nd wife Ana Huntington (Arabella had 3 funerals/ the last one (at SMR). First, the funeral in the Large Drawing Room & then they buried her at the Huntington Mausoleum. Document:  (HEH Coll. HEH/AMH 1920’s correspondence; HEH Coll. HEH 38/6 [Huntington Mansion Inventory Book]at Huntington Library San Marino, CA; On a mansion map (that had been made by guards), one of the rooms in the Huntington Mansion was labeled “Archer’s Room”. at Huntington Library San Marino CA; Newington-Cropsey Cultural Studies Center Article: Archer Huntington & the Hispanic Society by James F.Cooper (Archer’s Height).

In the Large Guest Cottage there was a full set of fancy French Havilland (scalloped plate) gold trim & white porcelain plates, bowls & dishes. It was fine bone porcelain most likely with a gold rim around the edges. “A large Breakfast Set” for the guests to have coffee or hot chocolate in bed. The Guest’s Cottage Haviland “Breakfast set” tray included,  a chocolate pot/tea pot, creamer, sugar, 4 teacups & saucers. Meals were expected to be taken at the Huntington Mansion dining room at Breakfast at 9:00 am Sharp. Document: HEH Coll.MS 38/6 [Huntington Mansion inventory book]; by Myron Hunt; HEH Coll. HEH MS38/6 uncat (Affidavit of George Hapgood) Huntington Library San Marino CA 

The Guest Cottage’s “Great Hall” & Library, was decorated in Spanish theme with decorated in warm elegant red theme with gold tones. It was a massive Great Hall with tall beamed ceilings. There was the elegant Main “sitting room” and “conversation area” of the Great Hall. In the conversation area, a massive fireplace where the houseguests could relax on the large cretonne covered sofa [in a “Crimson Mulberry” red-magenta damask fabric], & a Davenport (a large sofa); with a large mahogany side table with claw feet [Chippendale]. In front of the massive fireplace was a large 4- fold brass screen & 1 pair massive brass andirons for the large fireplace. Over the fireplace mantle was a large gilded mirror 51″ x 22″. They had a grand piano for music; with 4 large comfy armchairs red striped silk [Damask Crimson Red fabric] upholstered seats with mahogany drop leaf table with claw feet [Chippendale] with 2 drawers. For this conversation area, in the Great Hall of the Guest Cottage there was a “Wilton rug”. It was 18 ft. x 24 ft. [which in reality was a fancy Axminster – English Oriental rug or Persian rug];

In the “Sitting area”, for houseguest’s correspondence, there was a large carved mahogany table desk in the great hall for writing. With a comfortable mahogany swivel arm chair had red upholstery (Arabella Huntington was partial to Damask, Brocade, & French Jacquard fabric) on the back & seat. With red upholstery with a small library for the guest’s pleasure. In the large hall, had many windows with red brocade fabric curtains & 6 frames Old French prints. Also, a mahogany drop leaf tea table with 2 drawers at the ends & claw foot center pedestal.

Beautiful old California Rancho Style at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara, CA.This is the style of Interior design at the H.E. Huntington’s Guest House. Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

In April of 1914, these items were purchased [possibly to decorate the Guest Cottage]: 154 yards of Damask “Crimson Red” slipcovers, wicker chairs [white], 20 cushions with 26 yds. of French Cretonne (flower pattern Provencal-looking) for French cushions, Crimson “Mulberry red”, with Italian Brocade, 16 pairs Swiss cottage curtains for the Guest Cottage, ribbons for back cushions, 2627 ¾ yds. Also, purchased was Red gingham fabric [a likely possibility of festive tablecloths for “Sundays at the Ranch” picnic-style parties & Guest house entertainments]. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 11/1(1) uncat (receipt from Baker & Chitton) Huntington Library San Marino CA; Nancy Note: a possibility that Mrs. Huntington could have use this fabric for the San Marino #I & San Marino #2  railroad cars (theme was red) or Mr. Huntington’s bedroom & sitting room upstairs had a theme of red, also.  Document: HEH Coll. MS 38/6 uncat p.141 [Huntington Mansion Inventory Book] Historical Note: small kitchen for the servants, the Huntingtons wanted their houseguests to have all meals in the dining room of the Huntington Mansion. The Huntington’s Guest Cottage sometimes was used for Mrs. Huntington large tea parties or Breakfast (Burke Journals mentions); Document: 1916 Blueprint of “H. E. Huntington Cottage” 1922 by Architect: Myron Hunt (no call number); HEH Coll. MS 38/6 uncat p.141 [Huntington Mansion Inventory]; grand piano invoice I found guest house; at Huntington Library San Marino, CA. 

At the San Marino Ranch, there was a large Hot House just for Mrs. Huntington beautiful orchids. There were 3 different hothouses located just east of the Huntington Library building.

In the massive, “West Guest Bedroom” was a masculine themed room designated probably for Archer’s Bedroom. It had its own Sitting Room & fireplace – a gentlemen’s decorated room with 8 windows. It held a rug 16 ft. x 22 ft. with a large brass double bed with wardrobe. There was bureau & dressing table with a rectangular table & 31 chairs are in this room. It makes sense that they used this structure for “Mrs. Huntington’s Entertainments”. Also, carved octagonal table, brass Moorish lamp for reading or letter writing. Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 10968 (Burke Journal) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA Historical Note: in Burkes Journals he mentions the Huntington’s entertaining at the Guest Cottage. In the 1920’s, they had a large family breakfast at the Guest Cottage just before HEH & ADH traveled east for the winter. In sunny Southern California winters are 75-85 degree weather which is lovely for tea & parties.  

The Huntington’s Guest Cottage, a “Spanish Women” themed – East Guestroom” is described as a more feminine white Room. It was described as a light & airy summer cottage type room with 8 windows & a Sitting Room; a 16 ft. x 22 ft. Wilton gray rug which illustrated it as a large guest room. It was furnished with a white ivory bed set with carved head & foot with 2 bed stands. It housed two twin beds & mahogany highboy (dresser). A large wardrobe with 3 drawers & one bureau with six drawers. The room had coat rack & chiffonier (tall elegant chest of drawers usually with a mirror) with 7 drawers. There were a sitting room with 4 ivory chairs with cane seats & backs. Fireplace in the bedroom with a pair of andirons for the fireplace to warm up guests. The artwork was Spanish in nature, with 3 Spanish watercolors by Sevilla (Spain), Spanish women lithograph prints, other lithograph prints in the room were: English “Madonna & Child” by Stevenson, “Sacred Presentation in the Temple”, Women with Flowers, “Women seated at the Table”, 2 by Arlant Edwards, & “Best of Man”. Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 38/6 [Huntington Mansion inventory book] at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

H. E. Huntington had a 2nd wine cellar: “Guest Cottage Wine Cellar” was located under the Guest Cottage Great Hall in the basement. Per HEH curator, Jennifer Goldman (Assoc. curator HEH Coll.) told me it ran the whole length of the Great Hall of the large Guest Cottage. Mr. Huntington had the best of wines, he purchasing the San Gabriel Wine Company in Alhambra, CA. (for $80,000.00). He had the best French & California Champagnes, Sherry, Ports, Sauterne, Claret (red wine), Chabis, Burgundy, & Bordeaux in his wine cellars. Document: Blueprint of H.E. Huntington guest cottage by Myron Hunt shown to me by HEH curator: Jennifer Goldman; HEH Coll. HEH MS 38/6 uncat (George Hapgood Affidavit to ADH); HEH Coll. MS 38/6 [Huntington mansion inventory book]; HEH Coll. HEH MS 19/1 (17) (Alfonso Gomez interviews (HEH’s head butler & personal gentlemen’s valet); HEH Coll. MS 10968 (E. Burke Holladay Journals) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA; Book: Personal Recollections by Wm. Hertrich (the Superintendent of the San Marino Ranch) 

Mr. Wm. Hertrich House & Office (SMR): In 1904, HEH hired the 26 yr. old, Mr. William Hertrich who was a German-Prussian who studied horticulture in Austria. Mr. William Hertrich’s title was the “Superintendent of the Ranch”; Mr. Huntington’s right hand man; he was the highest paid employee along with Mrs. Grossman. He was the big boss of the San Marino Ranch under Mr. H. E. Huntington; HEH needed a employee that he could trust to manage the ranch when the Huntington’s were not “In-Residence” and away in NYC and in Europe. HEH & Mr. Hertrich made a great team together making botanical decisions & building structures (“W.O.” – work orders) on the Ranch. 

Mr. Huntington & Hertrich shared a Ranch “Office” together which was located west of the 3 long greenhouses; east of the Library Building: SMR 1927 map and Book: 50 Years of Landscaping Beatrix Farrand by McGuire; Book: Lessons from the Great Gardeners by Matthew Biggs.

Mr. Hertrich carried with him at all times, a 6-ring small pocket notebook to record things at the San Marino Ranch. Then, Hertrich came back to the Ranch office to type important information out. Hertrich was in charge of so many things: the keys to the wine cellar(s). He paid all employees on the Ranch which including some of the in-servants in the Huntington Mansion. In the years, 1919 & 1920, there was massive amount of employees (90-110 people) on the Ranch payroll each month. The Large Library Building was being built in those years with many extra work man on the Ranch. Hertrich was the landscape architect for the SMR/ Los Robles Ranch & also the Hotel Huntington in Pasadena (1914-1918). Hertrich propagated new plants & made new monthly purchases of 100’s of 1000’s of plants, flowers, trees, roses, orchids, vegetables, herbs, exotic birds, chicken, & cows. He also gave botanical lectures about flowers and avocado to the Garden Club; he have an avocado lecture to the Avocado Assn. about Mr. Huntington’s Avocados. Document: Map of SMR 1927, “office” map; HEH Coll. MS 8/9 (payroll of the employees at the San Marino Ranch); HEH Coll.19/1-18 uncat and HEH Coll. HEH MS 19/1(17) (Alfonso Gomez interviews) at the Huntington Library San Marino, CA 

Hertrich was married to his wife, Marguerite, he sweetly named several flowers after her. Mr. & Mrs. Hertrich lived on the San Marino Ranch on a house that was constructed just for him on “San Marino Court”. I am not sure of location of San Marino Court: either on Euston Road or it could have been located south of Huntington Drive (between West Ave. & Westhaven Rd. in San Marino, now). They had a California Ranch house, 2 stories with balcony on the 2nd floor. [Found on one of the SMR maps/ Photo in Hertrich’s Book Personal Recollections at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Horses & Horse Barns (SMR): there were 3 barns on the San Marino Ranch: one horse barn (green) was located down on Euston Road; east of Patton’s Place & likely by the “Silo”: listed on the 1921 SMR elevation map, & one was on the El Molino Ranch (see below the horses on the El Molino Ranch. Document: San Marino Ranch maps dates 1904 & 1921 – no call numbers at Huntington Library- San Marino, CA

In 1912-1916 (SMR) The Huntington’s Horses at the San Marino Ranch were named: Daisy, Sady (Sadie), Prince, Lady, Dollie, Colonels, Effy, Mollie, Bob, Nellie, (SMR: Ted, Jack, Kate, Topsy, Nice, King.) Document: memo invoice Oct. 1912 – Nov. 1916; HEH Coll. HEH 6/3; HEH Coll. 6/2-14 uncat (Long acct. book at SMR). In 1920, Mr. H.E. Huntington / San Marino Ranch Horses were named: Maud, Daisy, Fanny Ted, Elick, Bell, King, they were worth $1,000.00. El Molino Ranch: 1920 Horses were Fox, Colonel, Joe, Dusty Dan, Ted, Dolly, & Fanny worth $1,000.00. at Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

Historical Note: Did these Huntington horses race on New Year’s Day at the “Tournament Park ” ?? Possibly. On the Santa Anita Race Track or at Lucky Baldwin’s Ranch on the small horse race track (Arcadia)? No. The Santa Anita Racetrack in Arcadia, CA wasn’t built until the 1930’s. But in the early 1900’s, at Cal Tech Pasadena campus – there was a racetrack called: “Tournament Park”, Pasadena, CA.

On New Year’s Day in 1911, in a b/w photo, you can see 8 horses in a “Chariot Race”. For several years, they held these “Chariot races”. These Tournament Park “Chariots” were made of (2) 4-horses for a “chariot horse race” to run around a dirt race track. Later, they held The “Tournament of Roses” football game at Tournament Park. Later, in October 1922, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena was opened for events & football games, especially on New Year’s Day to American college football teams. Photo: Photos from Southern Cal. Water & Power Assoc. Pasadena, CA. (Also, the Huntington Horses could have possibly been in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade from 1903-1927.

Historical Note: Mrs. Arabella D. Huntington did race her horses from her large Huntington’s “Homestead” Estate at Throgg’s Neck in Westchester Co. New York. Mr. Sullivan was the horse’s caretaker there. I found invoices indicating that Mr. Sullivan payed “horseracing fees” for the Huntington horses to race & entrys for Saratoga Springs, NY. Saratoga Springs was on the way to the Huntington’s great camp called Camp Pine Knot on Racquette Lake in the Adirondack Mountains in upper state New York. Document: HEH Coll. 38/11 uncat (New York House papers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA In the 1890’s, C. P. Huntington donated money to the Los Angeles Horse Show.

Huntington Herb Garden – Herbs at the San Marino Ranch: Angelica, Anise, Balm [Bee Balm] Basil, Bay leaves, Baby Chives, Borage, Catnip, Chile Peppers, French Chervil,  Chives clumps, Cilantro, Dill, Fennel, Leeks, Marjoram, Nasturtiums, Parsley, Rosemary, Saffron, Sage, Savory, French Tarragon, Common Thyme, French Thyme, Watercress, & Winter Savory. Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 6/15 & HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 (San Marino Ranch papers) – at Huntington Library, San Marino, CA   

H. E. Huntington’s “Household Expenses” or [Account Book] (SMR): this information came in a completely different form then I ever thought I would find. I was looking for a fancy leather bound book (Downton Abbey-style); the time period of the 1920’s in the Huntington Mansion; a book written maybe by the Head Butler: McGillvary or Alfonso Gomez & the Head Housekeeper: Mrs. Nora Larsen – but that is not what I found. 

Mr. H. E. Huntington’s “Household Expense” came as a “San Marino Ranch document”(s) & ranch receipts and bills; the reason being was that the San Marino Ranch was a working ranch. More importantly, it was a money maker for H. E. Huntington & his Huntington Land & Improvement Co. The Huntington’s Household was located on that San Marino Ranch, (before 1914 some records state that it was names Los Robles Ranch) so all income & all expenses all went thru the San Marino Ranch – thru Mr. Wm. Hertrich (Head Superintendent of the San Marino Ranch in the “Ranch” office). 

In June of 1917, (HEH & ADH were “in residence”) the list of the monthly household expenses with bountiful: 2,285 Qt. Milk, 157 dz. Eggs, 117 Chickens, 1 Duck, 6 Turkeys, 21 Geese, 11 Guinea Hens, 12 Pheasant, Poultry: $333.10 & Dairy $114.25.  Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 6/1/4  at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Historical Note: It seems like a massive amount of dairy & poultry from the Huntington Household. There was the Huntingtons with their houseguests often might be 6-8 ppl. There were between 16-25 “in-house” servants & staff (including the traveling servants) but it changed from year to year. They were fed breakfast, lunch & dinner. The Ranch hands were fed by Mrs. Grossman in the dormitory (28 men), they would have used milk & eggs also. Also, the Ranch employees with cottages, bought milk & eggs from HEH, because they were products of the SMR. Hence, the large quantity of milk & eggs being consumed at the Huntington Household. Document HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 (SMR Papers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Hotel Huntington, Pasadena, CA: formerly called the “Hotel Wentworth”; In 1912, H. E. Huntington bought the Hotel Wentworth per HEH a biography by Thorpe. Huntington bought the hotel from General Wentworth (bankrupt) with Huntington Land & Improvement Co. & renovated it. 

In January of 1914, it was Mr. H. E. Huntington’s “Grand Opening” for his new Hotel Huntington in Pasadena, CA. The Guests attended 3 events, a tea, luncheon, & a grand ball for 1,000 guests.  The Hotel Huntington was a luxury 1st class hotel only opening part of the year. Opened during the winter time (6 months), so people living in snow country could come for a winter vacation in the California sun. The Hotel Huntington, a world class resort hotel with several hundred rooms, a Florist, Tea room, Lath house, Rose Garden, Horse Stable, a Tea House was built for the hotel guest enjoyment, Ballroom Room, The Large Balcony, The Ship Room, The Moonlight Bridge, Large Horseshoe Garden, Japanese Teahouse, the Grand Balcony to enjoy the view of the whole San Gabriel Valley, & Croquet on the “horseshoe lawn”. 

In 1918, Mr. H. E. Huntington & the Huntington Land & Improvement Co. (H.L & I. Co.) sold the Hotel Huntington in Pasadena, CA. It was during WWI, the military actually used the Hotel Huntington during some of these difficult war years. Also in 1918, Mrs. Arabella Huntington bought the Old Mill “El Molino Viejo” from H.L &I. Co. In 2020, the hotel is now the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, CA. Information from the Pasadena Historical Society folder & Pasadena Star News newspapers; Photos: Southern Cal. Water & Power Assoc. website 

Hotel Huntington Gardens: Mr. Hertrich was also the landscape architect of the amazing gardens at the luxury Hotel Huntington in Pasadena, CA. 100’s of plants, herbs, flowers (Wisterias, Azaleas, & Roses) & trees were purchased by Hertrich & Huntington to make the Hotel Huntington a world-class resort hotel. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 (SMR papers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Hotel Huntington Lath House: 100 ft. long x 30 ft. wide Greenhouses: 50 ft. long x 30 ft. wide, used to house & propagate plants to beautify the Hotel Huntington. These greenhouses were located east of the Hotel Huntington & north of the Old Mill, San Marino. Document: SMR Map 1921/ demolition SMR map 1927 no call number at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Huntington Land & Improvement Co. (H. L. & I. Co.) Henry Edwards Huntington started this company in 1902 – H. E. Huntington was the President. It was his 1st real estate company formed to purchase, subdivide, & re-sell land for Pacific Electric Railway Co. & Los Angeles Railway Co.  

On a July 1923 – The H. L. & I. Co. Letterhead states Huntington Land & Improvement Co. was located at the Los Angeles Railway Building, Los Angeles, CA – Pres.: H. E. Huntington, V.P: W. E. Dunn, VV & Gen. Manager: F. Griffith & Secy. & Treasurer: A. G. Walker. Subsidiary Companies: Huntington Redondo Co., Redondo Improvement Co., Redondo Water Co., & San Gabriel Valley Water Co. A letter to H. E. Huntington from Geo. Patton Sr. states the company paving Olive Drive south of City Hall to the [orange] “Packinghouse” [located at the corner Westhaven Rd. & Lorain Rd. in San Marino now]. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 13655 Box 162 Historical Note: Olive Dr. was located below Huntington which is San Marino Ave. now. 1904 Topographical map of San Marino Ranch at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Japanese tea ceremony

Japanese Garden & Japanese Teahouse (SMR): H. E. Huntington & Hertrich started this amazing Japanese Garden on the San Marino Ranch in 1911; it was finished in 1913. From the Huntington Mansion, there was a lovely Rose Pergola that leads west to the Japanese Garden on the Ranch. In springtime, there was a massive profusion of pink & lavender flowering wisteria. The fragrance of the beautiful wisteria, could take your breath away. There were many other flowers like Lilac Wisteria, Pink Wisteria, many Camellias from Japan, Azaleas, Japanese Dwarf Cherry trees, & Dwarf Peach trees, & Dwarf Almond trees. The most stunning feature of the Japanese gardens is the Full Moon Bridge (once painting bright red) towering over a lovely pond with koi orange fish & water lilies. A man named Toichiro Kawai, an experienced craftsman & a Marsh employee made the vermillion-red Full moon Bridge. He also made smaller wooden bridges & bell tower with wooden pegs & no nails (very impressive), & the large Japanese gong (Bell House).

In August of 1911, HEH bought a huge amount of Japanese Gardens from G. T. Marsh Co. in San Francisco. There were Japanese plants, lanterns, vases, benches, Japanese bridges, shrines, dwarf pines & dwarf maples (Bonsai trees). On Sept. 2, 1911, Mr. Huntington purchased, Real Estate – purchased Japanese Tea Gardens for $11,900.00 from Wm. R. Staats & Co.; it was located on the corner of California & Fair Oaks Ave. in Pasadena, CA. Information below.

The “Bell House” for the Japanese Garden (SMR) was built in January 1915; it was “W.O” work order #63 & it cost $46.35 to build. There was a cottage built for the Japanese gardener on May 17, 1913. It was the W.O #39 & it was 3-room cottage on the Los Robles Ranch (SMR). The Japanese Gardeners were listed in Jan. 1915 & Dec. 1915, the gardener was Mr. S. Oshita; in 1920 the Japanese Gardener was Mr. T. Goto.  Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 38/6 [Huntington Mansion Inventory List]; HEH Coll. MS 1/F/17 (HL&ICo. Ledgers); HEH 6/10 & Box HEH Coll. HEH 6/2-14 uncat (San Marino Ranch Papers); HEH Coll MS 6/15 uncat (SMR payroll sheets); Newspaper Article in HEH’s papers in desk; Star News newspaper rewrote story in 2006. Book: Personal Recollections by Wm. Hertrich p.78-79. 

Historical Note: In 1913, the Japanese garden was finished. In the 1920’s, HEH hired another Japanese gardener named Mr. T. Goto to take care of the Japanese garden. Mr. Goto & his family lived in a 2-story Japanese house on the far slope of the east canyon of the San Marino Ranch. A very kind invitation for tea was made to the Huntingtons from this lovely Japanese family.  Mr. T. Goto, his wife, Tsune, & with their 3 children were generous hosts to the Huntingtons. They would ring the Large Japanese Gong (from a Buddhist temple) in the Huntington’s Japanese Garden. The ring of the Gong meant an invitation to Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Huntington for Japanese tea – “for tea & ceremony”; the Huntingtons would wear Japanese kimonos for the special ceremony. Mr. & Mrs. Henry Huntingtons had a large collection of beautiful kimonos at the Huntington Mansion on the Ranch. Mr. Huntington owned a black kimono with red inside. Black is the color worn by “the boss”, which was appropriate because HEH was the boss of the Ranch. Historical Note: there is a photo of Mr. Huntington wearing a black kimono in the San Marino Ranch Photograph archive collection at the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA Book: HEH & his Collection by Selena Spurgeon p.106

Krugerville: it was once called; eventually called “Alhambra” city, (just southwest of San Marino Ranch) it was built as a model city by H. E. Huntington & Huntington Land & Improvement Co. [Dodgeville]

Mr. & Mrs. Kley’s house (Ranch cottage on Euston Rd. was a California ranch house 2-story with a balcony on the 2nd floor). Mr. Kley was German & a wonderful carpenter for San Marino Ranch. His wife was Mrs. Lena Kley, the dessert chef for Mrs. Huntington at the Mansion; she was H12 Employee on the in-house servant payroll. I am excited to say we have 2 of Lena Kley’s recipes: Huntington Mansion “Honey Bars” (between a chocolate truffle & a moist brownie; they are so rich you only need a small bite). Also, Huntington Mansion “Cinnamon Star Cookies” are her recipes. Document Lena Kley’s granddaughter, Chris Story gave me these recipes. Document: HEH Coll HEH 8/9 (San Marino Ranch) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Miss Nora N. Larsen’s Cottage (SMR): Nora Larsen was H. E. Huntington’s Head Housekeeper & Cook. She served the Huntington’s from 1910-1927 at the Huntington Mansion on the San Marino Ranch; a very loyal employee. In 1910, at first Nora lived in the Huntington Mansion, she had a room right down the hall from the kitchen. Later, Mr. Huntington built her her own cottage which was located just outside the back door or “servant’s entrance” of the Huntington mansion, where the Shakespeare garden is now. Even after Mr. Huntington died in May of 1927, Nora was able to stay on the San Marino Ranch, in her little cottage. In the 1930’s, Nora opened a little tea shop on the San Marino Ranch for the scholars & visitors of the Mr. Huntington Library on the San Marino Ranch. Which was the beginning of the lovely tea house at the Huntington Library. Nora was gifted at making jams & jellys from all Mr. Huntington’s oranges, raspberries & fruits. She put-up vegetables, pickled cucumbers & okra, & made brandied peaches, & tutti-fruitti. 

Huntington Library Lath House with the beautiful San Gabriel Mts. in the background. This Lath House is similar to Mr. Huntington original Lath House. To the left of the Lath house you can see the Huntington’s white domed top Mausoleum. Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

Large Lath House (SMR): The largest garden structure built on the San Marino Ranch, running east & west located just north of the Huntington “Library Building”. In the lath house, they grew violets, begonias, lettuce, & lovely vines. In 1910, Henry E. Huntington’s Lath house was written about in California Garden Magazine in an article called “Get a Lath House”:  “An outdoor Salon….The lath house scored most heavily… the hostess can dispense tea & cake surrounded by the delicate green tracery of ferns, & the metallic shield like leaves of the Rex Begonias….” states Mr. Robinson in California Garden Magazine. They make it sound like a magical experience having tea in the Lath House. In 1910, the Huntington Mansion was finished, but Mr. Huntington still had painters, engineers, carpenters. Interior designers & upholstery delivering furnitures. Artwork being hung on the walls & lighting people attaching lights to individual paintings. So there was still a lot of noise & controlled chaos going on. The Lath House would have been a lovely place to escape for Mr. Huntington.

The Lath House was a very large Hothouse for new & unusual plants (located north-west of the Mansion). The size of the Lath House with glass windows was 300 ft. long & 50 ft. wide with 100 ft. wide dome in the middle. It was a wonderful display & laboratory of plants, palms, orchids, roses; where Mr. Hertrich & his team of head gardeners could experiment with exotic plants & propagate baby plants. Document: Mr. Huntington article: Tea in the Lath House with Mr. H. E. Huntington by Mr. Alfred Robinson Article: California Garden Magazine February of 1910; HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 (SMR papers); 1927 San Marino Ranch Demo map (no call number)

The Huntington Mansion’s Loggia located on the East wing of the residence. Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

Loggia of the Mansion (SMR): located on the eastern side of the Huntington Mansion; a lovely cool covered veranda especially when it catches lovely breezes in the afternoon & and wonderful sunrises. In the wintertime, when the oranges were in bloom; the Huntingtons and their guest could smell the fragrant orange blossoms. The Huntington’s often used it as a great spot for afternoon tea and “Entertainments” . Also, for playing cards for Mr. Huntington & Mr. Patton his neighbor & friend. Mr. Patton was also the mayor of San Marino & a Lawyer & he served on the board of several of HEH’s companies like HL&ICo.. Document: HEH a biography by Thorpe

Library Building (SMR) Between 1919-1920, H. E. Huntington built this library building to house the ever-growing H. E. Huntington book collection – “The Huntington Library”.  Also, a small amount of C. P. Huntington Book Collection, (see below – it was really the property of Archer Huntington- he sold many of Collis Huntington books thru Anderson Galleries in NYC in 1925-1926.)  In these years of 1919-1920, 110 employees are listed in Hertrich’s San Marino Ranch payroll, many of these employees were building the Library Building. There were numerous librarians trying to catalog Mr. Huntington’s numerous books. There were also ranch hands, gardeners, barnmen, painters, servants, engineers, painters, birdmen, secretaries, in-house servants, etc. Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 8/9 uncat (SMR payroll) Hunt. Lib. San Marino, CA

In 1919, HEH himself moved this enormous collection from the east coast to west coast of California. This Huntington Library was brought by train by Mr. H.E. Huntington himself & shipped from No. 2 & No. 4 57th St. NYC to the San Marino Ranch by train. (Technically, the Huntington Library address was No. 4 E. 57th St. NYC- there was a letterhead stating the “Huntington Library” at that address) located upstairs & connected to the Huntington Mansion at No. 2 E. 57th St. NYC. The precious books HEH moved himself in the “San Marino I” & “San Marino II” private railroad car in 1919. At the San Marino Ranch, the Huntington Library Building was built & finished between 1919 & 1920 – H. E. Huntington Library Building – now Huntington Library ,San Marino, CA. Document: HEH Coll. MS 38/11 NYC Bills(Letterhead of the Huntington Library No. 4 57th St. NYC Historical Note: Archer & HEH were in charge of dissolving Arabella D. Huntington enormous estate after she died in 1924. Records of Anderson Galleries in NYC show in 1924, 1925, & 1926 the sale of items for No. 2 & many of Collis P. Huntington Rare Books were sold as you can see by the catalogs at that time.

HEH’s Librarians Cottages (SMR) were located on the 1921 San Marino Ranch map. The 5 cottages were located on “Lopez Street” located just south of the Hotel Huntington, this street doesn’t exist anymore; Lopez Street became Monterey Rd. in the City of San Marino. There were 5 cottage structures in all: 1 large cottage & 4 small cottages. There was one large house for Head Librarian, the largest one located north of all the other cottages (head librarian) & 4 librarian cottages in a row on the north-east corner of what is now – Monterey & Oak Knoll Ave.; just south of Huntington Hotel.  Document: 1921 SMR map Demolition map- (no call number at Hunt. Library, San Marino, CA).

Lemon Groves (SMR): 3 acres of Lemon groves were located in the south-east corner of the San Marino Ranch (where Euston Rd. is now). When Mr. & Mrs. H.E. Huntington were “In-residence” at the ranch it was wintertime; the lemon trees would have had juicy lemons on them at that time . The Huntingtons would enter the Ranch in their chauffeured limousine thru the front driveway gate was located (now Euston Road between Westhaven Rd. & Bedford Rd.) The Huntingtons would be driven up the California palm tree lined front driveway; just to the east were the lemon groves & orange groves & Family Fruit Orchard. Document: 1921 SMR Elevation map by CalTech Pasadena, CA (no call Number) at the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA Historical Note: At first this site was a reservoir on the ranch, seen on the 1921 SMR map.

LA or Los Angeles Flower Show (1915): “The exhibit started by H. E. Huntington estate represented $100,000.00 worth of plants from those unrivaled gardens….collection of plants was the lecture by the estate’s gardener, Wm. Hetrick [Hertrich], who gathered many of the specimens; some from Africa, So. American, Europe, Asia, & Antipodes, exhibit 2,000 sq. feet in space” Book: The American Florist Magazine Vol. 47, 1915 (Huntington Library, San Marino, CA)   

Huntington Mansion – the east side of it with the Loggia on the left. They had lovely shade in the afternoon on that side of the residence. Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

H. E. Huntington’s Mansion (SMR): Residence of H. E. Huntington & Arabella D. Huntington; located on the same spot as the Old Shorb Victorian Mansion. The Huntington were usually “In-residence” at the Ranch in January & left for NYC in May or June; some years like 1916 & 1919 the Huntington were in-residence almost the whole year at the Ranch. Technically, the mansion was on the Los Robles Ranch which was the San Marino Ranch. Document: Blueprint of Myron Hunt (Hunt. Lib); HEH Coll. MS 10968 (E. “Burke” Holladay Journals); at Huntington Library San Marino, CA Huntington Family Timeline by Nancy Armitage

Mausoleum – Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. and Arabella Huntington (SMR): where H. E. “Edwards” Huntington & Arabella “Belle” D. Huntington are both buried; located north of the Huntington Mansion. Architect: George Post. Historical Note: Arabella D. Huntington died Sept. of 1924 but got bury at this stop in December of 1924; HEH died in May of 1927. The mausoleum states that Arabella D. [Yarrington] Huntington was Born: June 1, 1950.

Milk Houses & Cows (SMR): a white-tiled, “Milk House” was listed on the San Marino Ranch on the 1921 SMR map. Dec. 1916, in the San Marino Ranch papers, it was labeled “Milk House” as the W.O. #114 Structure. In the May 1915, the SMR Foreman’s report list massive amount of milk were drunk. It stated that 1443 qts. milk were credited to the Los Robles Ranch. In June of 1917, 2,285 qts. milk were credited to the San Marino Ranch. Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 6/1/4 (SMR papers); HEH Coll. HEH 8/9  uncat (SMR papers); Document: 1921 map SMR elevation map made by Caltech at Huntington Library San Marino, CA (no call number) ; Personal Recollections by Wm. Hertrich. Historical Note: Huge amounts of milk were credited to Household Expense Account of the Huntington Mansion each month. The ranch hands were fed at the dormitory, 18-20 men, plus all employee in their cottages, plus all the employees (in-house servants), the Huntingtons & their houseguests all consumed all that milk.

The Huntingtons (Arabella & Edwards) in the 1920’s entertained often alot, 12 guests for luncheons & formal dinners & “Sundays at the Ranch” (20-60 or more guests – just the immediate family was 20 people), so lots of milk & cream were used.. Also, H. E. Huntington sold milk & eggs to his employees. In the Huntington Mansion kitchen, cream, & milk for many recipes. They were used often for baking, Milk for Festive Egg Nog (Christmas time), & “Milk Punch” (HEH’s Dr. Ernest Bryant prescribed this to drink for HEH’s poor stomach). Also, when you have dairy fresh milk, the cream (heavy cream) rises to the top which would have been ladled from the top & brought to the Huntington Kitchen for baking & whipped cream & frosting for teacakes, tea scones or Southern beaten biscuits, & Mrs. Huntington’s favorite fancy French cakes. So many baked goods in the 1920’s had heavy cream: like Charlotte Pudding, French Opera Cake, Bread Pudding, French Cake, Custards, Fruit Custard Tarts, Cakes, Cookies, Pies, Cream Scones, Royal Puddings, Petit Fours, etc.  Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 38/6 uncat (Leslie Huntington Brehm’s affidavit) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA                          

Miles & Miles of Orange Groves (SMR); In the winter, when the Huntingtons were “in-residence” at the Ranch, the orange trees would have been in bloom. 1000’s of oranges experienced while driving through the San Gabriel Valley. 

The North Vista & the original Carriage Entrance to the Huntington Mansion. Once a deer park; a lovely sculpture garden leading down to a large ornate fountain. Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

North Vista (SMR) located just north of the Huntington mansion & east of the “Deer Park”.  Lawn area was used for Croquet; there were mythical figure statues & at the north end a lovely fish & mermaid fountain. It is said that this lovely garden imitates the great garden in Italy. Most of the figure sculpture were made by great Italian artists, many Venetian. The Huntingtons would hosted “Lawn Parties” they called them in the 1920’s. Document: a 1918 photo HEH photo #35021 (the North Vista photo was lined with croquet wickets & croquet posts. Jennifer Goldman curator told me it was once a Deer Park; invoice of HEH purchasing 2 deer. Doc: HEH Coll. HEH MS 8/9 uncat (San Marino Ranch) at Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

Nut Grove & Trees (SMR): Pecans, Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Seeds: Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 uncat (SMR papers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Oak Knoll Property (SMR) This was an exclusive wealthy area of Pasadena with many large mansions. It was located northwest of the San Marino Ranch. It was owned by HEH, who was the director of the Oak Knoll Land Co.and eventually they were trying to sell the land. Mr. Huntington’s son, Howard E. Huntington & his wife, Leslie & their 6 children lived on Hillcrest Ave. in Oak Knoll. On April 14, 1915, 4-6 pm A large Tea & Reception was hosted by Mr. & Mrs. Howard E. Huntington (Leslie), they invited 300-400 people enjoyed the spring flowers of their gardens & foliage. Mr. H.E. Huntington sent many parcels or herbs, flowers, & trees over to Howard & Leslie’s house to help decorate for this spring garden party event. Document: Howard & Leslie Huntington’s home address: 1234 Hillcrest Rd. Pasadena (Oak Knoll) mail & Document: HEH Coll. HEH (SMR papers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA; LA Herald No. 141 April 14, 1915

The “Office” (SMR) The “Office” was located on one of the 1927 SMR maps. San Marino Ranch had a “ranch office” where H. E. Huntington & Mr. Hertrich had desks; located just east of the Library Building. HEH had an old oak wooden roll top desk from the “Ranch Office” that is still at the Huntington Library (2009); Mr. Hertrich was in charge of doing payroll for almost all Ranch Employees including some of the in-house servants. HEH & Hertrich were an amazing team, they got so much done each year to improve & beautify the San Marino Ranch. They had a very large “W.O Book”; (it took me a while to figure what that meant: “Work Order”). If Mrs. Huntington wanted a rose arbor & show them a picture of a French garden. Mr. Hertrich would order supplies and wood, take measurements, Hertrich would assign certain men/ranch hands to build structures, cottages, & rose arbors & assign this project a number in the “Work Order Book”. There was over 180 “work orders” maybe more at the SMR.  Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 uncat (SMR papers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA; Mrs. Duggas (2009 Secretary to Pres. of Huntington Library, showed me Mr. Huntington’s Victorian oak roll-top desk of H.E. Huntington. Located in the “Ranch” Office on Document: SMR map, no Call number

Oneonta Park: was the Oneonta Park Junction train station (Pacific Electric Railroad “Red cars”) located at the north east corner Fair Oaks Ave. & Huntington Drive, land that HEH owned around the San Marino Ranch. The name comes from Mr. Huntington’s hometown: Oneonta, New York.

Orchid Hot House (SMR): the Orchid House was one of 3 Huntington large hothouses on the San Marino Ranch; there was an orchid house, a rose house(s), & a greenhouse (each about 140 ft. long). These hothouses, located just east of the Library Building & south of the large Lath house. The first “glasshouse” was an orchid house built in 1908, housing prized orchids: cattleyas, oncidiums, vandals, cymbidiums, dendrobiums, lalias, odontoglossums, phalaenopsis, & cypripediums. The orchid man was probably Wm. Hertrich with the help of Greenhouse men: J. Jackman & Carl Mack. In January of 1915, an invoice from Lager & Hurrell orchid growers in NJ, sent 2 cases of each: cattleyas orchids & schroederas & 1 case of triehll to the Los Robles Ranch (SMR). Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 6/1-10 (1st Glasshouse Orchid house); HEH Coll MS 8/9 uncat; HEH Coll HEH 6/1/1 uncat (SMR papers) at the Huntington Library. San Marino, CA; 1921 SMR Elevation map (no call number) & Hertrich’s book: Personal Recollections

Orange Groves & other Fruits (SMR): There were acres & acres of “Valencia”’ & “Navel” Orange Groves on the Huntington ranches (for sale by the way). Also, they had a small Lemon Grove (3 acre) located by Huntington Drive & up Sierra Madre. There was the Family Fruit Orchard. The Huntington’s head housekeeper (Mrs. Nora Larsen) & the Head cook & other cooks would make homemade ranch jams. jellies. and sweet orange marmalades from all this fruit. They also made “tutti-frutti” a 1920’s favorite (like brandied peaches, ADH’s favorite). Tutti-frutti was a combination of summer fruits like: peaches, plums, strawberries & oranges placed in a large 5 gallon crock in layers with rum or brandy on the fruit to preserve it. This mixture of fruit with brandy or rum would have been a God-Send to Miss Larsen. Mass quantities of fruit probably came into the Huntington’s Kitchen. They didn’t have a lot of time, they needed to do something with the fruit, like bake a pie or tea tarts or make jams. For the extra fruit to make Tutti-Fruitti would have been an easier task to slice & place fruit in the crock. This lovely mixture of drunken fruit was spooned over ice cream of pudding or charlottes. Mrs. Larsen & staff might have made homemade Brandied Peaches. Mrs. Huntington loved Brandied Peaches, it was often on Huntington Mansion menus & grocery lists. One could put brandied peaches on pancakes or French crepes & served over ice cream. Servants were often over taxed with chores & Huntington parties & flower arrangements. Everything was done special to please Mrs. Huntington. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 uncat (San Marino Ranch) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

H. E. Huntington’s Orange Packing Labels: Mr. H. E.  Huntington’s oranges were sold under several different label names: under the label “Toucan Brand – H. E. Huntington San Marino, CA affiliated with Sunkist”, [San Marino Ranch]. But other labels that were also Mr. Huntington or the H.L. & I. Co. (Huntington Land & Improvement Co.) are: San Gabriel Mission Bells San Gabriel, CA Chapman, “Mission Play Brand San Marino Growers Packing Assn. San Gabriel, CA”, El Molino (with Mission on the label), El Toredor, San Pasqual, Titus Ranch, & Los Palmas with San Gabriel Mission on label with San Marino Growers, CA, On the bottom of all these labels it reads San Marino, CA or San Gabriel, CA ebay 2019 Document: Orange Crate Labels from 1920’s; Citrus Fruit Report Southern Calif.  Los Angeles Herald Number 289, July 27, 1911 Shipments of Fruit; There were other brands that might be Mr. Huntington’s too: Echo Brand? S. G. Mission Chapman? Mt. Lowe Brand – (H.E. Huntington owned Mt. Lowe train & Mt. Lowe Tavern at one time).   

“El Molino Viejo” (The Old Mill) in 1918, Mrs. Arabella Huntington bought it from HEH & Huntington Land & Improvement Co. Photo Credit: Old Mill Historical Society, San Marino, CA

The Old Mill (SMR) In 1903, H. E. Huntington bought the San Marino Ranch.  The “Old Mill” was included as part of the San Marino Ranch. It once served as a “grinding mill” for the Native American Indians at the San Gabriel Mission, in San Gabriel, CA. In abt. 1914, The Old Mill served as a golf clubhouse at one time connecting with Hotel Huntington in Pasadena; they had 9-hole golf course.  

In 1918, when the Hotel Huntington was sold, Mrs. Arabella Huntington bought the “Old Mill”. Mrs. Arabella Huntington willed the Old Mill to her son, Archer Huntington (with its rich Spanish & Mission history). So Archer Huntington might have come to California to see his new property the Old Mill, but it’s a mystery but maybe in Dec. of 1924 for Mrs. Huntington’s her final funeral. Archer did not sell the Old Mill, he gave the property to Mrs. Howard Huntington (Leslie). After Howard E. Huntington died in 1922, (she was later Leslie Brehm), who was HEH’s daughter in law. The Old Mill stayed in the Huntington family for 3 generations. They Huntington descendents eventually donated the property to the State of California. Document:  (HEH Coll. MS 38/6 ADH’s will & Huntington Mansion inventory book).at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Mrs. Arabella Huntington’s dream for the Old Mill was she wanted to turn it into an artist colony. 100 years later in 2019, the Old Mill is still used as an artist colony of sorts. There is gallery for the California Art Club of Pasadena, CA (which started in 1909. Once a month they have master artists display their beautiful paintings at the Old Mill. The California Art Club has artist lectures on the patio & “Paint Outs” where artist member can paint the beauty of the Old Mill. So, Mrs. Arabella Huntington in her generosity got her wish – the Old Mill is an “artist center”! Document: HEH Coll. 19/1-18 uncat (Alfonso Gomez tapes HEH’s Head Butler & HEH’s personal valet) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA; 

Olive Drive (SMR): a street running north & south on 1904 San Marino Ranch map.  It was located south of Huntington Drive & it is where San Marino Ave. is now. Document: 1904 San Marino Ranch Topographical Map Blueprint Huntington Land & Improvement Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Orange Trees: (SMR) The oranges that were grown on the San Marino Ranch were Valencia oranges & Navel oranges. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 SMR papers at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

The Packinghouse (H.E. Huntington’s Orange Packinghouse) also called “San Gabriel Valley Packinghouse”. I have seen two locations for the orange packinghouse on 2 different maps; On 1921 SMR map, a large structure appears to be the Packinghouse which was located south of Huntington (what is now East of Westhaven Rd. & Adair Rd.) There is another packing house location; I found for the packinghouse (on SMR map papers) was located at the north-east corner of what is now: Westhaven Rd. & Lorain Road in San Marino. This makes sense because the railroad train tracks of Southern Pacific Railroad Co. was just across the street. To pick up the crates of sweet juicy oranges to sell to the public. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 6/1/1 uncat (San Marino Ranch)at Huntington Library San Marino, CA The SMR – Toucan Brand of Oranges – H. E. Huntington San Marino Ranch oranges /affiliated with Sunkist. 

Other Orange Labels owned by H. E. Huntington & H.L.& I. Co.:

Some of the Orange Labels like “El Molino Brand” also stated Huntington Land & Improvement Co. (which HEH was President). Historical Note: Toucan Brand – orange crate on the bottom it reads: H. E. Huntington Packing Assn. San Marino, California. Document: on 1921 SMR map, a large structure appears (Packinghouse) by Westhaven. SMR maps read the “Packinghouse” closer to RR tracks off (Westhaven Rd. & Lorain Rd. now in San Marino, CA) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Pomegrantes make delicious Pomegrante Jelly.

Pomegranate Grove (SMR): On the 1904 San Marino Ranch map, it illustrates a large grove of pomegranate trees located all along Euston Rd. The pomegranate grove running the whole length of the south side of the SMR. Often, they would gather the pomegranates at harvest & make a wonderful Ranch Pomegranate Jelly. Document: 1904 map SMR – no call number at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

The Poultry House & Poultry Yard (SMR): In the SMR Ledgers of 1915-1916, there were many poultry listed. There were domestic fowl, pheasants, ducks, chicken, capon, game hens, geese, squab, doves, 20 bronze turkeys, pigeons, 40 homers, 20 odd pairs of pigeons. The “Poultry Caretaker” at the San Marino Ranch was C.F. Moss. In May of 1916, the Poultry House was constructed at SMR. It was called W.O. #83 & it cost HEH $61.38 to make.

In October. 1916, H.E. Huntington household expense was for 32 ½ dz. eggs, 6 chickens, 2 ducks, 1 turkey, 3 geese, 23 squab, & 529 qts. milk. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 6/1-15 (SMR papers); HEH Coll. MS /6/1/4 (SMR papers) 2,200 qts. of milk listed in 1917; HEH Coll. HEH MS 6/15 uncat (May 1916 poultry) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

The Pond (SMR) (Look Duck pond)

Peacocks roaming the Huntington grounds: There once were Green & Blue peacocks roaming the Ranch, also white peacocks (unusual), pheasants, ducks, & deer in the deer park just north of the mansion (per the Head superintendent of the San Marino Ranch, Wm. Hertrich book). It must have been a amazing sight to see.

White Peacocks it was said by Head Gardener Hertrich that there were white peacocks roaming the grounds of San Marino Ranch.

Pump Station (SMR): there was a couple pump station (water) on the 1904 San Marino Ranch map & Elevation map at Huntington Library San Marino, CA; located just east of the Car Garage; the Boone gallery now. The pump caretaker was George Chaplin in Dec. 1920. He received $111.20 a month for his salary. The pump station & the water supply was everything for Mr. Huntington for orange crops, other crops, cows, & chicken, too. Water the source of life.

Stunning Yellow Acacia trees – Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

Mrs. Arabella Huntington’s Rooftop Fragrant French Garden: located above the Huntington Mansion Loggia, east side of the mansion. The glare of the morning sun in sunny California would have been intense. So Mr. Hertrich created & planted a lovely French fragrant garden for Mrs. Huntington. This was a beautiful French garden of yellow, lavender, & purple blooms. This romantic fragrant garden was for the pure delight of Mrs. Arabella Huntington. Located on the 2nd floor of the Huntington Mansion, just outside Mrs. Huntington’s dressing rooms. There was once 3 sets of French doors opened up to this romantic garden. There was sweet honeysuckle, pink and lavender and white roses, lavender & rosemary topiaries, & yellow acacia trees. In the morning, Mrs. Huntington & her personal secretary had business to attend like daily menus & correspondence. On a nice day, Miss Carrie Campbell could have morning coffee from one of Mrs. Huntington pretty French “Breakfast Sets” plateware (Limoges, Sevres, or Haviland).

In May of 1914, many French plant (lavenders & yellows) were purchased for this French rooftop garden: 5 Yellow Acacia Saligna, 2 Acacia Melancholy, 6 Acacia Floribundi (a cream colored blossom), 2 Camphor trees, 31 Alba persoluta, 24 yellow Honeysuckle plants, 1 lavender Jacaranda tree (lavender), 1 doz. Bay Laurel trees, Acacias flowering yellow trees, 10 Rose Tree purchases, lattice to make a pergola of arches, French Rose topiaries, French Rose bushes [ADH love pink & white], French Lavender topiaries, & Rosemary topiaries. This invoice was for $107.60 for the French fragrant garden Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 8/9 uncat (SMR papers) Huntington Library San Marino, CA [Yellow acacia trees would have reminded Mrs. Huntington of Paris & Hotel Bristol, which she just adored].

Fragrant Cut Roses & Fragrant Flowers – Season of 1915 (SMR):  an enormous amount of cut roses and flowers were recorded for Mrs. Arabella Huntington for the season of 1915. There were 3,900 pink glass house roses, 3,000 white glass house Roses & 2,800 Rose garden roses, with lists with 1,000 each of other flowers like, Narcissuses, Lilies of the Valley, Sweet peas, Gladiolus, Daffodils, Red Amaryllises, Dutch Iris, & Spanish Iris,  Stock, Cyclamens, Acacia Yellow branches, Watsonians, & Anthuriums, Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 8/9 (SMR papers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA [the Huntingtons were only at the ranch for 3 months that year – April 15th they arrived and they stayed in May and June. But remember the large rose & flower arrangement had 150-200 flowers in each weekly or bi-weekly arrangements like the foyer of a grand hotel.

Rose Hothouses (Propagating roses): There were 3 glass houses, one rose house (s), one orchid house & one green house, located next to the Large Lath House. At the beginning of the botanical gardens: I think Hertrich & the rose man were involved in the propagation of the Huntington Roses. The employees in charge of the roses were either J. Jackman or Carl Mark. Document: HEH Coll. 8/9 uncat (SMR papers);1921 SMR Map CalTech [Elevation] map at Huntington Library San Marino, CA . 

Mrs. Huntington had a obscene number of vases in every closet in the mansion. Vases with every kind of theme for her entertainments: French, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, American & English. A great color combination of roses : Pink, Yellow & Orange. Photo credit: Nancy Armitage

Rose Garden (Formal Rose Garden) & Rose Arbors (SMR): The Formal Tea Rose Garden was in the same place it is now; it just extended all the way to the Huntington Mansion -100 years ago. Mrs. Huntington favorite colored roses were fragrant Pink & fragrant white roses; hundreds of rose plants were ordered especially for her. 

For the pink roses: In 1914, they ordered 280 “General MacArthur” roses plants described as the best hot pink & red rose ever. “Gen’l MacArthur” rose was invented in 1904 & had a strong damask fragrance. In September of 1915, Huntington & Hertrich ordered 315 more “General McArthur” rose plants (Hybrid Tea rose invented in 1904), which was colored of beautiful hot pink to red color) 220 “Mrs. George Shawyer” rose plants; a bridal pink color blend; invented in 1911. Lots more roses ordered to please Mrs. Arabella Huntington. 20 “Alice Roosevelts” roses (Hot pink or deep pink hybrid tea rose) & 2 Gainsborough roses a light flesh pink HT & ages white with a moderate fragrance & was invented in 1903. 

Here in sunny Southern California, we get at least 5-6 flushs (sets of blooms) of roses each year with our roses. Each of the rose plants would yield 40 or more roses to each “flush” which is a 1,000’s & 1,000’s of roses for Mrs. Huntington’s flower arrangements. The Gigantic rose arbors were made of metal to support the heavy weight of the roses, it was a tunnel of roses; ran from the mansion all the way to the Japanese gardens. It got so very large, Mr. Hertrich had to have it cut down & they put in the green lawn that is off the dining room & terrace. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 (SMR papers, roses purchases) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Roses — Miles & Miles of Roses running the length of Huntington Drive, a tribute to ADH from HEH & Mr. Hertrich; a treasure for Mrs. Huntington who loved pink & white roses. Miles & Miles of Roses down Huntington Drive [Mrs. Huntington adored pink fragrant roses especially “Cecil Brunner” or Mlle. Cecil Brunner (was a tea rose & a rose climber) & Pink “Killarney” (HT) & Mr. Huntington & Hertrich purchased 100’s of  “Gen. MacArthur” (HT) bright pink & very fragrant rose at a time; the color of “Killarney” roses was hot pink or deep pink) 

For the White Roses:  In 1914, 120 “Dbl White Killarney” white rose plants also double white Killarney roses 100’s were ordered, it was the most fragrant of the roses in 1915 & 1916; he planted so many roses to please Arabella] Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 uncat (San Marino Ranch papers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

List of Roses   1914-15 Huntington’s Formal Rose Gardens (SMR):

Roses plant were sent to the San Marino Ranch/ Los Robles Ranch: 

Jan. 1914 To: SMR: 100 “Mslle Cecile Brunner” rose plants (salmon-pink color; invented in 1881) from Henry W. Turner, Montebello, CA; May 11, 1914: From Dietrich & Turner Montebello, CA to Los Robles Ranch (SMR) rec’d: 220 Mrs. George Shawyer [Bridal pink to hot pink], 120 Dbl. White Killarney [white]; July of 1914 from: Edward H. Rust, 30 Climbing Cecil Brunners (bridal pink); 1914 From: A.N. Pierson, Cromwell, Conn. To: San Marino Ranch 24 K. Brilliant Roses; 

Sept. 1914/1915: Large amount of rose plants ordered: 280 Gen’l MacArthur [Best rose ever-hot pink to red], 150 Maisrin, 150 Mad. Segond Weber, 100 Geo. Arends, 150 Ulrich Brunner (best rose), 150 Juliet, 100 Melanie Soupert, 100 Lyon [yellow ] rose, 50 RK de Saxe, 65 Gen. MacArthur,…. & 5000 Ranunculus, 

Winter roses in Southern California are 3x’s bigger then our Spring and Summer flowers. Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

French Roses at the Ranch:

Jan. 4, 1915 100 Mslle Cecile Brunner [1881] (Bright salmon- pink) from Henry W. Turner Montebello CA to SMR. April 12, 1915 From Ed H. Rust to SMR: 21 Roses Cli (Climber) – Cecil Brunner, 4 Roses Cli – Mademoiselle alf-Caviese.  May 21, 1915 from: Henry Turner to SMR:  50 White Roses $2.00; 

April 1916 from: Edward H. Rust to SMR: 2 Gainsborough Roses [flesh pink & rich fragrance] $ 15.00 2 Ch. Crochet (white) Document HEH Coll. HEH 6/15 uncat (San Marino Ranch papers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Mrs. Huntington’s Roses List of 1916 (SMR): were ordered by Hertrich To: Los Robles Ranch from: Howard & Smith: 

20 Alice Roosevelt (Hot pink),10 Autocrat [multi color yellow with red reverse], 10 Catherine Simmons, 10 Chieftain, 10 Chadwick Improved (Gratis), 20 Curly Locks, 10 Donald,  10 Dorothy Duggan, 10 Durban’s Price, 10 Earl Kitchener,10 Early Frost, 20 Edgar Saunders, 10 Elsa, 10 Excelsior, 10 F.A. Cobbold, 10 Golden Eagle, 10 Golden West, 10 Golden Eaton, 10 Golden Climax, 20 Good Gracious, 50 F.S. Vallis  5 La Fusion, 10 Irene, 5 Lynwood Hall, 10 Kate Covell, 10 Katherine Livingston, 10 Ladu [Lady] Lu, 10 Lion Grant, 20 Little Bulgar, 50 Mademoiselle A. Marmotel, 10 Mad. Carnot, 10, Mad. R. Obertheur, 10 Mad. Dietericjs, 5 Mademoiselle, H. Delizy, 10 Mademoiselle Jeanne Rosette, 10 Mademoiselle Marie Liger, 5 Mad. Paelo Readelli, 20 Mademoiselle Von Andre, 10 Mendon, 10 Minnesota, 10 Miss Ida Kroseschell, 20 Miss Lucy Evans, 10 Miss Mary Mann, 10 Margaret Sargent, 10 Marion Southerland, 10 Mrs. Buckingham, 20 Mrs. Coombes, 40 Mrs. Dexter, 50 Mrs. F.J.Taggart, 10 Mrs. Geo. Beech, 10 Mrs. J.F. Trantor, 10 Mrs. O.H. Kahn, 10 Mrs. H.W. Rieman, 10 Mrs. Harry Emmerton, 5 Mrs. W. Duckham, 10 Odessa, 10 Naceur Bey 10 Nagoya, 10 Perfect Boncourt, 10 President Taft, 10 Ramapo, 5 R.E. Richardson, 10 R.F. Felton, 20 Roi d’Italia, 5 Satisfaction, 10 Sidonia, 5 Silver Queen, 20 Souveir De Mrs. Durbin, 5 Surprise, 10 Unaka, 10 White Chiefton (Gratis) 10 Wm. Kleinneinz, 20 Yellow Prince, 10 Yvonne $ 71.40 Document: HEH Coll. HEH 6/15 uncat (San Marino Ranch papers) Huntington Library San Marino., CA 

“San Marino I” & “San Marino 2” HEH’s  Private Railroad Cars (SMR): The H.E. Huntington’s bright red private railroad car(s) with the words “San Marino” written on the side.  – (Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Huntington’s private railroad car) a fancy sleeping car that they would travel from the SMR to the east coast NYC to their mansion No. 2 57th St. their New York City Mansion. The length of time was exactly 7 days according to a HEH’s typed sheet.

It was identified as the “San Marino I” The only identification on the beautiful shiny red private railroad car was the understated word: “San Marino”. It was painted on the side of the railroad car; other wealthy people in the USA had their name written on the side of their private railroad cars like “Vanderbilt”. The “San Marino I” had red & white striped awning on the back of the cars at the observation deck. The Huntingtons in their train car would stop in various big cities along the way from California to New York State. 

Often, on the Huntington Family train rides, they would stop in Texas & New Orleans; Arabella’s niece, Carrie Huntington mentioned this in her 1890’s diary. While in New Orleans, Arabella & her went gallery shopping for a painting. It would take them exactly one week for the train to get from coast to coast. 

The Huntington’s “San Marino I” private railroad car was elegantly equipped with sitting parlor with beautifully polished mahogany wood, with several bedrooms, & bathrooms. It had a large dining room table that sat 12 guests for formal luncheons & formal multi-course dinners with kitchen with 3 chefs on board.  On the “San Marino I”, the H. E. Huntington private railroad car. It accommodated just Mr. & Mrs. Henry Huntington for lodging, a kitchen with pantry for provisions, & a dining room that fit 12 people. A sitting room & parlor, bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, an observation deck.  Mrs. Arabella Huntington had her own full-course set of Gorman silver-plated flatware just for the private railroad car (a set of 12 silver-plated place settings). The silver was engraved with these initials “SMI”, also found in the linen closet at the SMR in the Huntington Mansion; cloth napkins that were embroidered with “SMI”. The “San Marino I” had its own kitchen & had 3 chefs (Floyd Food, & 2 others) on board. It had plenty of storage for their trunks & (Trunk closet), & provisions for the food they ate during the cross country train trip. These two railroad cars were housed on the San Marino Ranch with their own garage. Housed in what they called the “Car Barn” it was located on Stratford St. just off what is now Oxford Road. Document: HEH Coll. HEH. 8/9 Invoice (SMR ledgers); HEH Coll. HEH MS 38/6 [Huntington Mansion Inventory book] Huntington Library San Marino CA

On “San Marino II ” private railroad train car, housed servants & other family members & provisions. HEH would invite his mother, Harriet “Mrs. Solon Huntington”, & HEH’s sister, Carrie Huntington Holliday & her husband, E. Burke Holladay & their 2 children: Collis Holliday & Helen Holliday. This private railroad car, “San Marino 2” also held lots of provisions that the Huntingtons wanted to ship from SMR to No. 2 mansions: Christmas presents like preserves from the San Marino Ranch unusual preserves (made by Ms. Nora Larsen) like Pomegranate Jelly, Loganberry Jam, Raspberry Jam, Mango Chutney, Cases of wrapped in tissue were Oranges, Citrus fruits, & Avocados. They were both housed in the “Car Barn” on the San Marino Ranch. Document: 1921 SMR map – no call number at Huntington Library, SM CA; HEH Coll. MS.10968 (E. Burke Journals) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

The West wing and North side of the Huntington Mansion. That wall behind the hedge was not there during the Huntington’s time period. Those 3 windows downstairs were once the Huntington’s Servant’s Kitchen. Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

Servants Entrance (SMR): was located by the kitchen, kitchen pantry, kitchen staff rooms, & Miss Nora Larsen housekeepers room. It was located to the right of this picture where the Shakespeare Garden is now.

The “Shop” (SMR): the Shop ran north & south; a long & narrow building. The location was located just south of the Lath House & east of the cottage village. I am not sure what kind of “Shop” it was. It could have been a “wood shop” (to cut the wood & build structures & arbors; “W.O.” (Work Orders) on the SMR was the process of getting a structure made). They would have needed a workshop to work on the work orders, store wood & supplies.  In W.O. Book in 1916, a book binding “shop“ was ordered by Hertrich & HEH. This shop was likely a wood shop, they were making structures on the SMR continually. Or it could have been a “book binding shop” (to fix worn out books from Mr. Huntington’s rare book collection at his Huntington Library). Document: 1921 SMR Elevation map (no call number) Huntington Library, San Marino, CA  

Shorb Mansion: old white Victorian Gothic Shorb Mansion (4 story) stood exactly where the Huntington Mansion stands now. It was technically on the Los Robles Ranch – which is the San Marino Ranch. Document: pictures of Shorb Ranch Book; 1904 SMR Blue print map – no call number (Huntington Library San Marino, CA 

The Silo (SMR): In July 1, 1917, construction was started on a large circular silo; it was W.O.(Work order) #136. The Silo was located east of the cow stable on the San Marino Ranch. Its size was 30 ft. high & 10 ft. diameter concrete & it cost $800.00 to make. A silo is used to store grain on the ranch; Mr. Huntington grew barley, alfalfa, & oats which could have been stored in the silo. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 (SMR papers) Huntington Library. San Marino, CA

Huntington Stables (SMR): 3 Horse stables: one located by Euston Rd. (the green color stable & still standing after all these years in 2009), another located around the Australian Garden &1 other stable. Doc: SMR Maps at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Tennis Courts on the San Marino Ranch

Tennis Courts (SMR): the location of the Huntington tennis courts was east of the Huntington Mansion beyond the bamboo hedge west of San Marino Ave. & north-east of the duck ponds (Desert garden now). Tennis was enjoyed on the San Marino Ranch by Mr. & Mrs. Huntington’s family, houseguests, & grandchildren. Document: Map 1904 SMR Topographical map at Huntington Library San Marino, CA 

Vegetable Garden (SMR) There were actually 2 gigantic ranch vegetable gardens, one was the West Vegetable Garden (north of the Bowling Alley & Mrs. Huntington’s “Flower Cutting Garden”) & one was the East Vegetable Garden (close to Oxford Rd. now). In December 1915, the San Marino Ranch the “Vegetable Gardener” was named John Rudallet (he was on the Chateau de Beauregard payroll too). In Dec. of 1920, the Vegetable Gardener for the San Marino Ranch was Joseph Zumstein; he was paid $95.00 for one month’s salary. Document: Map & photos of the SMR; HEH Coll. HEH 6/15 (SMR payroll) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA By the black & white aerial photos view of the ranch; you can see the veggie gardens: the parking lot is now & located north of the herb garden now.

Vegetables on the San Marino Ranch (SMR) Mr. Huntington didn’t just have one variety of a vegetable; he would have 3-8 varieties of a vegetable. These are the Veggies from the 2 large vegetable gardens; they referred to as the “West Vegetable Garden’ & “East Vegetable Garden”: 

San Marino Ranch – 1914-1915   (A-Z Vegetable List) Avocado (Herman, Dickinson, Fuente, Guatemalan Varieties, Knight, Linda, Lyon, Queen, Rey, Sharpless, Sprinks), Alfalfa (SMR crop), Artichoke (French), Asparagus Roots (Large), Asparagus Sprengerli, Barley (SMR crop) Beets (Egyptian), Beans (SMR crop), Beans (Black beans, bush beans, Canadian Wonder, French Green Beans, Green pods, Green Dwarf, Horse Beans, Jumbo Dusty, Kentucky Wonder, Lima, Musk Meono, Round Bush Beans, Green Stringless, Ventura Wax, White Navy Beans), Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage (Cannon Ball, & Winning Stadt), Carrots (Oxheart & White Belgium),  Cauliflower (Winning-Stadt), Celery, Celeriac plants, Chicory, Chile Peppers, Chives, Corn (Kaffir, Milo Maze, Golden Bantam), Corn (King Phillip – SMR crop), Cucumber (Klondyke), Eggplant (New York), Endive (White curled), Green Onions, Leeks, Lettuce (Iceberg & Romaine), Kohl rabe, Mushrooms (Button, French, & Paris Mushrooms), Okra (Green & White Velvet Okra), Onion (Bunch, Bermuda sets, & Crystal Wax onions), Bunch Onions (Green scallions), Oyster Plant (Salsify), Parsley (Moss-Curled), Parsnips (Turrooted) Peas (French Petit & Wilfong), Peas (Yorkshire Heros), Peppers (Chinese Giant & Pimento), Potatoes (Early Rose & Early Triumph “Spuds” & New Potatoes), Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin & Pumpkin Seeds (SMR crop), Radish (Early Scarlet, Long Scarlet, & White Tip), Rhubarb, Salsify [Oyster Plant], Spinach, Squash (at June Harvest & Summer Squash) Swiss Chard (Green), Tomato (Stowe), Turnip (Snowball), Watercress Document: HEH Coll. MS 8/9 uncat (SMR papers); Book 6/3 of HEH Coll. MS 6/2-14 uncat (SMR papers at Huntington Library San Marino, CA) Charge to Los Robles Ranch [actually SMR] Dates 1914-1915); Annual Report, Calif. Avocado Association 1922, Report by Avocados by Wm. Hertrich, Director, (San Marino Ranch Report)  at the Huntington Library, SM, Calif.      

Vegetables List at the Huntington Mansion:

To: H. E. Huntington Household Expense at San Marino Ranch   June 1915

[List of veggies that went to the Huntington Mansion’s Kitchen – Arabella & Edwards Huntington Table]:   84 ½ lb. Tomatoes, 78 lb. String Beans, 20 bunches Carrots, 12 bunch Beets, 116 heads Lettuce, 2 lbs. French Mushrooms, 47 Eggplants, 17 bunches Swiss chard, 304 lb. Potatoes, 7 lb. French Artichokes, 1 bunch Leek, 33 lb. Squash, 2 bunch Green Onions, 5 bunches Parsnips, 9 ½ qts. Southern Okra, 25 doz. Corn on the Cob, 3 doz. Cucumber 2 qt. [baby] Onions, 3 bunch Rhubarb  $63.60 Document: HEH Coll. HEH 6/1 (3) uncat (San Marino Ranch papers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Entertainments in June 1915: Arabella’s Birthday on June 1, 1915, & the E. Burke Holladay family was at the Huntington mansion for 1-2 months visiting for the summertime (HEH’s sister & her family)

What could the head cook have made with the list of veggies?  Artichoke Soup, French Mushroom Soup with Cognac, Parsnip Soup, Basil & Tomato Salad, Steamed Carrots with Dill, Artichokes & Cucumbers in a green salad, Southern Pickled Beet salad, Eggplant Parmesan, French Potato Salad with French Tarragon for Sundays at the Ranch, French Artichoke Salad with celery & green onions, Pickled Okra with Vinegar & Garlic, Fried Okra, Corn on the cob with Herb butter, French Potato-Leek soup, Southern Rhubarb & Berry Pie, Italian Ratatouille, Pickled Onions for martinis [we know that somebody drank martinis; martinis were on the Huntington’s receipts at the Hotel Bristol, Paris France, June 1913.] French influences are the French mushrooms, French artichokes, & Petit pois (French garden peas in butter); Arabella’s southern influences are Okra, Swiss Chard, Corn Rhubarb, & Salsify (Oyster Plant), pickled beets & pickle okra.

To H. E. Huntington Household Exp. (vegetables) Date: June 9, 1915

85 lb. peas, 64 lb. string beans, 14 bunch carrots, 26 1/2 lb. tomatoes, 6 bunches beets, 96 heads lettuce,14 ½ lb. mushrooms, 19 eggplants, 109 lb. Potatoes, 4 tuber celery, 1 bunch leeks, 1 bunch [Southern] Salsify, 10 lb. spinach, 3 bunch spinach, 4 head [French] Endive, 2 heads cabbage   $51.21   Document HEH Coll. HEH 6/1/(3) (san Marino Ranch Paper) at Huntington Library. SM, CA

The cook could have made a favorite of Arabella’s Potage St. Germain (A parisian French split pea soup with ham- made at her favorite hotel Bristol in Paris France), Cream of Carrot soup, Irish Lamb stew, lettuce was often used as a cup for Egg salad or Chicken salad or a garnish, Coleslaw salad, Fried Oyster plant or Southern Salsify, New Orleans Spinach Salad with red onions & bacon vinaigrette, Cream of  French Mushroom soup, Scallop potatoes or Potatoes Hollandaise (on one of Mrs. Huntington menu at No. 2), French Endive salad with Roquefort, Pickled beets, Cream of Tomato Soup. The French influences are endive and mushrooms, & leeks, French peas to make Potage St. Germain; the Southern influences of Arabella: are Oyster plant-Salsify, & Beets. 

Water on the San Marino Ranch (SMR): Water would be essential for all crops & veggies on the SMR, but especially for Mr. Huntington’s orange groves & botanical gardens. For the Huntington’s & their guests, for the lawns & fruit orchards, cows, the bird aviary, etc. There was a water tower on the San Marino Ranch, they probably several water towers. There were 2 reservoirs: 1 big one & 1 small one. There was a huge reservoir located at the original front entrance just to the east; it was as big as 5 tennis courts. The small reservoir was located outside Oxford Rd. gate on the San Marino Ranch. The Duck Ponds were originally called a “reservoir or Lower Reservoir” with ducks swimming (photograph), also. Document: 1904 Map San Marino Ranch Huntington Land & Improvement Co. Topographical Map blueprint  at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Wilson Lake (SMR): which is now Lacy Park in San Marino, CA (west of Mr. Patton’s Ranch & SMR), in 1925, the lake was once a “watering hole” for local children. During a long hot summer the lake was close to drying up & it became swampy (mosquitoes, etc.). It was filled in with dirt to make a park called Lacy Park; with the help of Mr. Hertrich & HEH to supply plants, trees & flowers to make the park look beautiful. Document: Article in San Marino Tribune newspaper published in 1980’s

W.O.” (Work Orders) SMR: a ranch process that Huntington & Hertrich used for building structures of any kind on the San Marino Ranch. If they wanted a structure built like a rose arbor or a large building they created a work order W.O. A work order was written up with the size & measurements of the needed structure & what was needed to make it – wood, nails, etc. There was way over 136 W.O‘s at the San Marino Ranch like the #71 Bungalow Foundation on the Los Robles Ranch & #60 was the The Large Aviary etc. Documents: HEH Coll. 8/9 uncat; HEH Coll. MS 6/15 uncat; HEH Coll. 6/1 (3) uncat; HEH Coll. MS 6/1/ (1-3) uncat; HEH Coll. 6/1/2 uncat: HEH Coll. MS 6/1/1 uncat; HEH Coll. MS 6/1/4-6; HEH Coll. MS 6/10 uncat; HEH Coll. MS 6/2-14 box (San Marino Ranch papers at Huntington Library San Marino, CA) There was a large “W.O.” Book in the San Marino Ranch

Employees on Mr. H. E. Huntington’s  “San Marino Ranch”: 1915 (SMR)

Payroll of December of 1915 (Los Robles Ranch): 

Mrs. Louis Grossman (Board of Men) $300.00, [in charge of the ranch hand 28-room dormitory; highest paid employee besides Mr. Hertrich]

P. Fritzinger (Watchman nights & Sundays) $32.50, 

F. Schneider (Watchman) $75.00, 

Clarence Williams, (Chauffeur) 100.00, [also a traveling servant to No. 2, TN, & Chat B.)  Some years, he was the highest paid employee of HEH]

S. Oshita (Japanese gardener) $34.89, (Mr. S. Oshita & his hospitable wife, Tsune, used to ask HEH & ADH for Japanese tea ceremony. The ceremony was at their home with their family- they would wear Japanese Kimonos (HEH & ADH had a large collection of kimonos) for the celebration of tea. HEH would wear a black kimono with red which means “father or boss”, (the man that takes care of all who were at the San Marino Ranch). HEH’s employees were very appreciative of living on the Ranch. Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 38/6 uncat [Huntington Mansion Inventory Book]

R. Kelinert or Kleinert (Barn man) $22.50 [had his own cottage & it was located near the silo]

W. Treder (Poultry man) $60.00 a month 

Chas. Ackerman (Cactus Gardener) $30.00 a month [Aviary –birds]

J. Muller (Birdman – took care of Mr. H.E. Huntington’s large Aviary) 

Frank Nelson (Ranch Foreman) $50.00 a mo.  

M. Eizema or Eizeman (Rose Gardener) $32.50 

J. Jackman (Greenhouse) $45.00 a mo. [Orchids]

Carl Mack (Greenhouse) $29.92 a month [Orchids]

Chas. Ackerman (Pigeons/Laborer) $41.00; (Mr. H. E. Huntington had “Homing Pigeons”)

John Rudallet (Vegetable gardener), 

Mr. Wm. Hertrich (Head Landscaper Gardener – Superintendent of the San Marino Ranch; also Head gardener for the Hotel Huntington & Lacy Park) 

Mr. Scott White (Ranch Foreman) 

Sam Cockrell (SMR Foreman had his own cottage) 

Wm. Beckman (Manager of the citrus packinghouse – located at the end of Westhaven Rd. & Lorain Rd. – just exactly south of the San Marino Ranch on the other side of Huntington Dr.)    

Max Gschwind (Grounds Foreman of SMR) 

Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 uncat (SMR) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA Historical Note: In 1919 & 1920: Mr. H.E. Huntington employed 110 employees at the Ranch (engineers, gardeners, birdmen, foreman, horsemen, rose gardener, orchid gardener, vegetable gardeners, cooks, maids, gate keepers, & chauffeurs)

March 1919:  San Marino Ranch Payroll #87 (Huntington Land & Improvement Co.) This list tells us each employee had a number, their job, their hours & money. It also tells us if the employees had a room or a cottage on the San Marino Ranch. “M” could stand for Manual Labor.

M2 Joe Guiterrez   General Work 198 hr.  $59.40

M3 G. Flores    General Work 212 hr. $63.60

M4 P. Diaz  General Work  189 hr. $56.70

M5 V. Jimenes      General Work

M6 Jose Sandoval  Truck Helper 83 hr.30 hr./ General Work       107 $57.00

M7 R. Servin       General Work 198 $59.40

M8 Sebero Dias (z)   General Work 63 hr. $18.90

M9  C. Dies [Diaz]  General Work 171 hr. $51.30  

M10 M. Martinez General Work   198 hr. $59.40

M12 G. Medriano  General Work 203 hrs. $60.90 

M14 U. Lira   General Work   208 hr. $62.40

M15 Feliz Escamilla  General Work 207 hr. $62.10

M16 A. Martinez   General Work 208 hr. $62.40

M17 F. Morales   Truck helper 160 $48.00/ General Work   30 hr. $57.00

M19 D. Cardones   General Work 208 hr. $62.40

M20 F. Servin   Teamster helper 54 hr. @30/ General Work    127 hr. $54.30

M21 A. Rodriguez  General Work 198 hr. $59.40

M23 Herman Cardones   General Work 181 hr. $54.30

M 24 Fred Ramirez   Teamster 200 hr. $66.00

M25 A. Sermenio       General Work 190 hr $57.00

M26 N. Gonsalis [Gonzales] General Work   16 hr. $3.84/ General Work 156 hr. $41.28

M 28 A. Santanna  Teamster 36 hr. $10.80/  General Work 171 hr. $62.10

M29 S. Marones     General Work 207 hr.$62.10

M30 L. Escoto  Truck Helper 24 hrs./  General Work 166 hr $57.00 

M31 Jose Aleman Teamster Helper     36 hrs $10.80

M32 Ramon Lopez   General Work 168 hr $60.48

M34 Balente Guiterrez  General Work 207 hr. $60.48  

M35 Jose Dies [Diaz]  Truck Helper 6 hr. $1.80/   General Work 62 hr. $20.40

Payroll Total $5,209.98 (included house servants, also) Document: HEH Coll. HEH 6/15 uncat (San Marino Ranch Paper) Huntington Library San Marino, CA

December 1920 San Marino Ranch Payroll – Ranch Hands  (Huntington Land & Improvement Co.)  80+ names Payroll #108 

Ranch Employee’s name & Occupation

1.  Wm. Hertrich   Supt. of Ranch

2. W. S. Cockrell  Ranch Foreman – (Use of Auto)   

3. Chas. Higgins  Night watchman  

4. Chas. Handforth  Carpenter (Rough)

5. P. Fritzinger   Night watchman  

6. L. T. Birdsall   Night watchman

7. Paul Kley   Carpenter (inside) [married to Mrs. Kley, dessert cook] 

8. Otto Veit    Mason

9. Kame Goto/ Gote  Laborer [Japanese Garden]

10. Wayne Wilson   Laborer

11. Chas. Ackerman   Cactus Gardener

13. John Gombotz       House Engineer       

14. G. L. Brown          Office Clerk 

15. Gerard Turpin, Jr.       Fumigator [Orange Groves]   

16. M.O. Williams           Teamster

17. H.F. Carnahan      Tractor Driver

18. Louis Wees      Teamster

19. Joe Pugel        Teamster

20. Otto Miller             Laborer

21. F. Nelson       Garden Foreman

22 T. Goto        Japanese Gardener

23. Cecil A. Munson   Truck Driver

24. C. E. Williams    Chauffeur & Mechanic

25. M. Desilva, Jasper   Mexican Foreman  

26. J. Muller           Aviary Caretaker

27. Velder Sides      Laborer

28. Paul Muller      Laborer

29. E. E. Hake  Fumigator [Orange Trees]  Night watchman

30. Jess McLain Fumigating Foreman

31. Luis V. Mendonca Laborer

32. Fred Hopkins Fumigating

33. Louis Giovannoli Teamster

34. J. H. Sims Barnman

35. J. Werren Laborer

36. H. H. Welch Teamster

37. W. P. Sides Teamster

38. George Chaplin Pump Caretaker (water) use of MTC

39. George Giovannoli Teamster

40. Gus Luttenberg Greenhouse Caretaker

41. A. B. Foster Library Janitor

42. Walter White Fumigator

43. C. F. Moss Poultry Care-taker

44. Paul Cockkell Laborer & Fumigator

45. G. Breitenfeld Fumigator

46. Gottfried Hofer Laborer

47. A. C. Steele Tractor Driver

48. Kenneth Church Dairy Care-taker

49. Otto Speckert Laborer

50. Hans Hyffeler Laborer

51. Joe Guiterrez Laborer

M2 Joe Guiterrez Laborer [M = Maintenence ?]

M3 G. Flores Laborer

M4 Felimon Guiterrez Laborer

M5 V. Jimenes Laborer

M6 S. Contago Laborer

M7 R. Servin Laborer

M8 Sebero Dias/Diaz Laborer

M9 Trineo Fernandez Laborer

M10 M. Martinez Laborer

M11 Lino Contreras Laborer

M12 G. Medriano Laborer

M13 A. Santanna Laborer

M14 U. Lira Laborer

M15 Joe Vasquez Laborer

M16 A. Martinez Laborer

H. E. Huntington Household Servant Staff (combination of March 1919 & December 1920)

H1 Nora Larsen Head Housekeeper (H – House) $100.00 a month [1919-1920 – Duties: Breakfast Luncheon and Dinner menus, 3 meals a day Mr. and Mrs. Huntingtons & family and guests, Formal Luncheon 4 courses (cocktail, soup, salad or entree & dessert) Dinners could have been more 5-6 courses. There had to be just a soup cook because they loved soup & had it a couple times a day. Huntington Guests for 12 luncheon guests, usually for luncheons & sometimes dinners. 3 meals a day for the Huntington household staff, new Seasonal recipes, Overnight guests: Breakfast trays of coffee & tea, toast & jam. Working with the Butlers and/or footmen to have the correct plateware & Gorham flatware on the Dining Room table.]

H2 Mrs. C. F. Moss House servant [preserves, extra help, entertainments] Dec. 1920 $3.00 a hr.

H3 Arthur Sadler Houseman [for safety at the Huntington Mansion] $50.00 a month March 1919

H4 missing

H5 Mrs. J. Muller Gate-keeper $ 15.00 a month March 1919 & Dec 1920

H6 Amy Anderson House servant [Kitchen cook ] $45.00 a month (12 days only March 1919 [Parmalee Dohrmann receipt for all the Haviland & Homer Laughlin plate ware Jan.- Feb. 1914 3,000 plates were purchases for the Huntington Household

H6? [H7] Julie B. Larsen [cook- maybe Nora Larsen’s sister ] $50.00 a month Dec. 1920

H8 Amanda Carlson House servant $50.00 [Head Cook] March 1919

[H9] Mary James – House servant [Head Cook] $65.00 a hour-highest paid under Mrs. Nora Larsen) $65.00 a month Dec. 1920

H10 Ellen Nelson – House Servant -$ 50.00 a month [Food, Maid, Flowers, or Preserves]

H11 Susie Thomas – House Servant – $ 45.00 for one month [Food, Maid, Flowers, or Preserves] March 1919

H12 Mrs. Lena Kley – House Servant $ 2.50 a hours 12 days [” Dessert Cook] [2 recipes Huntington Mansion “Honey Bars” & Cinnamon swirl cookies 1919 and 1920 payroll

H13 Mary Gombotz – House servant $2.50 hr. 5 1/2 days March 1919 [Kitchen, Ranch preserves or cook, or special food for entertainments]

H14 missing

H15 James Pergler – House servant $80.00 a month [Butler & Footman – Traveling Servant for the Huntingtons from other documents] $80.00 a month

Clarence Williams -Mr. Henry E. Huntington personal chaffeur $135.00 in Dec 1920

60-80 Missing  Not a Complete list   Document HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 (San Marino Ranch Papers) Huntington Library San Marino. CA Document: HEH Coll HEH 6/15/ (folder) [San Marino ranch Huntington Mansion Household Servants March 1919 and December 1920 at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

[“Traveling Servants”] most of them were paid from No. 2 57th St NYC house

Angus McGillvary: Head Butler $75.00 a month

Alfonzo Gomez: 2nd Butler & became 1st Butler for the Huntingtons

Jas. Temple: Footmen $ 60.00 a month

Jeanne Reifer: Mrs. Huntington’s Ladies Maid

Miss Caroline Campbell: Mrs. Huntington’s personal secretary

Mr. Geo Hapgood: Mr. Huntington’s personal secretary

Sometimes a cook would travel with them too.

Document: HEH Coll. HEH 13/8/16 uncat (HEH’s No. 2 NYC ledgers) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA Looking at 1916 ledger Butlers from $75.00 to $100.00 for the head butler a month; Footmen cost: $50.00 to $80.00 a month. Historical Note: Have you been counting all the employees? So it you count the ranch hands, builders for the Huntington Library, gardeners, household servants, & “traveling servants” in 1919 & 1920. Mr. & Mrs. H.E. Huntington employed about 115 employees on the Ranch for 2 years.

December 15-31, 1915   San Marino Ranch Payroll

1.  John Gombotz    Plumber $32.00

2.  Chas Handforth   Carpenter $42.00

3.  J. M. Beavo     Mechanic $40.00

4.  G. L. Brown    Clerk $47.50 ½ mo.

5.  E. Bartlett    Carpenter $36.00

6.  Paul Kley      Carpenter $34.51

7.  Otto Veit     Mason $34.89

8.  Earl White    Carpenter $36.00

9.  P. Fritzinger             Watchman $32.50 (Nights and Sundays)

10. F. Schneider           Watchman $75.00

11. Clarence Williams   Chauffeur $100.00 

12. J. Jackman              Greenhouse $45.00 [Orchid man]

13. Carl Mack                Greenhouse $29.91 [Orchid man]

14. Chas Ackerman       Pigeons/laborer $41.00 [HEH homing pigeons fly to Catalina]

15. J. Muller                   Birds [Large] Aviary $ 60.00

16. John Rudallet          Vegetable Gardener $34.00

17. Clarence Williams   Chauffeur $50.00 ½ mo.

18. M. Eizema [Eizeman] Rose Gardener  $32.50

19. Geo. Mazzin             Foreman $ 37.50

20. W. Treder                 Poultry [man] $30.00 ($60.00 Rate)

21. R. Kleinert                Barn man $22.50

22. S. Oshita                  Japanese Gardener $34.89          

Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 (San Marino Ranch Papers)   Huntington Library, San Marino, CA         

Historical Note: In 1919, San Marino Ranch Papers the Payroll states there are 58 employees on the first list & 35 employees on the “M” list (Maintenance of the Ranch?) – which makes 93 Ranch employees. This doesn’t include the inside mansion in-house servants about 16 & the traveling servants abt. 6.

In 1919, The Huntington Library Building was just getting built on the San Marino Ranch. So this large number of Ranch employees includes carpenters, builders, construction men, roofers, electricians, & painters, etc. This list also informs us which employees got the use of an automobile & who got rooms. So at this time of March 1919, Mr. H. E. Huntington was employing about 115 people on the San Marino Ranch. 

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