England and the Huntington’s

by  Nancy Armitage

Big Ben & Westminster Abbey after sunset in London, England, UK.

With all the information I do have on the Huntington Family, I have little information on the Huntington Family & England. But, I will share with you, my “Huntington Family Timeline” I put together during my Huntington research. Note: I’m only included the Huntington luxury steamships that had any to do with England. This blog does solve some of the missing puzzle pieces of the Huntington’s life in England. I’ve included a Arabella Letter, travel information on the grand ships, & where the Huntingtons stayed while traveling in England. I am writing about Collis P. Huntington & his wife, Arabella D. Huntington, & Collis’ nephew: Henry “Edwards” Huntington (who also was married to Arabella from 1913-1924), & Arabella’s son: Archer M. Huntington.                                                                        

Tower Bridge, London, England.

Answers to questions of the Huntington’s & England:   

When did the Huntington’s go to London? Almost annually the Huntington Family traveled to Europe: London, & Paris France, & Italy & Ireland. Almost every year, the Huntington Family traveled by grand ships (usually Cunard ships) to London, England in the 1880’s, 1890’s, 1900’s, & 1920’s. This was Collis & Arabella D. Huntington with Miss Clara Huntington his niece/daughter (who became Princess Clara Hatzfeldt, his niece Miss Carrie Huntington, Archer M. Huntington & a entourage of up to 8 servants (usually 2 Butlers, 1 or 2 Footmen, Gentlemen’s valet, Maids, Ladie’s Maids, Chauffeurs, sometimes a Cook, etc.)

Who was Princess Clara von Hatzfeldt Wittenburg? She was Clara Huntington Hatzfelt von Wittenburg (Collis’ adopted daughter). She was actually Collis’ niece: Miss Clara Prentice Huntington. She went on many European trips with Collis Huntington Family. She fell in love & married a German prince, named Prince Francis von Hatzfeldt Wittenburg.

Where did Collis & Arabella Huntington stay when visiting London, England? Brown’s Hotel, London, England. There is a Arabella Letter written on Brown’s Hotel Stationary, London. (See below)

Did the Huntington family stay with Princess Clara & Prince Francis von Hatzfeldt? It is highly likely that the C. P. Huntingtons (Collis & Arabella) stayed with the Prince & Princess Hatzfeldt; either at the Hatzfeldt’s London Mansion or “Draycot” or Draycott Manor in Windsor, England. The Huntingtons were close family to Princess Clara, (Collis was her adopted father after her own father died). When Princess Clara von Hatzfeldt came to visit America, she always stayed with the Collis Huntingtons at No. 2 and traveled to Newport Rhode Island. Later in 1913, the Henry Huntingtons she stayed at No 2 NYC and at the San Marino Ranch, CA. Usually for 1 month at a time with a great entourage.

Where did the Prince & Princess von Hatzfeldt live? in London & they also a country house called “Draycot or Draycott Manor” in Windsor, England.

Did Arabella get presented to the King & Queen of England?? It’s highly possible. There is a grand b/w photo of Mrs. Arabella Huntington with a diamond tiara on her head. I am not sure where this photograph was taken, it could be in England or in France. She is wearing a black elegant dress with straps on & off the shoulder; strapes with black sequins & a necklace adored her neck of 5 strands of pearls.  

“Changing of the Guard” also known as “Guard Mounting” in front of the London’s Buckingham Palace. Where the Queen, Elizabeth II of England lives.

Where did the Huntingtons stay in London?? In the 1890’s, Collis P. Huntington & Arabella Huntington stayed at Browns Hotel & also with the Hatzfeldt von Wittenburgs. Also, in 1913, H.E. Huntington stayed at Claridge Hotel in London, England as guests of Sir Joseph Duveen, his friend & art dealer.

Did any of the Huntingtons stay at Claridge Hotel in London? Yes, In 1913, H. E. Huntington stayed at the Claridge Hotel before he was to married Mrs. Collis P. Huntington (Arabella). Henry E. Huntington stayed at Sir Joseph Duveen’s suite at the Claridge Hotel; Duveen was also helping plan H. E. Huntington & Arabella D. Huntington’s wedding (June of 1913) at the American Church in Paris, France. Duveen also helps Mrs. Arabella Huntington decorated with French Furniture at her 2 mansions in Paris (1907-1913), Chateau Beauregard by Paris (1913-1923) & San Marino Ranch in CA.

Were the Huntington members of any clubs in London? Yes, we know that Henry E. Huntington was a member of Bibliography Society of London & the Rotary Club of London (receipt for dues 1917 found). Document: HEH Coll. HEH 38/6 uncat HEH Estate papers & ledgers of clubs; HEH Coll. HEH 19/1-18 uncat (Curator Schad, papers about Henry E. Huntington’s social clubs) Archer M. Huntington held a membership in Royal Institute of Great Britain (now called The Royal Institution at 21 Albemarle St. in Mayfair, London) & the British Institute of Philosophy. Information from Texas State Historical Association

In England where did Mrs. Arabella Huntington go to Afternoon Tea? for sure at Brown’s & Claridge’s in London, England, highly likely Ritz Carlton in London.

What kind of English tea did the Huntingtons drink in London? In England, Mrs. Arabella Huntington was partial to Ridgways Tea (her Majesty’s Blend). Ridgeway Gold tin has a combination of India Tea, Ceylon Tea, & Formosa Tea. They have a blue tin with blend of Darjeeling Teas with flower Orange Pekoe Tea.

Afternoon Tea at the Palm Court, Ritz Carlton, London, England

Timeline of the Huntingtons & England:

Collis P. Huntington & Arabella D. Huntington Travel to London

Summer of 1877: Mrs. Arabella Worsham & Mr. Collis P. Huntington went to Europe. She was living in Texas with 7 yr. old son, then she moved to New York City. Archer & Collis paid her custom bills while traveling & she sent him a check of repayment & a letter of thanks. Book: H. E. Huntington Biography by Thorpe p. 310

June 1879: the Huntington clan is aboard the ship: Cunard “R.M.S. Gallia” June 14, 1879 from NYC to Europe. A Dinner Menu is preserved in the Huntington archives: Filet Mignon with Herbs, Fricassee Rabbit & Queen Cake. Document: HEH Coll MS Eph 38-129 (Huntington menu ephemera) Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

July of 1884 Mr. Collis P. Huntington & Mrs. Arabella D. Worsham [reads their wedding invitation] get married in her 54th St. NYC 5-story mansion. After they got married, they honeymooned at their newly acquired large country estate they called “The Homestead” of several hundred acres (400-800 acres). The Huntington stationary for this estate states: “The Homestead, Throggs Neck, Westchester, NY. “, The Huntington stationary with the header writing is “Quadrata” lettering looking similar to “Old English” letters.

Elegant English women in London, England.

May 28,1887 “Homestead:” Huntington Estate at Throggs Neck Westchester Co. “Archer & I made the bold resolution to read one volume of Guigot’s History of England before starting again on our trip accordingly we spent a good share of the day with Suigot. We walked a good deal, went to the wharf & wished the boats were out.” Writes Archer Huntington’s cousin, Miss Carrie Huntington in her journal Doc. HEH Coll HEH 1207 Caroline D. Huntington Journals (Huntington Library San Marino, CA)

June 4-, 1887 Ship from NYC to England: The Huntington clan are abroad the “RMS Aurania” (Cunard ship). On June 10, 1887, this ship takes them from NYC to Liverpool, England. Passengers: C. P. Huntington & valet, Mrs. C. P. Huntington (Arabella) & ladies maid, Miss Huntington (Clara Prentice Huntington-Collis adopted daughter actually his niece), Mr. A. M. Huntington (Archer) & Miss Carrie Huntington (Collis’ niece) Document: HEH Coll. HEH Box 199 (in Caroline Huntington Holladay things – Ship Passenger List & Concert pamphlet) at Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

Welsh Rarebit

It is a English dish that is usually 2 pieces of toasted bread with a warm savory cheese sauce drizzled over the top. The cheese sauce on toast could be topped by slices of tomatoes & broiled. Then sprinkle parsley or baby chives sprinkled.

Caraway seed Rye Bread or French Baguette of Bread, Toast slices

Cheese Sauce:

3 t. flour

3 t. sweet butter

1 t. Dijon mustard

drops Worcestershire sauce

salt and pepper

1/2 c. porter beer or Guinness ale

3/4 c. heavy cream

1 1/2 c. sharp Irish cheddar cheese

a couple drops Tabasco sauce

2 t. baby chives or parsley

Make a roux with butter & flour, slowly add the rest of ingredients, stir around in saucepan. Add cheese, stir until it melts and is smooth about 4-5 minutes. Pour sauce over toasted bread. sprinkle herbs like baby chives or parsley. Recipe: Nancy Armitage Opt. slices of tomato over the cheese sauce and broil slices in toaster oven.

Tues June 21, 1887 Browns Hotel, Queen Victoria’s Jubilee, London England : “Jubilee day. We are obliged to breakfast early in order to get to our room on Piccadilly before the procession formed. The Streets through which the parade passed with gorgeously decorated with festoons of flowers suspended from the queens’ poles on both sides of the streets. Every house and shop was gay with flags of different nationalities, mottos, and illuminations. A double line of men formed from the Middlesex volunteers and other regiments were formed extending all the way from Buckingham [Palace] to Westminster. ….about 11:30AM the procession proper started headed by the royal guests. heralds, life guards, and Queen’s children. The re the Queen, Princess of Wales, & Crown Princess of Prussia, in a state carriage drawn by 6 cream horses. With the magnificent caparisoned horses, the glistening uniforms, the state cache? & the great number of notable persons, it was a pageant of unparalleled brilliancy but was not as imposing as if there had been a long line of infantry. A hanson driver caused a great deal of amusement by driving up Piccadilly a bruning? to the crown on either side. The real jubilee was at night where the sounds and sights [fireworks] that greeted eye and ear made one think Bedlam has been let loose. We would be almost asleep when a band of minstrels would twang the guitar and commence, “Oh the Jubilee” & that would be no sooner finished than a little farther off “God save the Queen”, would come floating along then a howl and a shriek and a scuffling of feet on the pavement indicating that Bacchus had contributed largely to the festivities. Archer [Huntington] & I tried to take a drive in the afternoon but it was impossible to secure a cab. Traffic was stopped entirely”. Document: HEH Coll. HEH1207 (Holladay, C. D. Huntington) Journals. Nancy Note: Uncle Collis, “Bell”e, Archer, Carrie Huntington, Clara Huntington, & Miss Gaylor. Nancy Note: Carrie Huntington is her lovely chatty journal talks about trying Welsh Rarebit for the 1st time.

Aug. 22, 1887 “RMS Aurania” Cunard Steamship travels from Liverpool, England, & Queenstown, Ireland, to New York City, NY Passenger: #603-#611was the Huntington party. There was C. P. Huntington 54 yr. & his wife – Mrs. [Arabella] Huntington, 50 yrs. old., Miss Clara Huntington age 23 yrs. spinster, Miss C. D. [Carrie] Huntington- spinster (Collis’ niece), A. M. [Archer] Huntington Student age 18 yrs., G. E. Miles- Student [CPH’s secretary] age 23 yrs., John Draison, 30 yr. old valet [CPH’s Gentlemen’s valet], Annette Ra??a? age 26 yrs. personal maid to Mrs. Huntington, Anne Er?smann age 30 yrs. family maid. Document: http://www.immigrants ships.net (found in Spring 2008) Historical information: In 1887, Collis Huntington was 88 yrs. & Arabella was 37 yrs. old, she has a habit of fibbing about her age.

July 13, 1887 Collis P. Huntington with his wife, Arabella and son Archer, & Collis’s niece: Carrie Huntington [Holliday] travel on a ship to England, Scotland, & France. Carrie notes in her diary in 1887: “This morning we went to see Sir Richard Wallace collection of paintings. It is the finest private collection in existence. Document: Caroline Densmore Huntington [Holliday] Journal July 1887 Box 195 No. 1207 HEHC Document: HEH Coll. HEH 1207. Location at the Huntington Library San Marino, CA. Book: British Model of Art Collecting & the American Reflection by Dr. Inge Reist. Historical Note: Carrie was 17 yrs. old when documenting this trip to Europe. Years later, Carrie’s brother, Henry E. Huntington acquires the Wallace Collection of paintings.

THe Old Weavers House AD 1500 Canterbury UK. A restaurant in 2020, serving delicious “Weaver Pies”: Beef Steak & Guinness Pie, Chicken-Ham-& Leek Pie, Beef Steak & Kidney Pie, Lamb & Rosemary Pie, Chicken & Bacon Pie, Lamb Shank Pie, & Vegetable Pie.

November 17, 1888 Grand ship travels to Europe: “Miss Clara Huntington, foster daughter of C. P. Huntington, traveling with chaperone & maid….sailed to Europe & Germany… At Aix [France], Clara met Prince Francis von Hatzfeldt de Wittenberg [her fiance]. Collis & Arabella departed immediately for Paris, where they met the lovers. [Clara Huntington & Prince Francis Hatzfeldt] married Brompton Oratory, St. Wilfrid’s Chapel, London. Oct. 28, 1889 Wedding Breakfast in London at German Embassy, the couple left to Italy. Collis P. Huntington gave Clara magnificent necklace with 80 diamonds that were 2-3 carats each. Arabella Huntington gave her superb diamond star brooch.” Document: Book The Great Persuader by Lavender p. 348 at San Marino Public Library, San Marino, CA

October 20, 1889 Brown’s Hotel, London, England – Mrs. Collis P. Huntington (Arabella) writes an informative letter to her niece, Miss Carrie Huntington:

“My Dear Carrie, I have only time to send you a few lines in answer to your welcome & unexpected letter but I must tell you something that I am ____________ of the 4 family come over for the wedding. Count Hatzfeldt, the German Ambassador here with his daughter have already arrived. You can imagine that all this is slightly tiring. I never want to marry off another girl. Thank fortune Archer is a boy — We sail on the “Teutonic” [Cunard ship] Oct. 30th & glad I shall be to go home again. We go to a dinner on Friday at the house of that very agre? we Mr. Stephen. We met at the Ismays, you will remember him. The Ismays are meet us there and are flee? at the wedding & now having told my story must say goodbye. Mr. Talis Hatzfeldt or Francis as he insists upon being called is pleasant looking with charming manners & very bright. We all like him immensely. He’s family is very much pleased with the match as well. As well they might be. Mr. [Collis] Huntington have given magnificent settlements [dowry] & superb jewels. Affectionately yours, Aunt Arabella – October 20, 1899 Brown’s Hotel London, England”. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 419 (Huntington Library, San Marino, CA)

Oct. 28, 1889 London, England Huntington-Hatzfeldt Wedding Invitation read: “Mr. & Mrs. Collis P. Huntington [Arabella & Collis] have the honor to announce the marriage of their daughter, Clara Elizabeth Huntington to Prince Francis Hatzfeldt Wildenburg, London, October twenty-eight 1889” The envelope had embossed “Stockley 44 new Bond St.” on it. Document: HEH Coll HEH Box 199 (Family mementos)

A lovely English tea served with milk and sugar. Also served with fluffy scones & condiments of butter, Devonshire Cream & Raspberry Jam.

Brown’s Hotel Traditional Afternoon Tea, London England: Savories: Tea: Earl Grey Tea & Herb Infusions like [Lavender & Lemon Verbena], Champagne Ruinart, Tea Sandwiches: Honey roasted ham on piccalilli tomato bread, Brown Egg Salad with cream & lettuce, Cucumber with cream cheese & celery salt on Malt bread, Aberdeenshire Smoked salmon with pickled fennel & capers on caraway seed roll, Coronation Chicken Salad Sandwich with coriander [cilantro leaves] cress [watercress] yoghurt, on a golden raisin bagel, Dairy goat with chili jam & walnut tomato focaccia, Baked Scones: Freshly baked -Sultana English Scones, Cornish Clotted cream, Blood Orange Jelly, Strawberries with cantaloupe, Strawberry Jam, Sweets: Coffee & Pecan Opera Cake, Carrot & Walnut Cake, Chocolate Caramel & Mandarin Tart, French Chocolate Macaroons, Baked Apple & Cinnamon Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie with Raspberries on top, Fruit Tarts with Vanilla Custard. Document: from 2017 Tea Menu at Brown’s Hotel, London, England

Mrs. Arabella D. Huntington owned many beautiful English Fine China & Porcelains Plateware & Crystal & Silver: “Best” Gold & white Copeland & Garrett, Minton (made for Tiffany & Co.) Gilded Age with gold, color unknown could be red, blue or green with gold, Minton for Tiffany (SF), Minton Turquoise & Gold in a Greek motif (reported in the SF paper), Coalport (Blue, gold, & white) with bouillon cup & saucers, Coalport Yellow & Gold (possibly Batwing), English Crossett Family Chamberlains Worcester Dinner Service for 120 pieces (Imari Taste), Crown Derby in Red, Blue and gold, Chelsea Plateware, English Whieldenware “Pheasant” or “Pink Pheasant” pattern plate service for 60 ppl, English Rockingham (Blue transferware), Wedgewood set- white & gold (NYC), & Staffordshire (Blue & white transferware) English Crystal glassware: for 80 people English Engraved Glassware including water tumblers, champagne, liqueur glasses, sherry, cocktail glasses, water glasses, claret wine glasses, fluted water glasses & finger bowls. Cabinet #27 & #28 in Butlers Pantry at the San Marino Ranch. English Sterling Silver: Gorhams Silver, 1000’s of pieces of this silver, George III Sheffield covered dishes with warmers, George III Silver candlesticks, XVIII cent. English Sheffield Tray silver, Silver Wine coolers, Sheffield Silver Candlestick by J. E. Caldwell & Co. (Gorham) patterns “Floral Repousse” and highly likely “English King” pattern also. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 38/6 uncat (Huntington Library San Marino, CA) & article in newspaper 1930’s

Oct. 28, 1889 Miss Clara Prentice Huntington & Prince Francis Hatzfeldt von Wittenberg married in London, England. Clara Huntington becomes Princess Clara Hatzfeldt (detail above).

Around Feb. 3, 1894 “RMS Normandic” ACunard ship sailing from New York to France. Passengers: Uncle Collis Huntington, Belle Huntington, Clara Huntington [later Hatzfeldt] Carrie Campbell (ADH’s sec’y), & Carrie Huntington (later Holladay)& Burke Holliday Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 1210 at Huntington Library in San Marino, CA

Westminister Abbey in London, England running along the Thames River.

August 6, 1895 Archer M. Huntington, son of Collis P. Huntington married Helen Manchester Gates, (writer) in St. George’s Church, Hanover Square, London, England. Information from Document: Los Angeles Herald Newspaper Aug. 10, 1895. Archer Huntington was a author of several book, known for his scholarly works in Hispanic Studies, & translator. Helen was a well-known poet & wrote several books. They spent some time living in England & then lived in the States. In a large mansion that Collis & Arabella Huntington bought them called “Pleasance” in Pelham Bay by Oyster Bay NY.

August 14, 1895 “RMS Majestic” Cunard ship built in 1890, port of departure: Liverpool & Queenstown [to NYC] Passengers: Mr. C. P. Huntington age 54 married male US Citizen, Mrs. C. P. Huntington [Arabella] age 49 yr. female, Emily A. Ford 24 yr. female maid, Julie I. Day 34 yr. old maid, Geo. W. Young 29 yrs. male valet for CPH, Maud Campbell 19 yr. old female ND, Jno E. Forbes 49 yr. male lawyer. Document: NY Passenger List Arrival List http://www.EllisIsland.org

Abt. 1895 The C. P. Huntingtons are traveling in London & Brussels, Belgium [Europe]: C. P. Huntington Family & wife, Arabella & entourage (poor health of both) in 1895 is contained in a letter from Collis private secretary: Geo. E. Miles, when they were in Brussels… from London, Collis wrote to Gates in New York that “all is well, except Belle, who has been under the weather.” Book: H. E. Huntington- a Biography by James Thorpe.

English Spicy Beetroot Relish Recipe (eaten with Scotch Eggs) aboard a English ship: This is a English savory treat, a Scotch Egg is a hard boiled egg in the middle, surround by pork sausage, bread crumb crust & then it is deep fried. This Relish is served with Scotch Eggs: Ingredients: 2 c. beetroots, 1 T. mead honey, 1/4 c. apple cider vinegar or red vinegar, 1 t. ground mustard seeds, 1/4 t. ground allspice, 1/2 t. ground cinnamon, 1/4 t. ground cumin, 3/4 c. water & 1/2 t. salt. In a medium saucepan, add grated beets, & all ingredients & simmer for about 1 1/2 hours until liquid evaporates & the beets are tender. Recipe Nancy Armitage

Sept. 24th, 1899 Menu of RMS “Teutonic” Cunard ship (10 yrs. after the Huntington/Hatzfeldt wedding) RMS Teutonic Luncheon Menu: Salted Almonds, Cheese Straws, Consomme Chiffonade, Salmon with Shrimp sauce & cucumbers, Sweetbreads a la Toulouse, Supreme of Lobster, Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, Lamb with Mint Sauce, Boiled Capon Macedoine, Boiled Rice, Green Peas, Parsnips, Boiled & Souffle Potatoes, Grouse with Hominy & Bread Sauce, Celery, Cold Spiced Beef, Bread Pudding with Brandy Sauce, Wine Jelly, Huckberry Tart, ______ aux Citron, Neapolitan Ice Cream, Deviled Chicken Livers. Document: www. geocities.com (White Star Liner ship menus)

Spring or Summertime at The Red Lion Tavern, Parliament Street, London, England

February 28, 1902 ” RMS Oceanic”(Cunard ship) From Europe to NYC “Mrs. Arabella D. Huntington, widow of Collis P. Huntington paid $31,800 in duties… “Mrs. Huntington was a paragon of travelers, she returned from a trip to Europe on the “Oceanic” with her son, Archer Huntington & Mrs. Archer Huntington [Helen]. Mr. Huntington [Archer] had the list carefully prepared. The total of his mothers purchases abroad was $75,000.00… 20 flat trucks containing [ball] gowns bought in Paris, London, & Berlin Germany, much jewelry & perfumery, & rugs.” Document: Kansas City Medical Index – Lancet Vol. 23 Feb. 28, 1902

Oct. 12, 1904 Mrs. Collis P. Huntington is aboard the grand ship “RMS Oceanic” (Cunard ship) departs Liverpool, England. Traveling with Mrs. Huntington is her Head butler, Angus McGillivray age 36 (House servant) & Jane Reifer (Mrs. Huntington personal maid) is traveling with her. Document: Ellis Island documents New York Passenger Arrival List & Worsham website.

A stationary page (1 of 7) from London’s Claridge Hotel handwritten by H..E. Huntington’s. He was making notations of books that he bought in London. The packages were being sent home to the states. Photo & w/c sketch credit: Nancy Armitage

July 1-9, 1908 “RMS Cedric” (Cunard Ship) Mrs. C. P. Huntington [Arabella] is aboard this grand ship. They sail from NYC to Europe (most likely England)

July 9, 1908 “RMS Cedric Menu” (English food menu): Cold Consomme, Veal Broth, Curried Chicken & Rice, Roast Beef, Spaghetti Italienne, Yorkshire Rarebits, Grilled Mutton, Potted Herrings, Sardines, Lanque de Boeuf a la Benoist, Cumberland & Virginia Ham, Saddle of Mutton, Roast Beef, Brawn & Roast Duckling, Lettuce Mayonnaise & French dressing, Vermicelli Pudding, Black Currant Tart, Eccles Cakes, Ice Cream, Cheese: Cheshire, Gorgonzola, Stilton, American, Camembert, St. Ives. Document: HEH Coll. HEH Eph E40-205 to 215/9 menus of Arabella Huntington’s (Huntington Library Menu Collection, San Marino, CA)

H. E. Huntington & 2nd wife Arabella D. Huntington travels: 

Arabella’s Diamond Tiara – was she ever presented to the King & the Queen? I don’t know but the photo of Arabella D. Huntington with the diamond tiara looks as though she might have.

Where are Arabella’s tiara (s)??? She owned several. There are several of Arabella Huntington’s photographs that Arabella is wearing different tiaras. I have viewed the Arabella Huntington’s list of her entire Jewelry Collection; there was no tiara(s) on the list. There is a tortoise shell comb once owned by Arabella Huntington located in San Francisco Museum of Fine Art San Francisco (donated by her son, Archer M. Huntington). Where Mrs. Huntington’s tiaras are remains a mystery.

Did the Huntingtons have High or Afternoon Tea at the Ritz in London England? It is highly likely, but it was not recorded. Most of Arabella Huntington papers, she demanded to be destroyed (by her social Secretary Miss Carrie M. Campbell) when she died. We know that Mrs. Huntington stayed at the Paris Ritz in 1900, 1901, & 1902 which we have evidence of. So she did like the Ritz Hotels in Europe.

Do the Huntingtons ever go to Buckingham Palace to the King & Queen’s quarterly tea 4x’s a year? I do not know. It is highly likely because Collis & Arabella daughter, Princess Clara von Hatzfeldt & her husband, Prince Francis von Hatzfeldt were royalty & stationed in London & in Windsor, England. Those teas would have been mandatory for the HRH German Prince & HRH Princess Hatzfeldt. It is highly likely that when Collis & Arabella Huntington were visiting London , they would have stayed with the Prince & Princess von Hatzfeldt.

Henry “Edwards” Huntington & Arabella Huntington Travel Timeline to England & Europe (1913-1927) Mr. Henry E. Huntington loved England & their English treasures-especially rare books & paintings. He decided to base his collections around English artifacts, which was his heritage, also. The Huntington Library is based around American & English history. The great treasures of his book collection are the Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales (circa 1410), & early editions of Shakespeare. Huntington owned English paintings such as Gainsborough’s “The Blue Boy”, Thomas Lawrence “Pinkie”, Reynolds Mrs. Siddons, many Romney portrait paintings filled the Huntington Dining Room, & J. M. W. Turner.

Before June 16, 1913 Claridges Hotel, London, England. Henry E. Huntington traveling with art dealer & friend, Sir Joseph Duveen. Duveen had a suite at Claridges Hotel & he is helping H. E. Huntington & Mrs. Collis P. Huntington (Arabella) plan the wedding festivities (on June 16, 1913) in Paris, France.

May 16, 1914 aboard “S.S. George Washington” Luxury Liner, depart New York Harbor for France. Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Huntington (Belle & Edwards) & entourage, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Varnum (HEH’s business secretary) J. Reifer (ADH’s ladies maid), Mr. Williams the Huntington’s Chauffeur, McGillvary, the Huntington’s Scottish Head Butler, A. Gomez (HEH’s Gentlemen’s Valet & Butler), Miss Carrie Campbell (ADH’s social secretary & friend). Mr. H.E. Huntington reserved & paid for 10 rooms on 6 different ship decks, HEH paid for everyone. H.E. & Belle had the “Imperial Suite” with Bedroom, Parlor, with a Toilet & Shower and a large Dining Room. (Usually the bathrooms & showers were usually down the hall for passengers). Document: HEH Coll. HEH 12 1/8 (1st of 7 boxes Chateau Beauregard residence) Huntington Library San Marino, CA. Nancy Note: We know they stayed for 4 months at their leased “Chateau Beauregard”, their French castle by Paris once owned by Miss Harriet Howard (Napoléon III’s mistress). They often would take side trips or weekend trips to places like Provence & Italy. We know they also went to England (probably London) that summer; it is stated on his “1920 Lost Passport Application” that he went to England in 1914.

Sept. 25, 1914: Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Huntington (Arabella) are aboard: “RMS Adriatic” Steamship date of arrival Port of NY; Port of Depart: Liverpool England. HEH & ADH are traveling incognito: listed under Elizabeth Huntington” Passenger #22: Henry Huntington (64 yr.) BP. Oneonta, NY Born B. Feb. 28 [27], 1850 Res. No 2. 57th St. NYC & Passenger #23 Arabella Huntington (50 Yr.) BP. Alabama Born: June 1, 1851 [1850] Res: No. 2 57th St. NYC. Document: Ellis Island Records & Passenger Lists- website: http://www.ellisisland.org Historical Note: in 1914, Arabella is still fibbing about her age, she is 64 yrs old.

Oct. 28, 1914 “RMS Olympic” ship boasted it was the “largest ship in the world” Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Huntington (Arabella) reserved the Parlor suite #40, 42, & 44 . Traveling with Rob. Varnum & his wife, Catherine in Room C37, A. Reifer (ADH’s personal Ladies Maid) A Gomez (Valet), A, McGillivery (Head Butler)& Temple (Footman), & Cook. Document: HEH Coll. 12 12/1/8/ (Chateau Beauregard. Blueprint of the grand ship.) Huntington Library, San Marino, CA)

English Sandwich” Recipe (1917): “To 1/2 c. of thick mayonnaise, add 2 T. whipped cream, dessert spoon of grated horseradish, & 2 dessert spoons of finely chopped cucumber. Spread the bread with the mixture, then with a thin layer chopped rare beef, cover with more dressing & the other slice of bread”. Book: The Malone Cookbook by Mrs. George Hawkins from the New York 1st Congregational Church (1917) in HEH Book Collection, Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

Harrods Store, London, England

January 10,1920 LA Herald Newspaper Headlines: “H. E. Huntington Pays $65,336.00 for Shakespeare Book (largest sum for a book to date) “At auction in London, with Mr. G. D. Smith acting for Huntington paid 15,000 pounds. The book is a copy of “Venus and Adonis” & “Passion of the Virgin” [and others]….Huntington plans to give his [book] collection of more than 200,000 volumes to the people of Southern California…” Document: Los Angeles Herald January 10, 1920

Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale: “This youth should say ’twere well and only therefore. Desire to breed by me. Here’s flowers for you. Hot lavender, mints, savory, marjoram, the Marigold, that goes to be with the sun, And with him, rises weeping. There are flowers of middle summer & I think they are given to men of middle age. You’re very welcome….” by Wm. Shakespeare

Shakespeare Tea Recipe: For the herbalist or the romantic, a lovely group of herbs or tea, that appear in Act 4 of the Bard’s Winter’s Tale by Wm. Shakespeare

2 c. Lavender Blossoms, 2 c. Peppermint or Spearmint leaves, 1 c. Sweet Marjoram, 1 c. Summer Savory leaves, 1 C. Calendula Blossoms, whole (Marigold Blossoms) Make a large batch 7 c. & pour into a 1/2 gallon jar. To make a pot of tea: add 6 t. Shakespeare Tea with 6 c. boiling water in a teapot. Let steep 8-10 minutes. Pour into a lovely English fine china teacup & drink while reading Shakespeare. Recipe: Nancy Armitage

1920 Re-Application for a Lost Passport: Henry E. Huntington Passport Application 1920 in New York, NY, USA B. Feb. 27, 1850 Oneonta, NY Father: Solon Huntington Harwinton, Conn. Deceased. “I have residence outside the US following places: France: May 16, 1914 to Sept. 25th 1914 retired: Permanent Residence: San Gabriel, State: California. “Lost” Last passport Spouse: Arabella D. Huntington I am to go abroad temporarily; intend to return with 6 mos. To France: Travel & England: Travel. Port of New York Depart: sailing on board the “Aquitania” July 31st, 1920 signed: Henry E. Huntington, Certificate stamp number: 68943 July 9, 1920 Document: HEH Coll. MS 12/1-30 (Chateau Beauregard papers) Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

July 31, 1920 “RMS Aquitanic” Cunard ship Mr. & Mrs. H.E. Huntington [Edwards & Arabella] & Entourage. 5 of their traveling servants went with them Angus McGillivary (the Huntington’s Head Butler), Alfonso Gomez (Mr. Huntington’s Gentleman’s’ Valet & 2nd Butler), Jas. Temple (Footman), Miss Carrie Campbell (Mrs. Huntington’s social secretary & friend), & Jeanne Reifer (Mrs. Huntington’s Ladies Maid) . Information from documents HEH Coll. HEH MS 12 1-30 uncat (Chateau Beauregard boxes)

Oct. 21, 1920 Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Huntington (Edwards & Belle) are aboard ship “RMS Mauretania” (Cunard). They are sailing to port of New York Harbor from England & France with Geo. Hapgood (Mr. Huntington social secretary) & a large entourage. On their annual European tour, the Huntingtons had spent 3 months in England & France.

Massive “RMS Mauretania” ship being built in Liverpool, England.

Summer of 1921 Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Huntington sailing on “RMS Aquitania” ship. Jos Duveen is traveling with the Huntingtons on this luxury liner. In the large elegant Huntington suites, in their Dining Room hangs a print of the famous “Blue Boy”. H. E. Huntington expresses an interest in this painting by asking Duveen “Who is the boy in the blue suit?” HEH said he had collected prints of this painting but he hadn’t seen it in 20 yrs. Duveen told him that the Duke of Westminster owned the original painting & it just might be available to buy. Duveen asked HEH are you interested? Duveen had access to it & had a client. HEH also liked the painting “Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse”, also. Both these paintings hung opposite of each other in the Duke’s Drawing Room at Grosvenor House, in London. Duveen bought both paintings from the Duke & sold them to Mr. H. E. Huntington. Duveen organized art shows in London & NYC with HEH’s permission. They were a great success. Then Duveen hand-delivered these two paintings to the San Marino Ranch after a cross country train ride. Book: A life in Art by Duveen

Oct. 15, 1921 “RMS Aquitania” steamship, The Huntington’s are traveling home for the holidays in American. They are traveling aboard this ship from: Southampton, Southamptonshire, England UK via Cherbourg France to NYC. They arrived Port of NY on Oct. 21, 1921 (Date of Arrival) NY Harbor, USA. Passenger #3: Huntington, Henry E. 71 B. Feb 27, 1850 Passenger #4: Huntington Arabella 70 yrs B. Feb 9, 1851 Mobile, Alabama (Birthday is incorrect it is June 1, 1850) Passenger #5: Carrie M. Campbell (Belle’s Secretary B. Jan 22, 1855 B. Mobile Alabama, Passenger #6: Geo. Hapgood (HEH’s Sec’y) 48 B. Jan. 19, 1873 Cambridge Mass. Passenger: Johanna Riefer (Belle’s Ladies maid) 48 yr. Naturalized. Feb. 15, 1921 Documents: Ellis Island org.

The Blue Boy” original painting arrives at the San Marino Ranch in Southern California: The Huntingtons were overjoyed on Wed. March 22, 1922 “The Blue Boy” by Gainsborough & “Mrs. Siddons, The Tragic Muse” paintings arrive at San Marino Ranch. “Afternoon, Carrie & I drove to Edwards [HEH] & saw “The Blue Boy” which was hung in the [Large] Drawing Room in a good light- we also & for the 1st time saw Sir Joshua Reynolds picture of “Mrs. Siddons, The Tragic Muse” which was hung in the Main Hall to the right of the library [Large Library] door.” Document: HEH Coll. MS 10968 (E. Burke Holladay Journal-HEH’s brother-in-Law) Huntington Library San Marino, CA

October 30, 1922 “Edwards & Belle” Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Huntington are sailing home to the States on the grand “RMS Olympic” Cunard ship. They are sailing from France & Europe into New York Harbor with entourage of employees & household staff.

RMS “Olympic” ship Luncheon Menu: Hors d’oeuvres, Grapefruit Oporto, Consomme Tosca, Potage Chartreuse, Poached Halibut Marquery, Fillets of Sole Tartare Sauce, Quail en Cocotte/Verte Pre, Globe Artichoke Vinaigrette, Ribs & Sirloin of Beef Raifort, Roast Capon with Cranberry Sauce, French Beans, Patina Rice, Eggplant, Boiled Brown Potatoes, Duchesse Potatoes, Wild Duck & Fried Hominy, Salad Orange COLD: Boar’s Head, Gitana Pudding, Souffles Ananas, Pâtisserie Française, ICES: Tutti-Frutti & Lemon, Dessert Document: HEH Coll. HEH Eph E42-26 (Huntington Menu Ephemera Collection) Huntington Library San Marino, CA

Potage a la Chartreuse” (on the “RMS Olympic” Ship menu above): The ingredients for this bright green soup are veal broth, French tapioca, small ravioles pasta, puree of spinach, puree cooked foies-gras with beef extract, or cepes or mushrooms, & ripe tomatoes. Book: The Epicurean by Charles Ranhofer 1893

English cheese like Gloucester and Wensleydale Cheese being sold at Harrods Department Store.

Prince of Wales Tea Blend: said to be Earl Grey tea with a hint of black currant. The history of Prince of Wales Tea Blend is a blend of black teas (could be Earl Grey, Darjeeling, or English breakfast). It has a bright color & strong aroma is served in Britain with scones for Afternoon Tea. The tea was first made for Edward Prince of Wales later “HRH King Edward VIII”. The earthy strong aroma has been said to be high grade Keemun Tea from China. In England, it is drank without milk, but can be sweetened with sugar. Twinings Tea Co. made it for Prince of Wales in 1921.

Prince of Wales Tea (1921) Dry Tea Blend

This royal tea was named after Edward, Prince of Wales (Later HRH King Edward VIII). He was a great tea lover & asked Twinings Tea Company to make him a special blend, it’s a secret recipe. Makes 7 oz:.

1 oz. Assam

1 oz. Keenum

1 oz. Lucky Dragon

1 oz. Gunpowder or Green tea

1 oz. Oolog

1 oz. Larkspur blossoms

1 oz. black currant berries, dried

Mix tea and berries in a 1 pt jar. & seal. To make a cup of Prince of Wales Tea: add 1 t. tea & 1 c. boiling water. Add together in a regal English teacup. Serve in the afternoon with Cream Scones. Makes 7 oz. tea blend. Recipe by Nancy Armitage

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