Henry E. Huntington’s (Bio) Biography File (1850-1927)

By Nancy Armitage      

Mr. Henry E. “Edwards” Huntington. This original painting is located at the Huntington Library San Marino, CA Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

Henry “Edwards” Huntington

Happy Birthday Mr. Huntington, today is your birthday!! February 27, and here is my Founder’s day gift to you. At the Huntington Library (which he founded) they always have a “Founder’s Day” celebration with a good lecture about Henry Huntington’s life. This is my 27+ page report on the details of Henry Huntington’s life. I was able to research these details at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California. The Huntington Library was actually Henry & his 2nd wife, Mrs. Arabella Duval Huntington’s home. It was called the “San Marino Ranch” in San Gabriel, CA (in the early days), then eventually it was located in San Marino, CA.

Henry Edwards Huntington

B. February 27, 1850    BP. Oneonta, Otsego Co., New York

D. May 23, 1927 DP. Philadelphia, PA (from an operation)

Buried: at his beloved San Marino Ranch – Huntington Mausoleum alongside of his wife: Arabella “Belle” D. Huntington; now the Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens, San Marino, Calif.

The north side of the Huntington Mansion. It was the carriage entrance to the Mansion. Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

Creator: Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California – once called the “San Marino Ranch” just south of Pasadena, CA.

Henry E. Huntington started his 1st book collection in the 1890’s, sadly he had to sell that 1st book collection. Books were Mr. Huntington’s dear friends, he loved to read. His 2nd book collection he started with classic standards; American & English books written by 1800-1900’s writers, these are treasures at the Huntington Library. His bought books from all over the world. Mr. Huntington even collected some of these writers original handwritten manuscripts. His 2nd attempt at book collecting was a stronger more valuable book collection. 

The Large Library in the Huntington Mansion at San Marino Ranch; which became the Huntington Library in San Marino, CA. Check out the hand-carved wood details on the wall & this beautiful statue. In 1910, Mr. Huntington moved into the Mansion, then he married Arabella D. Huntington in 1913. Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

Henry E. Huntington was a Rare Book Collector of Shakespeare & the great writers of all time. He also collected American treasures: Lincolniana, & Washingtoniana, Californiana, & Benjamin Franklin Collections which he was especially proud. He enjoyed collecting famous letters in these collections, also. He felt these historical letters gave these collections, a pulse. Mr. Huntington was a wonderful letter writer himself. Mr. H. E. Huntington wouldn’t just buy several books from a collection; he would collect “En Bloc” (the whole collection not just part of it; which made it more valuable). He was the owner of Wallace Collection, Hoe Collection, Duke of Devonshire Library & a huge Bible Collection (over 100 Bibles), etc. He was great friends with many bookstore owners in San Francisco, London, New York, Europe, & Los Angeles. If he was looking for a particular book they would find it for Mr. Huntington. They would write him a letter, he would write back, & it was purchased & delivered. He had a whole botanical library created for the large botanical books. They had 1000’s of botanical books on roses, trees, orchids, lilies, herbs, great gardens of the world. These botanical books were collected by himself, his wife Arabella, & Wm. Hertrich.

Henry Huntington had a great collection of Ephemera & also menu ephemera. He collected Hotel menus, ship menus, fancy Gilded age Dinner Banquet Dinner Menus (12-16 Courses). Mr. Huntington especially enjoyed his favorite Hobby Club of New York themed dinner menus, illustrated by Tiffany himself. During the fancy Hobby Club monthly meal, he would ask the members who attended to sign the back of his menu. Menus are a great source of history and information: menus usually give a date, time, & location, and usually a party theme & a illustration & purpose of celebration.

There is a several wisdoms that Mr. Huntington taught me in my Huntington research. One should buy one’s collections from many different sources. This makes a collection more valuable & more interesting. Whether the collection is books, roses, herbs, exotic birds, or paintings, have a specialty. Making the collection “one of a kind” & different. Also, to have a theme with your collection: Mr. Huntington loved English portraits paintings & English landscapes. Mrs. Arabella Huntington loved everything French: Louis XVI style, French furniture, French paintings, Marie Antoinette chandeliers, & French sculptures, etc.

“The Blue Boy” by Thomas Gainsborough delivered to the Huntington Mansion on the San Marino Ranch on Tues. March 21, 1922 – a great day indeed! Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

Mr. Henry E. Huntington was an Art Collector, his large art collection of English paintings of the 1800’s are World Class treasure. He employed Sir Joseph Duveen (art dealer in NY, London, & Paris) to purchase some his rare paintings. Making Duveen a very large profit, Duveen was quite a charmer. Arabella’s son, Archer Huntington called Duveen “a pirate” in one of his letter to his mother. Henry E. Huntington would also have auction houses bid for him to buy a painting.  Mr. Huntington’s greatest treasure was his famous “Blue Boy” by Gainsborough; the painting was delivered on Tuesday, March 21st, 1922 to the San Marino Ranch, CA. Edwards & Belle hung it up in the large Drawing Room the very next day. Later, after Mr. Huntington died in 1927, Blue Boy & the other treasured paintings were moved. “Blue Boy” is now in the “Art Gallery” of paintings which was built in the 1930’s with the help of HEH’s sister, Caroline Huntington Holladay.

Mr. H. E. Huntington Art Collection started strong in 1910, when the Henry Huntington mansion was completed at the San Marino Ranch. He moved into his mansion, as a divorced man from his 1st wife, Mary. Duveen & Mrs. Arabella Huntington (who had elegant taste) helped him fill the Huntington Mansion buying furniture, fancy French tapestries, & treasures, that HEH paid for. It wasn’t until 1913, Henry Huntington & Arabella (Mrs. Collis P. Huntington at the time) got married.

The Huntington’s lived bi-coastally from San Marino Ranch to New York City ( NYC Mansion on 57th & also Huntington estate at Throgg’s Neck- Westchester Co.) & Chateau Beauregard by Paris in France. In 1913, when H. E. Huntington married Arabella Huntington (his 2nd wife) he moved into the No. 2 East 57th St. NYC Huntington Mansion. Adding his books to the Collis P. Huntington Library there. In 1919, H. E. Huntington moved that whole Huntington Book Collection from the Huntington Mansion at No. 2 57th St. to the San Marino Ranch in California. When Arabella Huntington died (1924), some of Collis P. Huntington books were in the Huntington Collection (At No. 2) books were given to Archer M. Huntington & many of them were sold mostly through Anderson Galleries in New York City (1924-1926.)  

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Huntington lived a amazing life together at the San Marino Ranch. Once a year, they traveling by train from NYC to LA & “wintered” at their beloved San Marino Ranch in sunny Southern California. Also, they enjoyed short train trips up to San Francisco & Santa Barbara, while they were “in-residence” at the ranch. They also took annual trips by ship to Europe visiting their favorite European cities: Paris & England, sometimes Italy.

In the Autumn of 1924, Arabella died in their mansion in New York City. Her executors of her estate, Henry Huntington & Archer Huntington it took them almost 3 years (1924, 1925, & 1926) to close her enormous estate. Arabella D. Huntington’s estate (about 50 legal size pages) was filled with artwork- paintings, plateware, jewelry, silverware, her mansions, & huge amounts of parcels of properties, too. These large parcels of properties were in West Virginia, Texas, Washington, Virginia, & New York State. In 1924, after Arabella died, H. E. Huntington moved out of No. 2 NYC house (their main residence in New York state) & HEH lived the rest of his years happily on his San Marino Ranch, until 1927 when he died. Even in the 1940’s, the Arabella D. Huntington estate was still being sold; they were selling Mrs. Huntington plateware, & furniture in Pasadena auction house. Check out my blog for details, it called “The Essence of Entertaining- Mrs. Arabella Huntington’s Tablescapes”.

Even after Arabella died in 1924, Mr. Henry E. Huntington was collecting items to create the “Arabella Huntington Memorial Collection” until he died in 1927. His collections were housed at his “San Marino Ranch”, Calif.  It is now located upstairs on the 2nd floor of the Huntington Gallery, the former home of HEH and Arabella Huntington.

The San Marino Ranch became The Huntington Library & Botanical Garden Collection of rare flowers, herbs, trees, & shrubs started gradually for Mr. H. E. Huntington. It was Mr. Henry Huntington’s crowning glory he was so proud of it. In the early 1900’s, the property was a California ranch, a successful working ranch. He grew oranges, crops like pumpkins, corn, & alfalfa. He was like President Jefferson at Monticello, he was a gentleman’s farmer. Huntington hired a man who was an expert on trees, fruit, & flowers; his name was William Hertrich, “the Superintendent of the San Marino Ranch”. 

In all of Mr. Henry E. Huntington’s business dealings & the San Marino Ranch, he was a very prolific and smart business man. He got things done, he was a very detailed, & very organized person. Or his secretaries were very organized, he had many secretaries (Emma Quigley- Pacific Electric Railway Co. , Geo. Hapgood at the Huntington Mansion (s), Mr. Graham (NYC acct) & whole staff in her NY office staff, Newport News Shipbuilding & Docks, VA secretary staff). Mr. Huntington was a great listener & great problem solver. He was a amazing visionary to see the Ranch as both a working gentlemen ranch & world class Botanical Garden at the same time. He made the Huntington Library & the Botanical Gardens by hiring the very best of librarians, a scholarly staff that grew from 6-15 men. The very best gardeners in their special fields like roses, orchids, and cactus. He hired the very best employees & servant staff at the San Marino Ranch. All of Mr. Huntington’s employees were really good at their jobs & very loyal to him. If things didn’t work at the ranch or at the ranch Office, there was a “plan B.”. Mr. Huntington was always opened to suggestions if things were not working smoothly & then HEH would make a decision. But moving forward was always the theme in everything Mr. H.E. Huntington did.

In between 1890’s & 1900, H. E. Huntington was the “Assistant to the President” of Southern Pacific Company of SF & NYC. The President of Southern Pacific Co. was Henry E. Huntington’s Uncle Collis P. Huntington. The company ran trains, ferries, & steamships all over America. H. E. Huntington was groomed to one day be the President of Southern Pacific Co.; but after Collis died the board voted against H.E. Huntington. It must have been quite a blow for Mr. Huntington at the time. By 1905, HEH left Southern Pacific Co. as Vice President, but remained a director. Both Arabella & HEH had large shares in the company. HEH was a very honest man, I found a letter he sent to one of his board of directors he served on. He couldn’t attend the meeting for this company and he sent the small payment back to the company, because he wasn’t at the meeting, so he didn’t feel he should receive the payment.

In the early 1900’s, H. E. Huntington was the owner & President of Pacific Electric Railway Co. in Los Angeles, California” These trains were called the “Red Cars” by locals in Los Angeles County, CA. Pacific Electric Co. or “PE” was located in the “Huntington Building” at Main Street & 6th Street, in Downtown Los Angeles, Calif. 

H. E. Huntington Office Staff (NYC) May 29, 1912

This was H. E. Huntington personal office staff:

C. E. Graham (HEH’s Head acct. & bookkeeper) $500.00 a month

G. E. Miles (HEH’s Sec’y for HEH; 1890’s for C.P. Huntington) $250.00

E. A. Adams (Secy. for HEH) $166.66

D. L. Johnson $40.00

Chas. R. Saunders $25.00 Jan.

Mary Ryder $50.00

H. F. S. Douglas $50.00

Document: HEH Coll. HEH 13/8/4 (uncat) Huntington Library  Nancy Note: C. E. Graham worked for Mr. & Mrs. Huntington for decades until the 1920’s paying bills for them and organizing a trip to France with the Huntingtons & their entourage. Graham would send H. E. Huntington huge amounts of money to buy a book or an expensive painting in England or France. Graham also did a funny thing when he would write a check out to Mr. &/or Mrs. Huntington, it was always made the check payable humorously to “Yourselves”.  E. A. Adams was a very officiant secretary but very sassy. I was surprised at what he wrote about Mrs. Huntington in letters. I’m amazed that Adams kept his job.

Large Library in the Huntington Mansion at the San Marino Ranch. Which became the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

Henry E. Huntington’s Book Collections “En Bloc”: 

E. Dwight Church Library  (Early Americana) – Acquired  April 1911

Rob Hoe Library – Acquired April 1911 to Nov. 1912

Russell Benedict Collection – Acquired  April 1911 (800 pamphets of Amer. Revolution)

Huth Library (rich in Shakespeare) 

Beverly Chew Library (English Poetry) – Acquired Oct. 19, 1912

Herschel V. Jones –  Acquired 1918

Chatsworth Library (Duke of Devonshire Collection)  – Acquired Jan. 1914  (7,500 plays, 111 playbills volumnes) 

John Quinn Collection (Victorian writers) – Acquired 1911-1914

The Lincoln Collection of Ward Hill Lamon  (Autographed documents of Lincoln) – Acquired 1911-1914

Grenville Kane Collection “George Washiontoniana” (170 Washington Letters, Document surveys) –  acquired 1911-1914

Haley Collection – Acq. 1911?

Bridgewater House Library –  Acquired:

The Bixby Library-  Acquired: 

[Collection of Benjamin Franklin documents]

Document: Book HEH a Biography by James Thorpe 

Henry “Edwards” Huntington’s Genealogy:

Father: Solon Huntington    B. Jan. 1812 BP. Harwinton, Conn. D.1890

Mother: Harriet Saunders Huntington D. 1906?

Buried: [Solon & Harriet Huntington were buried with 3 of their children at the Riverside Cemetery, Oneonta, NY]

Henry E. Huntington’s Brothers & Sisters:

1. Mary “Leonora” Huntington B.1841 D.1920’s  Married: Bradley Foster

2. Howard Huntington B. 1843 D. 1860 [HEH named his son after his brother]

3. Geo. Darwin Huntington B. 1847 D. 1852

4. Henry “Edwards” Huntington  (1850-1927)

5. Harriet Huntington B. 1852 D. 1855

6. Willard Vincent Huntington B. 1856 M. Marie Ream (Lived in San Francisco) D. 1920’s died by a cable car in San Francisco, CA

7. Caroline “Carrie” Densmore Huntington Holladay     B. 1861 D. 1954

(Carrie was Henry E. Huntington’s closest sister; the Holladays in 1890’s lived in San Francisco, & Oneonta NY, later in the 1920’s: HEH bought them a house for the Holladays in Pasadena. HEH paid to landscape the yard, too. Holladays lived at 3333 Rosalind Rd. in Pasadena. Caroline Huntington married: E. “Burke” Holladay (wrote several diaries about the travels & locations of the Huntington family in 1890’s-1900’s., located at the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA) 

In the early 1900’s, Caroline “Carrie” Huntington Holladay & HEH’s mother, Mrs. Solon Huntington “Harriet” would visited H. E. Huntington often in Los Angeles. They often would take a train south & HEH would pick them up at the LA train station; deliver them to the elegant Hotel Van Nuys in downtown Los Angeles. On Sundays, they would travel from Hotel Van Nuys to the San Marino Ranch to see the progress of the Huntington mansion and the grand property and gardens. Mr. Huntington was so generous to his family, he paid for everything, their lodging, train tickets, limousines, meals, etc. Document: HEH Coll. Family Tree given to me by Dan Lewis  (Curator of HEH Collection papers & archives); HEH Coll. HEH 38/6 (Huntington Mansion Inventory) Huntington Library ,San Marino,CA; HEH Coll MS 10968 (Burke Journals) who was HEH’s brother-in-law  

H. E. “Edwards” Huntington marries 1st wife:

(1st wife): MaryAlice Prentice Huntington 
 B. April 1852    BP. Sacramento, CA

Married: November 17, 1873 MP.  New Jersey

Divorced: 1906 in San Francisco, CA   (it took 7 mins., Mary Alice did not have to attend)          

D. Mary Alice died 1912   DP. San Francisco, Calif.

Henry E. Huntington & Mary Alice Huntington had 1 son, Howard E. Huntington & 3 daughters: Clara “Peggy”, Elizabeth Vincent “Bessie”, & Marion Huntington. Henry & Mary Alice raised their children in West Virginia, Oneonta NY, & then moved to San Francisco in 1890’s.

In the early 1900’s, Henry E. Huntington moved to Southern California to run his company, Pacific Electric Railway Co. (P.E. Co.) in Los Angeles. He lived partly in San Francisco & partly at the Hotel Van Nuys in Downtown Los Angeles & partly at the Metropolitan Club in NYC. HEH was still settling his uncle’s Collis P. Huntington’s estate after Collis died in August of 1900. Then, on January 2, 1903, Mr. Henry P. Huntington bought 501 acres called the “San Marino Ranch”. He lived at Van Nuys Hotel and Jonathan Club in downtown Los Angeles before his Mansion was built on the San Marino Ranch.

Henry E. Huntington’s son, Howard E. Huntington, graduated from Yale University. Howard moved to Southern California with his father to work at Pacific Electric (P.E.) Railway Co. in Downtown Los Angeles. Howard Huntington was a Railroad Manager. MaryAlice Huntington (HEH’s 1st wife) & their daughters (Clara, Marion, & Elizabeth) did visit Southern California in 1905, but Mary Alice & his daughters refused to ever move down to Los Angeles area from San Francisco. HEH & Howard actually l lived at the Jonathan Club in Downtown Los Angeles; in two large suite on the top floor of Huntington Building. The Jonathan Club in early 1900 was located in the “Huntington Building” of the Pacific Electric Railway Co. on the top floor. In 1906, Henry Edwards Huntington divorced Mary Alice Huntington.

4 Children: Henry E. Huntington & MaryAlice Huntington (HEH’s 1st wife):

1) Howard Edwards Huntington (Yale University)

   B. Feb. 11, 1876           BP. St. Albans, WV  

Married: Leslie Green Huntington (she married James Brehm after Howard died) 

  [Married:  August 16, 1905   MP. Berkeley, CA

  Wedding at the bride’s house Leslie in Berkeley, CA 

 D. March 27, 1922   D.P. at his home 1450 S. Hillcrest Pasadena, CA]

  6 Children: 

 1. Elizabeth  B. June 9, 1906                 

 2. Margaret  B. Jan 23, 1908                

 3. Harriet Green Doerr B. April 8,1910 

4. Howard Edward Jr. B. May 16,1913

5. Leslie Alice B. 1916

6. Henry Edwards II B. Jan 23, 1921

Howard died: D. March 27, 1922   D.P. at his home 1450 S. Hillcrest Pasadena, CA] of a stomach tumor

2) Clara “Peggy” Leonora Huntington Perkins  (Sculptress of HEH)

B. Feb. 2 1878  BP: Oneonta, NY M. April 13, 1902 San Francisco.CA    (Husband: Gilbert “Brooke” Perkins, he graduated from Princeton)  [Wedding Breakfast for 300 guests at H.E. Huntington mansion located at 2840 Jackson SF, CA Honeymoon: Apts at Majestic Hotel, NYC, NY; Artist; Sculpted the bust of H. E. Huntington; Built home in Northern California  

Children of Clara Huntington Perkins:   

1. David Todd Perkins Huntington  B. 1910

2. Mary Alice Huntington B. 1915-1975

3. Jane Huntington B. 1912

[In the 1920’s address: Rome, Italy  Giuseppe Tomassetti,16]

3) Elizabeth “Bessie” Vincent Huntington Metcalf  

B. Feb. 8, 1880   BP. Oneonta, NY  Married: John Brockway “Brock” Metcalf on March 6, 1906  located at H. E. Huntington Mansion Ballroom: Wedding Supper located at 2840 Jackson St/ Broderick San Francisco, CA at 8:30 PM   March 8, 1906 Elizabeth & Brock Metcalf  sailed on the “S.S. Manchuria” ship owned by the Pac. Mail Steamship Co. for their honeymoon 


1. Mary Brockway Metcalf  B. March 14, 1909

 2. Edwards Huntington Metcalf  B. Nov. 4, 1911

 3. John Robert Metcalf  B. April 10, 1916

 4. Lawrence Vincent Metcalf  B. Sept. 20, 1919   

[In the 1920’s address  345 Hampton Rd. Piedmont, CA]

4) Marion Prentice Huntington B. Oct. 3, 1883    BP. Oneonta, NY

Unmarried & adopted children from England:

1. John Brockway Huntington B. 1937

2. Elizabeth Anne Huntington B. 1937

[1890-1900’s address: 2840 Jackson St. San Francisco, CA (Fridays was the Huntington “at-home” tea reception day)  1906 -1920’s address: 32 Maple Street, San Francisco, CA Marion Huntington & Mary Alice Huntington lived together.]  Document: HEH Family Tree given to me by Dan Lewis (curator of HEH’s Collection- Mr. Henry E. Huntington personal papers)  Huntington Library, San Marino, CA) /Other Documents: HEH Coll. MS 38/6 uncat (HEH’s Beneficiarys of his will); 1902 Blue Book of San Francisco, “at-home” days for the H. E. Huntington family on Jackson and Broderick SF was Fridays.  

Henry “Edwards” Huntington’s  

2nd wife: Arabella “Belle” Duval Yarrington Worsham Huntington- Huntington (1850-1924)

(from 1900-1913 – Arabella was the widow of Collis P. Huntington, (he died in  Aug. 1900 at Camp Pine Knot, NY)

B. June 1, 1850 Mobile, Alabama  Proof of Arabella’s age: Letter to Archer Huntington from Arabella Huntington, dated June 1, 1920 & she states “Today is my birthday” Document: Hispanic Society Museum NYC, NY & this birthdate is engraved in the marble at her masoleum at Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

D. Sept. 16, 1924   Huntington Mansion No. 2 57th Street, New York City, NY (These dates written on San Marino – Huntington Library Mausoleum, California)

Arabella Yarrington Worsham Huntington’s names thru her life:

Miss “Belle” or Caroline Yarrington

Mrs. Belle Duval Worsham

Mrs. B. D. Worsham

Mrs. C. P. Huntington

Mrs. Collis P. Huntington

Mrs. Arabella D. Huntington (she signed her name)

Mrs. Henry E. Huntington

Mrs. H. E. Huntington

“Edwards & Belle” nicknames of Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Huntington. H. E. Huntington & Arabella D. Huntington married 1st in downtown Los Angeles, LA Co., California in April 1913 (he called the “legal one”). They married again on July 16, 1913 at the American Church, Paris, France. Document: HEH Coll. MS 1/F/17 (Huntington Land & Improvement Co. Ledgers, April 1913)

Arabella Huntington’s son: Archer Milton Huntington B. March 10, 1870

H. E.  Huntington – Register of Companies (August 1, 1905)

1. Huntington Land & Improvement Co.

2. Los Angeles Land Co.

3. Pacific Electric Land Co. 

4. San Marino Land Co.

5. Dolgeville Land Co.

6. San Gabriel Wine Co.

7. Newport Beach Co.

8. Alhambra Addition Water Co.

9. Marengo Water Co.

10. Alfred Dodge Manufacturing Co.

11. Pacific Light & Power Co.

12. Pacific Electric Railway Co.

13. Los Angeles Railway Co. (also Los Angeles Interurban Railway)

14. Los Angeles – Redondo Railway Co.

15. Redondo Improvement Company

16. Huntington – Redondo Co.

Document: HEH Collection HEH Box 198 uncat (Mr. H.E. Huntington personal papers) Huntington Library, San Marino, CA 

[Henry E. Huntington] H. E. Huntington Company Index (Southwestern Region of USA – California LA area): Companies owned by H.E. Huntington & Huntington Land & Improvement Co. or had a share in like the Glenwood Mission Inn.

Adams & Co. J. H.

Adams & Phillips Co.

Alhambra Addition Water Co.

American National Bank 

Arrowhead Hot Springs Hotel [Arrowhead Springs Co.  Dorothy Draper – decorator]

Bank of Commerce

Bank of Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

California Hotel Co. (Pasadena)

California – Pacific Ry [Railway] Co.

California Wine Assoc.

City Gas Co.

City Railway Co. of LA [Los Angeles, CA]

Covina City Water Co. 

Covina Land & Water Co.

Dodge Mfg. Co. Alfred

Dodgeville Land Co. [Alhambra? or corner of Lorain & Westhaven Rd. in  San Marino, – where the H. E. Huntington/ San Marino Ranch Packing Co. was located- oranges, lemons, & other fruits]

Domestic Gas Co. 

Edison Power Co. [later Southern California Edison Co.]

Farmers & Merchants National Bank Los Angeles, CA

Farmers & Merchants National Bank, Redondo Beach, CA

First National Bank of LA [Los Angeles, CA]

First National Bank of Riverside, Riverside, CA

Glenwood Mission Inn [Mission Inn Hotel] Riverside, CA

Hammond Lumber Co.

Home Telephone Co of LA & San Diego, CA

Huntington Beach Co.

Huntington Hotel or Hotel Huntington [Pasadena Ca. HEH owned from 1913-1918 formerly Hotel Wentworth; now in 2019 in Langham Hotel, Pasadena, CA]

Huntington Lake Resort [Big Creek, Fresno Co. Sierra Nevada, CA]

Huntington Land & Improvement Co. [Pasadena CA]

Huntington Park (Riverside] by Southgate 710 Fwy

Huntington-Redondo Co.

Indian Crafts Exhibition Co.

Kern River Co.

LA & Glendale Electric Ry [Railway] Co.

Los Angeles City Gas Co.

Los Angeles Electric Railway Co. 

Los Angeles Interurban Railway [LA to Newport Beach CA; Malibu to Mt. Lowe Railway] 

Los Angeles & Pasadena Electric Railway Co. [once called the “Red cars”]

Los Angeles & Redondo Railway Co.

Los Angeles & San Diego Beach Railway [San Juan Capistrano, O’side to SD]

Los Angeles Gas & Electric Co.

LA- Los Angeles Land Co.

LA – Pacific Railway Co.

Los Angeles Railway Land Co.

Los Angeles Railway Corp.

Los Angeles Railway Co.

Los Angeles Traction Corp [Traction Street ? Downtown LA]

Marengo Water Co. [Pasadena or Alhambra, CA]

Maryland Hotel – Hotel Maryland [luxury hotel on Colorado & Los Robles Ave., Pasadena, CA] 

Mentone Power Co.

Midway Gas Co.

Mt. Lowe Railway Co.

Mt. Whitney Power & Electric Co.

Naples Extension Co. [Long Beach area of California]

National Bank of Long Beach [Long Beach, CA]    

Newport Beach Co. [Newport Beach, CA]

Oak Knoll Improvement Co. [luxury area of upscale houses/mansions in Pasadena by Oak Knoll Ave., Pasadena, across the street from the Hotel Huntington (1914-1990’s); now the Langham Hotel in 2019] 

Ontario & San Antonio Heights Railroad Co. [Ontario, CA]

Orange Growers’ National Bank

Pacific Electric Land Co. [Los Angeles, CA]

Pacific Electric Railway Co. [1920’s located in the Huntington Building at 6th St. & Main Street in Downtown Los Angeles]

Pacific Gas & Electrical Co.

Pacific Light & Power Co.

Pacific Light & Power Corp.

Pacific Railway Amusement Co.

Pacific Steel & Wire Co.

Pasadena and Mt. Lowe Railway Co.

Redlands Central Railway Co.

Redondo Improvement Co.

Redondo Water Co.

Riverside & Arlington Railway Co. [Riverside, CA]

Riverside Improvement Co. [Riverside, CA]

Riverside Power Co.

Riverside, Rialto & Pacific RR Co. (Riverside & Rialto, CA]

Rosehill Improvement Assoc.

San Bernardino Gas Co.

San Bernardino Inter-Urban Railway Co.

San Bernardino Vallery Traction Co.

San Fernando Mission Land Co.

San Gabriel River Improvement Co.

San Gabriel Valley Improvement Co.

San Gabriel Valley Water Co.

San Gabriel Wine Co. [Alhambra CA]

San Marino Land Co. [encompass San Marino Ranch & more]

San Pedro Harbor (line thru it)

San Pedro RR Terminal & Wharf Co.

Sierra Nevada Electric Co.

South Coast Land Co. 

Southern California Edison Co. 

Southern California Gas Co.

Southern Land Co. (California)  

South Coast Land Co.

Standard Felt Co.

Title Guarantee & Trust Co. LA

Union Power Co.

Urbita Springs Hotel [project]

Ventura Country Pr. Co

Wentworth Hotel Co. [in 1913 HEH bought renovated it called it the “Hotel Huntington” 1914- sold it 1918; 2004 Ritz Carlton-Huntington Hotel; now 2020 Langham Hotel, Pasadena, CA]

West Adams Heights Association (1880-1925 once the wealthiest neighborhood of LA- until Beverly Hill was developed in 1910. Document: HEH Collection HEH Bio File Individuals & Institutions related to HEH; HEH Collection HEH 19/4 at Huntington Library San Marino, CA/made by Mr. Schad (Curator of HEH Collection at one time.) Nancy Note: Note that this is just the Southwestern Region of the USA of the companies owned by Mr. H.E. Huntington; many other regions were documented by Mr. Schad, Huntington curator at Huntington Library, San Marino, CA.

Mr. H. E. Huntington’s California Ranch Land Properties: with Huntington Land & Improvement Co. (Los Angeles Co., Orange Co., & San Diego, Co., & Sonoma, CA)   [Date abt. Early 1900’s to 1911] Making Henry E. Huntington — the biggest land owner in California in the early 1900’s.

Brand Ranch – January 24, 1904 [Brand Library, Glendale?]

Campbell – Johnson Ranch – 320 acres purchased January 29, 1905   Millionaire’s golf club of southwest Pasadena [SGCC or Midwick Country Club]

Child Property – Main Street Hill Street, 11th & 12th Street [Downtown Los Angeles; at one time HEH was going to build his mansion in Downtown Los Angeles on this property]

Cudahy Ranch – 670 acres near Florence [Los Angeles]

Dodson Ranch – 1,000 acres San Pedro, [CA]

Downey Ranch – 1,010 acres by city of Downey 

Rancho Los Palos Verdes [Palos Verdes, Los Angeles Co. CA]

El Molino Ranch [also called Mayberry Ranch, Pasadena] & [HEH paid $80,000.00 per Mr. Blake] 

Forrester Ranch – 10,509 acres near San Juan Capistrano (Acquired right of way from Santa Ana to San Diego –  Thru Santa Margarita Ranch [O.C.]

Freight Depot 9th & San Pedro St. [Downtown Los Angeles]

Guejito Ranch – 16,000 acres on April 27, 1907 – (9 miles northeast of Escondido &  HEH & H L & I Co. Paid $145,000.00)

Hammel & Decker Ranch – 3.000 acres  – April 8, 1906 purchased for $1,500,000.00  Santa Monica & Venice, California right of way Santa Monica

Interurban Depot June 13, 1929 9-story building under construction    6th & Main St. LA   For: Huntington-Hellman (RR) Lines

Los Angeles Street & Maple Ave. & 6th Street & 8th Street Downtown Los Angeles 

Los Robles Ranch – where the Huntington Mansion – Huntington Library in San Marino is located

Nadeau Property  – 98 ½ acres February 20, 1903 $78,800 – Purchased from Dr. Herbert Nadeau

Northam Ranch -1800 acres at Huntington Beach – 4 mi. ocean frontage – Southeast Long Beach [could have been the site for their   Bolsa Chica Gun Club]

Porter Ranch – 20,000 acres March 18, 1903  (16,450 acres) San Fernando Valley

San Fernando Mission Land Co. $20,000,000.00 water project aqueduct

Ranch de Valle 47,000 acres San Jose –San Diego Calif. $400,000.00

Rosemead Ranch 200 acres – June 1, 1905 $160,000.00 [Rosemead, Calif.]   [Part of Sunnyslope Vineyards SG, CA- Mr. Rose’s Sherry & Brandy]    

San Marino Ranch Estate – Shorb Ranch (501 acres)  $250,000.00 on paper January 24, 1903 [Assoc. curator Jennifer Goldman stated to me. Book: HEH a biography by Jas. Thorpe states that HEH bought the San Marino Ranch on January 2, 1903 for $239,732.74 for 501 acres.

[Redondo Beach Properties -1907 Redondo Beach property buying craze in Southern California; Hotel Redondo; largest swimming pool – Hotel Redondo]  

P. E. Electric Ry Co. [Pacific Electric Railway Co. – “Huntington Building”] – 6th & Main Street Building October 6, 1903 [Downtown Los Angeles] 

Santa Margarita Ranch – look at Forrester Ranch

[Santa Monica [line thru it – Arabella D. Huntington owned Santa Monica Mt. & Malibu, CA- acres & acres]

Titus Ranch – 50 acres San Pasqual Ave. & Santa Anita Ave. $40,000.00

Washington St. & Santa Fe Ave. Freight Depot [Los Angeles] 

     Feb. 6, 1906 southwest of Washington LA 

Warner Springs Ranch 55,000 acres May 20, 1911  (Near San Diego & San Luis Rey River by Escondido & Oceanside, CA)

Winston Ranch (near/part of San Marino Ranch, CA)

Yulupia Ranch (Sonoma Co., California) March 15, 1906

Document: HEH Collection HEH MS 19/5 HEH Bio File uncat (3th Box) at Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Companies in which Mr. H. E. Huntington was Director or Officer 

or President :      Dated February 20, 1911 

Adams & Company, J.H., Director

Alhambra Addition Water Co., (CA) Director

Central Pacific Railway Co., Director

Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co., Director

Chicago & Alton Railway Co., Director

Covina Land and Water Co. (CA), Director

Des Moines & Fort Dodge Ry Co., Director

Dolgeville Land Co., Director

Domestic Gas Co., Director

Donner Boom & Lumber Co. (CA?), Director

Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co. of Indiana (IND), Director 

Fulton Chain Railway Co., Director

Fulton Navigation Co., Director     

Galveston Home Telephone Co. (Texas) Director

Hammond Lumber Company, Director, 

Companies in which Mr. H. E. Huntington was Director or Officer or President     February 20, 1911 

Huntington Beach Co. (CA), Director,  

Huntington Land & Improvement Co., Pasadena /LA, CA), 

     Director & President

Huntington – Redondo CO. (CA), Director & President

Houston Home Telephone Co. (Texas) Director

International Banking Corporation, Director

Ione Coal & Iron Company (CA), Director 

Iowa Central Railway CO. Director & Executive Com. 

Indian Crafts Exhibition co. Director & President

Kanawha Bridge Company, (West Virginia), Director

Los Angeles Railway Land Co. (LA, CA) Director & President

Los Angeles Railway Co. (LA) Director & President

Los Angeles Railway Corporation (LA, CA) Director & President

Minneapolis & St. Louis RR Co., Director

Newport Beach Co., [Calif] Director & President

Newport News Light & Water Co. (VIRG) Director

Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co. (VIRG) Ch. of BD & President

Oak Knoll Company (Pas/LA, CA), Director & President

Occidental & Oriental Steamship Co., Director

Oakland Water Front Co., Director

Old Dominion Land Co., Director 

Oregon & California RR Co., Director

Pacific Light & Power Co., Director & Vice President

Pacific Light & Power Corporation, Director 

Pasasdena & Mt. Lowe Ry Co. (LA), Director

Pittsburg & Shawmut RR Co. Director & Executive Com.

Raquette Lake Railway Co., (NY), upper state NY,  Director

Redondo Improvement Co. (Calif.), Director

Rocky Mountain Coal & Iron Co., Director

Safety Insulated Wire & Cable Co., Director & Ch. or Board

San Fernando Mission Land Co. (LA, CA), Director

San Gabriel River Improvement Co. (LA, CA), Director

San Gabriel Valley Water Co. (LA), Director & Vice President

San Gabriel Wine Co.  (LA0 [Alhambra], Director

Southern Pacific Co. (SF/NY), Director

San Marino Land Co. (CA), Director

Toledo, St. Louis & Western RR Co., Director

Title Guarantee & Trust Co. LA, Director

Wells Fargo & Company, Director

White Sulphur Springs Company, Director

Total 52 companies Document: HEH Collection HEH Box 198 (uncat) Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

Henry E. Huntington owned Original Stock in 

Southern Pacific Railroads and Southern Pacific Co.

California Pacific Railroad Co.

Central Pacific Railway Co. 

Galveston, Harrisburg, & San Antonio Ry Co. 

Gulf, Western Texas & Pacific Ry Co.

Louisiana Western Railroad Co.

Morgan’s Louisiana & Texas RR & SS Co. (SS –Steamship)

New York, Texas, & Mexican Railway Co. 

Los Angeles Railway CO. Los Angeles CA

Los Angeles Railway CO. Los Angeles CA

Pacific Electric Railway Co    Los Angeles, CA 

Document: HEH Collection HEH Box 198 (uncat) Huntington Library, San Marino CA

5  Main – H. E. Huntington Residences/ Mansions & Huntington Estates:   

Henry “Edward” Huntington & Arabella “Belle” D. Huntington married in 1913

1. San Marino Ranch, Huntington Drive, San Marino, Calif.  

(Wintertime;  The typical time that the Huntingtons would arrive at the San Marino Ranch was Jan., Feb., Mar., April, & May but their “In-residence” times varied every year. Sometimes, H. E. Huntington & Arabella arrived as late as April depending on what they were doing. In 1916 & 1919, they spent a great deal of time at the Ranch, they were  War Years – the Huntingtons were at the San Marino Ranch almost all year long. The Huntington’s servant staff at the Huntington Mansion on the San Marino Ranch varied from 25 –110 employees: maids, butlers, footmen, gardeners, workmen, librarians, cook & dessert chefs, secretaries, valets, ranchmen, horsemen, fruit pickers, vegetable gardeners, etc . In 1919 & 1920, H. E. Huntington employed 110 people; they were building the Huntington Library Building in those years. There were engineers, carpenters, masons and tile layers, butlers, librarians, secretarys, maids, gardeners, birdman – aviary “birdmen”, painters, and gardeners, etc.   

1910 – 1927 

1. Huntington Mansion, San Marino Ranch, Huntington Drive, San Marino Calif. (1910-1927). Henry E. Huntington bought the property in January of 1903, his  Mailing address: P.O. Box San Gabriel, CA (until San Marino City incorporated in 1914).  He would visit it on Sundays as he lived in downtown Los Angeles at Hotel Van Nuys and later Jonathan Club top floor suites in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. In April 1910, he moved into the mansion, he employed a small servant staff of cook, chauffeur, laundress, valet, guards at 4 gates on San Marino Ranch. 

2.  Huntington Mansion – NYC: No. 2 East 57th Street (& 5th Ave.), New York City, NY (Thanksgiving & Christmas) Servant Staff of abt. 16-18 employees; it changed from year to year. The Huntington family called this property “No. 2”. This is the Huntington mansion was built by Collis & Arabella Huntington in 1895. There were years Archer Huntington came back home to live with his mom like 1918 after the divorce with Helen Huntington (his 1st wife). After 1913, Arabella & H. E. “Edwards” Huntington married & while “in-residence” in NYC used this mansion also . 

 3. “The Homestead” Throgg’s Neck- Huntington Country Estate:  Throgg’s Neck, Westchester Co. New York. (Weekends & Summertime)  Servant Staff was 16-18 employees with gardeners, horsemen, & in-house servants. Bought by Collis and Arabella Huntington in 1880’s.  Time period was (1913-1924) Throgg’s Neck was a 400-800 acres weekend & summer estate for the Huntingtons. It was a harbor side property to Long Island Sound, 4 gates & Huntington guards, a dock large enough for a steamship, large mansion, several barns, stables, & garden houses.   

4. the Huntington “Great Camp”: “Camp Pine Knot”, Racquette Lake, Adirondack Mts., Upper State New York   (Summertime, hiking, canoeing, picnicing, fishing, boating, swimming, bird watching, feasting, sunning, & deer hunting) over 341 acres 10-12 Servant staff

5. Chateau de Beauregard (Near Paris & Versailles) by Paris, France (Leased) La Celle St. Cloud includes Belle Ebat horse stables on property Address: Chesnay O et Seine, St. Cloud, France. (June, July, Aug. Sept. Oct.) Located 20 minutes west of Paris, France. This beautiful French chateau was leased by HEH & ADH from 1913 to 1923. Servant staff was about 30 people.

Once owned by Miss Harriet Howard “Comtesse de Beauregard” who was Napoleon III favorite mistress.The property had the Belle Ebat Stag Farm, horse farm,& Henry E.Huntington was not to go near that Belle Ebat or the Belle Ebat chateau there. But H. E. Huntington paid for everything: all the bills, botanical flowers, up kept of the Entire Domaine de Chateau & 400 Acres, & total restoration for bankrupt Mr. De Forest. HEH paid 30 employees, in house servants & gardeners, even 3  widows of deceased employees, also Huntington traveling servants (butlers (2), gentleman’s valet, HEH’s business secy, ADH’s personal ladies maid, ADH’s social secretary, cook. The Chateau de Beauregard was close to Versailles Palace & the Sevres factory. They leased from the owner Maurice de Forest for 10 years (1913-1923) by Paris & Versailles. Unusual lease: 100’s of bills for the Chateau gardens:, plants, herbs, trees, flowers, all renovations for 10 years.

Traveling servants of Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Huntington (Arabella):

Some of the Huntingtons in-house servants traveled everywhere with the Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. (Arabella) Huntington: in their private railroad cars: “San Marino I” & “San Marino II” (which were housed at the San Marino Ranch in a special train “Car Garage” in Calif.; when they were traveling to the east, Mr. Huntington paid to have the the railroad cars housed in special garages in New Orleans and a garage in NYC) while traveling. these traveling servants also traveled with the Huntington’s abroad to Europe & France on ships (1st Class). 

Mr. Augus McGilvary, (Scottish), Head  Butler 

Mr. Alfonso Gomez, (Spanish), started his service on a Cunard ship line; he hired by Mrs. Collis “Arabella” Huntington at the interview in 1911; Alfonso   became 2nd Butler; became Head Butler & also Alfonso was Mr. H. E. Huntington “Gentlemen’s Valet”   

Jas. Temple (Serviceman/footman), 

Miss Jane Reifer (German) (Mrs. Huntington’s personal ladies’ maid,  

Mr. George Hapgood (HEH’s personal secretary),

Miss Caroline “Carrie” Campbell (Mrs. Arabella Huntington’s personal secretary & friend)

Miss Nyderk (sometimes a cook & traveling servant SMR to No. 2)

Mr. Clarence Williams (long time Chauffeur & highest paid employee under Mr. Hertrich of HEH)

3 railway servicemen (on his private railroad car(s) called San Marino I and II: cook, footmen & 2nd cook &  man to help with train (engineer);HEH paid them all through the year. Document: Huntington Ship records, Chateau B. papers, HEH correspondence, train receipts & passes. Historical Note: On the train, HEH hired a cook & two service men to help with the Huntingtons.

Henry “Edwards” Huntington (HEH)

San Marino Ranch Property: Bought San Marino Ranch Jan. 2, 1903 other records state: Jan. 24, 1903 – 501 acres; bought surrounding ranches added up to 800 acres & more. Creator: Huntington Library, San Marino, CA USA  Owner: Pacific Electric Railway Co., Huntington Building 6th Street & Main Streets,  Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Henry E. Huntington’s Occupation: railroad man, V-P Southern Pacific Railroad Co. SF & NYC (1890’s-1900) (railroad, ships & ferries)  HEH was the “Sec’y to the President” to Collis P. Huntington; HEH was groomed for years to be the President of Southern Pacific Co. after Collis died. After Uncle Collis Huntington died in August. Henry E. Huntington was on the front page of the New York City newspaper. It announced “H. E. Huntington to be President of Southern Pacific Company”, before he ever got voted into the position of president. The Board of Directors probably didn’t appreciate the newspaper announcement. In 1900, The Board of Directors did not vote for HEH to become President of the company. It changed HEH’s life forever but at first I’m sure he was devastated. He left the company but remained a director of Southern Pacific Co.  This freedom gave HEH the ability to make his own mark, instead of being in the shadow of Collis P. Huntington. It ended up being a blessing in disguise.

-Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad he built from the beginning (laid tracks).

-President: Los Angeles Railway Co. “Yellow cars”.

-President: Pacific Electric Railway Co. “Red Cars” he built himself

-President: Huntington Land & Improvement Co. (Letterhead)Document: HEH Coll. MS Correspondence Letterhead Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

 Business offices – Bi-Coastal: 

Southern Pacific Co. (NYC, NY & SF, CA) address Broad Street, NYC, NY (Railroad, Steamships, & Ferries)

Southern Pacific Co. Montgomery St., San Francisco, Calif. (across street from Palace Hotel, San Francisco, CA) 

Henry E. Huntington’s Death

Henry E. Huntington D. May 23, 1927   DP. Philadelphia, PA

Buried: his beloved San Marino Ranch, Calif. (which is now the Huntington Library Mausoleum – Architect: Post, San Marino, CA

Residence & Homes (rented & owned) of 

Henry “Edwards” Huntington (HEH):

1870’s: Cincinnati, Ohio & St. Albans, West Virginia (H.E. Huntington & 1st wife: Mary Alice Prentice Huntington)  1st born Howard E. Huntington, was born there 

1870’s : 8 Chestnut Street Oneonta, New York (owned) house directly across the street from his mother, Harriet Huntington (Mrs. Solon);

early 1880’s Brooklyn, HEH lived NY Boarding house 

1890’s-1906:  Henry E. Huntington & Mary Alice Huntington (his 1st wife) H.E. Huntington San Francisco Mansion: 2840 Jackson Street (corner of Broderick) San Francisco, CA (Owned) he bought all fully furnished, including a ballroom and large Drawing Rooms. Many recorded wedding & parties with his daughters in that mansion. With his 1st wife, MaryAlice Huntington & their 4 teenage children (one son, Howard, & 3 daughters, Clara, Elizabeth, & Marion)

1890’s HEH & Maryalice took vacations with the children to Hotel Del Monte in Monterey & other trips north to Piedmont & California stops. MaryAlice Huntington took trips on ships to Orient, etc. 

1903 H. E. Huntington buys the Shorb Ranch – “San Marino Ranch” 5 minutes south of Pasadena & 20 north of Downtown Los Angeles, CA 501 Acres   

1908-1910 Huntington Mansion on the San Marino Ranch is being built by architect Myron Hunt.

1910 Huntington Mansion, at the San Marino Ranch:  HEH a single (divorced man) moved in with a small servant staff at the San Marino Ranch, Southern Calif. Even though the mansion wasn’t finished it was completely done by 1910. In June 1913, H. E. Huntington married Mrs Arabella D. Huntington (Widow of Collis P. Huntington).

In the early 1900’s: H.E. Huntington owned “Cliffside” Cottage at Redondo Beach, CA [probably the place where HEH & team were selling realty boom in Redondo & they also built Hotel Redondo with large pool.

H. E. Huntington Residences: 

Henry E. Huntington settled Collis P. Huntington estate 1900,1901 and 1902. It took him several years to do it. While he was in New York City to do business, he lived or was “In-Residence” at the Metropolitan Club & Netherland Hotel:

HEH “In-Residence” in New York City: Early 1900’s:

early 1900’s to 1913 – Metropolitan Club, New York City, NY

1905 Netherland Hotel New York City, NY

While HEH was In-Residence in Los Angeles, CA: Early 1900’s: 

1904 Van Nuys Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles, CA  He would bring his family, his mother from Oneonta, NY & his sister, Carrie from SF, & he paid all the bills. (While H E. Huntington was building his mansion on the San Marino Ranch). 

Early 1900’s: Jonathan Club, Downtown Los Angeles, (Henry E. Huntington & his son Howard had a suite of rooms there). The Jonathan Club was located in the Huntington Building at 6th & Main in downtown Los Angeles. The Huntington Building was also where the Pacific Electric Railway Company (HEH owned & was the President) was located. This was before the Jonathan Club moved to Figueroa location, downtown Los Angeles, CA. 

1910 – 1927: 

Huntington Mansion, San Marino Ranch, Huntington Drive, San Marino Calif. (1910-1927) Owned/ Mailing address: P.O. Box San Gabriel, CA (until San Marino City incorporated).  He bought the property 1903, would visit it on Sundays as he lived in downtown Los Angeles. In April 1910, he moved into the mansion, he employed a small servant staff of cook, chauffeur, laundress, valet, guards at 4 gates. 

1870’s- 1895: C. P. Huntington Residence 65 Park Ave. NYC, NY (1880’s)

With 1st wife Elizabeth Huntington & when Elizabeth died, 2nd wife Arabella D. Huntington

1896 Collis P. & Arabella  “Belle” Huntington moved into No. 2 57th St. NYC

1870-1900 Willard Hotel, Washington DC, USA (CPH & ADH traveled there)  

1890’s- 5th Ave. Hotel NYC, NY (CPH & ADH) when they were renovating & building No. 2 E. 57th St. NYC, NY (Arabella’s letter on their stationary)

1890-1906 CPH & ADH owned the Huntington Mansion address: 1020 California St. San Francisco, CA (corner of Taylor &California St.) formerly “the Colton Mansion” next to the Crocker & Flood mansion on Nob Hill 1890’s to 1906 completely destroyed in April of 1906 by Great Earthquake/Fire in SF

Mademoiselle Huntington 2nd mansion in Paris France  20 rue de Lubeck Paris mansion (1910 to 1913)

Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Huntington – Monsieur & Mademoiselle Huntington on invoices. They leased Chateau de Beauregard Le Selle St. Cloud at Chesney, Paris France they leased it from 1913-1923 (10 year lease)

Bristol Hotel, Paris France (1900’sto 1920’s) (ADH & then 1913 ADH & HEH they stayed there for a 5 month honeymoon)

1913-1927 Arabella & H.E. Huntington lived in Huntington Mansion at the San Marino Ranch

1903 HEH bought ranch

1910 HEH moved in mansion at SMR

1913 HEH & ADH got married  (legal one April 1913 downtown Los Angeles /June 1913 American Church Paris, France

1924 ADH died

1927 HEH died 

Travels of Henry E. Huntington: 


Trains to California with Uncle Collis Huntington in his private rr cars: “Sacramento,” “Alabama,”.”Ostego”, “Oneonta I” and “Oneonta II”


Aboard Ships :

SS “Colon” to Mexico

SS. Niaigra


“S.S. George Washington” Oct 27,1913 port of departure Cherboug France to NYC


“S.S. George Washington” (North German Lloyd Steamship) on May 16, 1914

“S.S. Adriatic” on Sept. 25, 1914 (arrival in NYC/Depart from Liverpool England Ellis Island Records (listed under Elizabeth Huntington)

S.S. Olympic (Cunard) on Oct. 28, 1914 (London, England  to NYC) Chat B. Box Blueprint of ship (Largest ship in the world) 


S.S. Aquitania” (Cunard) on July 31, 1920 from NYC to France (en route to Chateau Beauregard) HEH and ADH with Hapgood, Campbell, Riefer, Angus McGillivray, Gomez & footmen Temple. Document: HEH Coll 12/1-30 Chat B boxes)

“RMS Mauretania” (Cunard) Oct. 23, 1920 arrival in NYC from Cherbourg France. HEH and ADH with Campbell and Hapgood Document: Ellis Island records


“SS Aquitania” (Cunard) Oct. 15, 1921 from Southampton, Southhamptonshire, England UK via Cherbourg, France to NYC arrival in NYC: Oct. 21, 1921 HEH & ADH and entourage of Campbell, Hapgood, Ladie’s maid: Riefer Document: Ellis Island.org 


Aboard “S. S. George Washington” (Cunard) Oct 30, 1922) Olympic Menu in HEH Coll Eph E 42-26


S.S. Aquitania Oct 1923 from France to NYC (Farewell to Chateau Beauregard) Document: Alfonso Gomez- Huntington’s Head Butler interviews)

Social Clubs:

Henry Edwards Huntington & Mrs. H. E. Huntington (Arabella)

NY- New York          SF- San Francisco     LA- Los Angeles       

Par- Paris                 PAS- Pasadena, CA LON- London

Bos- Boston            CA- California       NN – Newport News, VA

TN- Throgg’s Neck, Westchester Co. NY

LM- Lifetime Membership    

H. E. Huntington’s Social Clubs in San Francisco, CA: 

Bohemian Club, SF 

Burlingame Country Club, Burlingame, CA 

First Presbyterian Society SF, CA

Olympic Athletic Club, San Francisco, CA

Pacific Union Club, SF, CA 

Unitarian Club, SF 

Hotel del Monte, Monterey CA, (on the way on train south to SB & LA)

YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Assn)

H. E. Huntington’s Social Clubs in New York City, NY: 

American Art Association, NYC, NY

American Defense Society – LM

American Forestry Association – LM

American Museum of Natural History (LM), 

American Railway Assoc., 

American Asiatic Assoc. (Red WV) – LM

American Red Cross – LM

Academy of Political Science, NYC, NY (HEH dues 1917 & 1918)

Army & Navy Club – LM

Archaeological Institute – dues July 5, 1906

Association Charities of Los Angeles, (LA)

Elizabethan Club New Haven, Conn,

Metropolitan Club [H.E. Huntington lived there when he was “in-residence”   in NYC (from 1900 to 1913 when he married Arabella D. Huntington] 

Union League Club 

Calif. Society of NY 

Midday Club

Hobby Club of New York 

New York Chamber of Commerce, 

Oneonta Country Club NY, 

Sleepy Hollow Country Club- Throggs Neck, NY 

The City Club, NYC

Economic Club, 

Grolier Club, NYC, NY

Hispanic Society Museum Club, NYC, NY 

Hobby Club of New York, New York, New York

Lawyer’s Club, NYC

Lunch Club, NYC (20th floor Broad-Exchange Building- Letter to HEH on Feb. 25, 1901- 300 member $200.00 fees)

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Museum of Peaceful Arts, NYC, NY

National Historical Society, NYC

National Marine League, NYC, NY

National Surety League, NYC, NY

New England Society of New York, NYC, NY

Society of Colonial Wars, NYC, NY

Society of the Sons of the Revolution, 

Henry E. Huntington’s Social Clubs in San Barbara, CA:

Santa Barbara Country Club, Santa Barbara, CA

Hotel Arlington, Santa Barbara, CA  

Los Angeles City Hall, downtown Los Angeles, CA

Henry E. Huntington’s Social Clubs in Los Angeles, Calif.:

Association Charities of Los Angeles, (LA)

Automobile of Los Angeles LA, (Huntington car race)

Automobile Club of Southern California, Los Angeles, (Huntington Car Race: Huntington Challenge Car Race)

Bolca Chica Huntington Beach, CA, 

California Club, Downtown LA, CA

Jonathan Club, Downtown LA, CA

Wilshire Country Club, Midtown LA, CA 

Lincoln Club (California Club, Los Angeles, CA)

Los Angeles Athletic Club, Downtown LA, CA 

Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce LA, CA

Los Angeles Country Club- West Los Angeles, CA  

Midwick Club, Alhambra, CA, 

Man Triumphant Foundation LA, CA

Automobile of Los Angeles LA,CA 

Horticulture Society,

Southwest Museum, Highland Park, CA

University Club, LA, CA 

Henry E. Huntington’s Clubs in Pasadena, CA: 

Alhambra board of Trade LA – dues Aug. 1911

Pasadena Polo Club, Pasadena, CA

Annandale Country Club, Pasadena, CA 

San Gabriel Country Club SG, CA,  

Huntington Country Club (SMR and part of the Hotel Huntington, Pasadena, CA)

Midwick Country Club Alhambra, CA, 

Pasadena Board of Trade, Pasadena, CA (LM), 

Pasadena Chamber of Commerce (LM), 

Pasadena Country Club, 

Pasadena Music & Art Assoc. (LM),

Pasadena Polo Club 

Document: Curator:HEH Archives Mr. Schad curator notes at Huntington Library; Who’s who’s of America, HEH cancelled checks & ledgers,HEH Coll. HEH Ledgers of Clubs; HEH Coll. Coll 38/6 (HEH estate papers; HEH Coll. HEH 19/4 uncat (Mr. Schad’s papers for HEH Bio, people & clubs);HEH Coll HEH19/5 uncat box 3 (Mr. Schad’s HEH curator paper about HEH)HEH Coll. HEH 4/1-10 uncat; HEH Coll HEH 19/1-18 uncat Mr. Schads Paper about HEH); HEH Coll. HEH 14/7-15 uncat (HEH cancelled checks- Nevada Bank of SF -1897); HEH Coll. Huntington Menu Ephemera Eph 42-19; Book HEH Biography by Thorpe p.488; HEH Coll. HEH 198,199 & 200  (Mr. H. E. Huntington Personal papers) Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Books about Henry Edwards Huntington:

A little known master of millions; the story of Henry E. Huntington by Marcosson, Isaac Frederick , Boston, Mass. Printed for E. H. Rollins & sons, 1914 – HEH Copy at the Huntington Library, San Marino

Henry E. Huntington A biography by James Thorpe

Ex Libris: Henry Edwards Huntington by Frederic W. Goudy, [n.p.n.d.] Note: Proof sheet on which is printed the book-plate designed by F. W. Goudy for H.E. Huntington; HEH copy mounted on cardboard in portfolio at Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

Huntington’s palace on wheels by Frank P. Donovan [Los Angeles, 1953] Westways Dec. 1953 Article

In Memoriam Henry E. Huntington; died May 23, 1927 [San Marino, Calif, ] Note: Scrapbook compiled (1927?) at the Huntington Library of clippings from American newspapers & magazines announcing the death of Henry E. Huntington and the distribution of his estate. At the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

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