Seasonal Food: Specialties of the Huntington Mansion(s): San Marino Ranch (1900’s-1927)

By Nancy Armitage (includes guests, visitors, & clubs)

by Nancy Armitage

So what did the H. E. Huntington Family actually eat in the Huntington Mansion at the San Marino Ranch? From many different sources, I found invoices from gourmet markets, grocery stores, fish mongers, butchers, confectionery stores, & Louis Sherry’s for candy & cakes. The Huntington’s eating habits ran from simple to the exotic: one can call “Ranch Food” simple but it’s the best kind of fresh food there is: homegrown chickens, capons, & turkey, homegrown sweet summer tomatoes & squashes (every kind of vegetable you could think of), sweet herbs to flavor the dishes, & exotic juicy mangos & lemon guavas. Mrs. Huntington had the kitchen staff bottle all of these amazing fruit, berries, & vegetables. They made pickled relishes & homemade pickles, pickled vegetables like okra, brandied peaches, tutti-frutti, colorful fruit & berry jams. They entertained in the most formal way with fancy multi-courses luncheons usually 4 courses. Also, formal dinners of 6-8 courses most often with a oyster course (fresh from the Pacific ocean). Then, homemade soups, followed by entrée of beef & game courses, then salad & cheese courses (in the French style) with cornucopia of dessert choices of puddings, pies, & fancy cakes. Each courses served to the Huntington & their guests with care by 2 butlers & 2 footmen (Downton Abbey style).

So my research went much further then just the San Marino Ranch, I researched all the Huntington papers of all the Huntington Mansions: No. 2 East 57th St in NYC (NYC), San Francisco, “Huntington Homestead at Throggs Neck, Westchester Co. NYC (TN), & Chateau Beauregard in Paris (Chat. B). This research spans from 1880’s to the 1920’s & The Gilded Age.

Mrs. Huntington’s ‘Entertainments” at San Marino Ranch:

Mrs. Arabella Huntington called her parties: “Entertainments”; Mr. Henry E. “Edwards” Huntington referred to their tea gatherings as “receptions”. These Huntington entertainments had different names in Victorian & Edwardian times, too. Sometimes, they were called “At-Homes” or “5 o’clock teas”. The Huntington’s hosted at the Ranch many kinds of entertainments. There was “5 o’clock teas” for 6-20 guests, “Lawn parties” for 20 or more, Formal luncheons for 12 guests, Bridge Party for 12-20 ladies, Large Ladies Luncheons (Bridal or Charity) 50-80 or more guests, “At-Home” tea receptions (2-110 guests), Formal Dinners (12-24 guests), or “Sundays at the Ranch” (20-50 or more people).

The Huntington’s “At-Home” day at San Marino Ranch

The Huntington Family “At-Home” Day at San Marino Ranch seemed to be everyday. But the Huntingtons, “Sundays at the Ranch” were a special day to enjoy family and friends. There was a Victorian & Edwardian tradition called “At-Home Day” or “At-Homes”; in the early 1900’s American & Parisian neighborhoods were assigned a special day of the week to go visiting for “a cup of tea & a chat”.

To host a “At-Home” tea gathering or reception, an invitation would be mailed out or the host would hand deliver her calling cards to people & invite them to come to her home.

The host of a “At-Home” would serve all sorts of wonderful tea dainties & sweet cakes. In the early 1890’s-1900’s, in the Huntington Mansions in NYC & in San Francisco, the Huntington’s neighborhood “At -Home day were Tuesdays. By 1913, I think those terms went out of vogue. The Huntingtons used these terms: “Sundays at the Ranch”, Tea Party, Lawn Bowling Party, & Receptions.

Guests would come for “a tea & a chat” & leave there calling cards in the host’s foyer. In the Social Register of Southern California in the early 1900’s, there is evidence of these social gatherings: Next to the family name in the Social Register was their address & their social clubs, also a day of the week posted. That day of the week was their neighborhood’s “At-Home” day. 

In Arabella Huntington’s mansion in No. 2 East 57 St. (& 5th Ave.) in New York City – Her “At-Home day” was Tuesday. At Arabella’s & Collis Huntington’s Mansion at 1020 California St. San Francisco, CA, her at-home day was also on Tuesday.

At the San Marino Ranch, there were a variety of days of the week that Henry & Arabella Huntington had guests, most often Sundays. They called these entertainments: “Sundays at the Ranch” from 1910’s -1920’s”. At the Ranch, the locations for these parties could be at the Mansion, the terrace, the Lath House, Japanese Tea House, or Large Guest Cottage. 

For “Sundays at the Ranch” the Huntington usually had 15-30 guests, even up to 50 guests. If you add up all HEH’s immediate family with Howard Huntingtons (8) & the Holliday family Carrie & E. Burke with children Collis & Helen Holliday, (4) & HEH & ADH with Carrie Campbell & Hapgood (4) & assorted house guests (4-8 people) – that adds up to 20 ppl.  

Mr. H. E. Huntington Calling Cards (SMR):

H. E. Huntington’s “Calling Cards” (SMR): I found “Mr. H. E. Huntington” calling card from the San Marino Ranch, California at the Huntington Library. It was heavy stock paper on a small white calling card. The size of Mr. Huntington’s calling card was 2” x 3” in size’ written simply “Mr. H. E. Huntington” in the middle & “San Marino Ranch” on the lower left corner. Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS Box 200 (HEH’s personal Papers) Huntington Library. San Marino, CA

Mr. H. E. Huntington “Mourning Calling Card”: (1924) his calling card with a Black Border. After Mrs. Arabella Huntington died Sept. 16, 1924, Henry E. Huntington had another “calling card” made paying respects to his dear wife. It was a small white “Mourning Calling Card” made with a black border rim around the edges; in honor of Mrs. Huntington. It had “Mr. H. E. Huntington” & “San Marino Ranch” (the black rim was in respect to his deceased wife, Mrs. Arabella Huntington). These cards were located in the H. E. Huntington’s desk in the small library in 1927. I have never found a calling card for Mr. & Mrs. H.E. Huntington’s at the San Marino Ranch; but I did find a Christmas card brass plate. Document: HEH Coll. HEH Box 200 [Mr. HEH personal papers]           

Huntington Butler’s Pantry (SMR):                          

Butlers’ Pantry (SMR – 1st floor) The Huntington Butler’s names were Angus McGillvary (the Scottish Head Butler) & Alfonso Gomez (elegant Spanish Butler & he was also HEH’s gentlemen’s valet). They were in charge of the “Butlers’ Pantry” with the keys to each of the cabinets, which held all the Huntington’s valuable silver, fine china, & crystal. 

The Butlers’ Pantry was located just north of the Huntington Dining Room; a detailed list of Mrs. Huntington’s fine bone china/porcelain collection housed in 42 cabinets of plates, cups & bowls. She had numerous entire “Full-Course Service Set” of plates of special fine bone china. At least 30 sets of fine china or more the whole “service set” for 12, 24, or 60 guests, over 150 pieces in each set. Each of the fine bone china set would include oyster plates, fish plates, entrée plates, dessert plates, cheese plates, butter plates, salad plates, breakfast bowls, soup bowls, compote bowls, with casserole dishes, vegetable dishes, soup tureens, meat platters, & relish dishes.  Document: HEH Coll. MS 38/6 uncat [Huntington Mansion Inventory book] SEE Huntington Mansion for details of porcelain plate collection.

The Huntington’s Seasonal Entertaining (SMR):

We know that Mrs. Huntington favored white & pink colors for the French Le Jacquard linens or Irish Damask fabric. She also loved lace tablecloths, also. There was evidence of her buying cherry red brocade for the Guest House, tablecloths & napkins could have been made with the fabric. Mrs. Huntington was clever in her entertainments. She had a green dining room at San Marino Ranch & her NYC Mansion. That color is great for any season of the year – Winter, Spring, Summer, & Autumn.

Themed Parties:

For different themed parties, she could also had gold, lavender, Green, maybe red for St. Valentine’s day. Mr. & Mrs. Huntington went to Provence for their honeymoon (1913) they could have Provencal tableware in lavender & yellow/ blue, green & yellow, could be green & gold (dining room colors). When they visited Rome on their honeymoon, she could have picked up the famous coral Damask Italian tablecloths, always in style.

Royal Dinner

In Hertrich’s book, there is a B/W photo of tablecloth for the Huntington “Royal Dinner”. Mr. Huntington hosted a grand dinner in honor of Prince Gustavus Adolphus & Princess Louise of Sweden. For that Royal Dinner on July 23, 1926, there is a Damask tablecloth, maybe white or pink. Document: invoices for linens (Paris invoices); HEH Coll. MS 38/6 [Huntington Mansion Inventory book]

Huntington Table Linen Closet (SMR):  Highly likely colors: white damask & pink damask or Gold Irish Damask tablecloth & 12 or more napkins to match (100 napkins in upstairs closet in 1927) and red or green.

Mrs. Huntington’s Irish Linens (SMR) – Irish & Italian Damask/ French Brocade: colors: white napkins, pink napkins (Mrs. H. favorite colors) & possible colors – Gold & green (SMR dining Room colors) coral napkins (Rome, Italy), Pink & Mint green (very Parisian), Yellow, light pink, & hot pink (very Parisian) French La Jacquard Linens, Green & Gold Damask or Brocade or Italian Damask for Dining room, Red & Gold Brocade with satin finish (Guest Cottage) – St. Valentine’s Day, Christmas or used in the “SMI” (the Huntington’s private railroad train car). Document: HEH Coll. MS 38/6 [Huntington Mansion Inventory book] 1927 fine bone china, silver, crystal also silver for the “San Marino I” RR car (service for 12 people)  

Tablecloths (SMR): Mrs. Arabella Huntington was partial to elegant Damask & Brocade fabric, also silk brocade, “French Linen Tablecloths & Napkins” (1914):  probably [Le Jacquard] is like a Damask type linen, or French Lace tablecloth, (SMR) Chantilly lace (SF), Belgium lace (SF) Document: SF Mus of Fine Art website Laces owned by Mrs. Huntington, Document: HEH Coll. MS 38/6 [Huntington Mansion Inventory Book] Document: HEH Coll. HEH 11/1(1) uncat receipt from Baker & Chitton the red brocade. 

Huntington’s Dining Room Linens & Colors of Linen (SMR): Mrs. Huntington often had her linens napkins & tea towels monogrammed with “HEH”; in a closet in 1927, there were 298 dinner napkins, 100’s of tea napkins, & numerous luncheon napkins, etc. Document: HEH Coll. MS 38/6 [Huntington Mansion Inventory book]

Formal Dinner Parties at the Dining Room Table. 1st course was usually oysters, then soup (sometimes a choice of cream soup or a bouillon). Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

Huntington Formal Dinner Parties (SMR): the time of the Huntington Dinners was 7:00 PM sharp (some dinners lasted for 1-2 hours with a break in between; from 7 -9pm with “after-dinner” entertainment from 9-10pm. In the middle of the dinner party was a break; Huntington “Roman Punch” or Sorbet would be served in the middle of the dinner. 

I found in the Huntington archives a Huntington dinner invitation. It was to Mr. & Mrs. Collis P. Huntington (Arabella) Mansion (1890’s) they lived on Nob Hill in SF; the guests were the Holladays (Carrie Huntington and Burke Holladay- Collis & Arabella’s niece). The time for this formal full-course dinner read 7:30 pm which meant dinner would have been at 8:00 pm. Most likely a dinner party of 8, 12, or 24 dinner guests. Arabella liked the number 12 especially for lunch or dinner guests. So in the 1890’s, in the C. P. & Arabella Huntington’s Mansion on Nob Hill in San Francisco dinners was a bit later. Document: HEH Coll Box HEH 199/200 – HEH personal papers;) 1890’s ADH invited to Holladays From CPH and Arabella to 1020 California St. SF Huntington Mansion on Nob Hill.

Sundays at the Ranch” including Formal Dinner with Family (SMR):

These formal dinners at the San Marino Ranch were often attached to “Sundays at the Ranch ” get-togethers. H. E. Huntington’s brother-in-law, E. Burke Holladay mentions in his journals having spent time all day & all night at the Huntington’s Ranch. Humorous entries of running home in the afternoon to change into formal attire to a full–course dinner in the dining room with butlers & footmen serving a multi-course meal. Document: HEH Coll HEH MS 10968 (Burkes Journals)

At the Ranch, the multi-course Huntington dinners were composed of 6-8 courses – maybe more. In the 1890’s, in the San Francisco Mansion, Mrs. Arabella Huntington’s Gilded Age dinners were 12-16 courses formal dinner menus. By the 1920’s, at the San Marino Ranch I feel the Huntingtons scaled down a lot on the amount of dinner courses compared to the Roaring 1890’s with so many courses.

The Huntington dinners always started with an (1.) Oyster course (oysters on the ½ shell served with mignonette sauce) (2.) a Soup course, (often offering 2 soups: a bouillon soup and/or a cream soup), (4.) Fish course seafood cocktail or appetizer “amuse bouche” (2-3 kinds of fancy canapes on a fancy silver serving tray – Arabella was partial to Roquefort Canapes called “Roquefort Puffs” or Caviar Canapes, (5.) Entrée (chicken or game) with vegetables & rice or potatoes, (6.) Salad Course (very French- salad served after-dinner), Cheese Course of French Cheeses with Water Crackers, Exotic Fruits & Nuts of San Marino Ranch, (7.) Dessert Course of Fancy Cakes, Fancy Ice Creams &, Petit Fours. Then After-Dinner Entertainment with French BonBons & Coffee served in the Large Drawing Room. Document: the photography of the “Royal Dinner” has 3 wine glass & 1 champagne glass on the table at each cover.

After-dinner Huntington “Entertainments” : The Huntington Dinner guests left the dining room table. After dinner the Gentlemen went first to have “cigars & brandy” outside- most likely in the San Marino Ranch Bowling Alley/ Billiards room (Mrs. Huntington didn’t like the smell of cigar smoke); the women would have walked to the Large Drawing Room. 

After the Cigars & Brandy, the men would meet the women in the Large Drawing Room for the Evening Entertainment. Enjoying Brandy or after-dinner cordials like Grand Marnier, Crème de Menthe & sparkling soda (great to settle your stomach), with Petit fours (small iced squares of cakes) or French Chocolate Bon-Bons & candy dishes filled with of Jordan Almonds, Chocolate covered almonds, Virginia Peanuts, or Mixed Nuts. 

The Huntingtons “live” entertainment might be a trio of musicians, a harpist, a violinist, or an opera singer. Their daughter-in-law, Leslie Huntington orsister in law – Carrie Huntington Holliday might have played the piano, or maybe a reading or poetry from one of H.E. Huntington newly acquired books. Documents: Huntington menus, grocery lists for mansions, Burke Journals, SF Invitation of Nob Hill Mansion.

Annual Mansion Events while Huntington’s were “In-Residence” (SMR):  

Jan. 1 (Rose Parade & Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA) often, the Henry E. Huntingtons (Arabella) were in Pasadena by January or would arrive at the San Marino Ranch on New Year’s Day, 

“Sundays at the Ranch” 

Feb. 14th (St. Valentine’s Day)

Feb. 27, (Mr. H. E. “Edwards” Huntington’s birthday) 

Springtime: Garden Parties, Garden Club Meetings & Socials, Bridge parties, Tea Receptions,

Luncheons & Dinners and Parties at the Jonathan Club and California Club, downtown Los Angeles, CA

Mrs. Arabella Huntington’s birthday -June 1st 

Easter Brunch at the Hotel Huntington or Easter Party & Egg Roll at San Marino Ranch, 

June 1st (Mrs. Arabella Huntington’s birthday)

Colors of the Dining Room (SMR): (Green & Gold) we know that the Huntington Dining room colors were green & gold. Mrs. Huntington love these colors with accents often of pink & white flowers, they were added daily to the mansion. Mrs. Huntington adored pink & white flower arrangement, pink Cecil Brunner & pink “Killarney” rose (lt. pink with hot pink edges) & white “Killarney” roses. This was a clever use of color by Mrs. Huntington (the great entertainer that she was), because green goes with all seasons – spring, summer, autumn & winter, too.

The Huntington’s dining room chairs at the San Marino Ranch were green velvet. The curtains on the 3 large Palladian windows were sage forest green. Mrs. Huntington love entertaining with accents of pink & white flowers; large flowers arrangement with 150 to 200 flowers from her flower cutting garden & roses garden. Flowers were added daily to the mansion. Mrs. Huntington adored pink & white flower arrangements: with pink Cecil Brunner roses & pink “Killarney” rose (hot pink) & white “Killarney” roses. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 38/6 [Huntington mansion inventory book]  

Henry E. & Arabella Huntington’s Dining Room (SMR): 

The Dining Room table at the San Marino Ranch was photographed in 1928 & it was a small round intimate table that could fit 6 guests comfortably. It could be expanded out with wooden “leaves” if needed for a larger group for 8-10, or 12, or 24 people. The Huntingtons always had an “even” number to have dinner guests to have interesting conversations with ones “dinner partner”. This was the proper tradition at the time. Mrs. Huntington loved entertaining at a sit-down dinner or luncheon for 12 dinner guests, she liked that number. Most of her Fine China/Porcelains were in set of 12, but some were up to 60 plates. Document: HEH Coll. HEH 38/6 [Huntington Mansion inventory book at SMR] Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif.

English Rolli-Polli dessert: cake rolled up with whipped cream and strawberries. Popular in the 1920’s

Specialties of the Huntington Mansion – Dishes (SMR and other mansions):

We have 2 Huntington Mansion recipes: made by Lena Kley (who was the Huntington’s Dessert Chef) at the Huntington Mansion on the San Marino Ranch. One of the recipes is called: Huntington Mansion “Honey Bars” (between a chocolate brownie & truffle) & Huntington Mansion “Cinnamon Stars” Cookies. We know about the Mansion food they ate by gourmet grocery lists, inventory list of the kitchen, fruits & berries on the ranch, menus from No. 2 NYC Huntington mansion, & SF Huntington mansion. 

After listing certain food: often I will identify the Huntington Mansion it was eaten in.

The Huntington Mansions:

(No. 2) – Huntington Mansion No 2. 57th St. NYC, NY,

(SF) – Collis P. & Arabella Huntington 1020 California San Francisco, ,CA)

(TN) – “Huntington Homestead Estate” at Throgg’s Neck, Westchester Co., NYC

(CPK) – Camp Pine Knot, Racquette Lake, Upper Adirondack Mountains, NY

(SMR) Huntington Mansion San Marino Ranch in Calif.,

(PAR) Paris Mansion’s of Arabella D. Huntington on rue Gabriel and Eylsses and the 2nd Mansion on Lubeck or Hotel Bristol or Hotel Ritz, Paris, France

(Chat B.) Chateau Beauregard with Ebat Belle Horse Stable address: La Celle-Saint Cloud, Paris, France. H.E. & Arabella Huntington leased the chateau for 10 yrs between 1913-1923 from Baron Maurice de Forest.

Beverages: Homemade Root Beer (SMR), San Marino Ranch Lemonade (SMR), & Southern Sweet Tea (No.2 & SMR), Orange Pekoe Tea (Combination of Ceylon Tea & India tea), Southern Sweet Tea (ADH), Sparkling Ranch Lemonade (SMR), Root beer Float, Sarsaparilla Drink (SMR), Apollinaris Water (SMR, & No. 2), Ginger Ale – (HEH’s favorite), Apollinaris Lemonade (SMR & No. 2), Mrs. Leslie Huntington Refreshing Drink 1914 – [Minted Lemonade] (PAS), Mont Blanc Punch (Huntington Hotel -1914) 

Libations: Orange Blossom Cocktail (1916 Southern Pacific ship) Gin Gimlet (1920’s) Apricot Cordial (HEH courted ADH – No. 2 NYC 1911), Apricot Brandy (1916) Mint Julep, “Bronx Cocktail” called the “Huntington” (TN made of Vodka, cranberry & orange twist- sounds like a “Cosmopolitan Cocktail”), Manhattan (1916) Gibson Cocktail (1916), “Sas” Brandy, Jamaican Rum, Vernon Gin, & Brandied Peaches (SMR & No. 2, Apricot Cordial (No. 2 , Sherry, Benedictine, French Crème De Menthe (No. 2 and SMR, & Paris, a digestive), Amaretto, Curacao (SMR, a Orange Liqueur), & Kirsch.

Huntington Libations: (Invoice 1919 – No. 2 Huntington Mansion): 4 cases Sas Brandy (No. 2), 6 bottles white rock water (mineral water), 3 bottles Jamaican Rum (No 2), 1 case N. Green Crème de Menthe (No. 2), 3 jars Miss North Brandied Peaches (No. 2), 300 Vernon [gin], 1 case Qts. Still Poland (Poland Water) 1 dz. white Rock water. Signed by Angus McGillivray (Huntington Head or 1st Butler at No. 2) Document: HEH Coll. HEH 38/11 uncat (NY House Bills 1919); Libations list of HEH 1915 SMR 

Punch: Roman Punch (SF, & No. 2), French Champagne Punch (SMRI-RR Car), Roman Punch (No. 2, SF, & Huntington Menus) , Wine Punch (SMR & California Club HEH, Garden Party Punch, 

Huntington Soups: French Onion Soup (Par), Carrot Soup, Parisian Soup St. Germain- Split Pea soup with Ham (Hotel Bristol -Paris), Salmon Bisque, Consommé Royale (No.2) , Southern Ham Hock & Okra soup (SMR &TN) , Corn Chowder, Mulligatawny Soup (No.2 & Oneonta, NY- a Indian curry soup ), Oyster Stew (No.2), Cream of Asparagus Soup (No. 2 & Oneonta and SMR), Mexican Albondigas Soup (SMR & LA), Pumpkin Soup (SMR), Southern Gumbo Soup (ADH), Bouillon or Tomato Bouillon or Beef Bouillon (Calif. Club), Homestead Brooklyn Red Clam Chowder (TN), New England Clam Chowder (No 2), Green Turtle Soup (No 2. & SF) Mock Turtle Soup, California Crab Soup (SF), Lobster Bisque (SMR, SF, Huntington clubs)  Homemade Chicken Soup with Noodles or Rice, (SMR): Consommé Royale (No. 2) Parisian Mushroom Soup (Chat B., Paris, & SMR), Artichoke Bisque (SF & SMR), Asparagus Soup (SMR & No.2), Corn Chowder (SMR), French Onion Soup (Parisian Mansion- ADH in the early 1900’s), Southern Chicken Gumbo (ADH –New Orleans school), Christmas Oyster Stew (No. 2), Potage a la Tortue –Turtle Soup (No. 2, SF, & SMR) Spinach Soup (SMR), Irish Lamb Stew (SMR), Turkey & Barley Soup (SMR), Beef & Barley Soup (SMR), Mexican Albondigas Soup (Los Angeles favorite – Mexican Meatball soup), Mexican Tortilla Soup (Mission Inn, Riverside, Christmas 1924), “Potage St. Germain” (HEH & ADH soup they had Hotel Bristol in Paris on their honeymoon (Split Pea soup with Cream), French “Bisque de Ecrevisse” – Crabmeat Bisque (SF -SPRR Co. 1898 SF Huntington Nob Hill Mansion), Corn & Clam Chowder (Corn they grew on the SMR), Cold Avocado Soup (Jonathan Club downtown LA -there was an Avocado Grove on the SMR), Lobster Bisque (Jonathan Club, No. 2 & TN)  

French Fruit Tart with strawberries, mango, blackberries, green apple slices,& blueberries with short bread cookie crust & thin layer of cake with vanilla cream on top & glazed fruit on top layer. Served on a doily lined silver tray with a silver cake or pie cutter. Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

Desserts: Fancy French Cakes, “Petit fours”, (No. 2, SF, and SMR -small petit cake with royal icing),  Orange Cake (SMR) Lemon Cake (No. 2 & SMR), Almond Cake (No. 2), Apple Charlotte (SMR & No 2), Pudding, Sponge Pudding (No.2), French Opera Cake (Chateau B._ Layered Chocolate Cake, Rice Pudding (SMR and No2), Sago Pudding (Chat B.) Irish Bread Pudding(No2) , Fancy French Fruit Tart (All), Royal Pudding (San Marino Ranch), Sponge Cake for Tea (No. 2 & SMR) , Gateaux Orange (Hotel Huntington Pasadena 1924)

Savory Vegetables & Savory Condiments: Dill Pickles, Southern-style pickles, Pickled Vegetables (SMR), Bread & Butter Pickles (No 2), Pickled Okra (SMR), Pickled Carrots, Pickled beets, Queen Pickles (No. 2 & SMR)  Document: HEH Coll. HEH 38/6 [Huntington Mansion inventory book at SMR] Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif., HEH Coll. 8/9 uncat (SMR grocery lists), Huntington club menus & other Huntington menus, Southern Pacific Railroad and Shipping Co. annual banquet dinner menus (16 courses) 1800’s in San Francisco, CA. 

Beverages ingredients:

“Orange Blossom Cocktail ‘‘ (1916) made with Curacao (orange liqueur), Gin or vodka, Orange juice, orange bitters, & champagne (opt.). 1916 Pacific Mail Steamship Menu Document: HEH Coll. HEH Eph E41 H.E. Huntington Menu Collection Huntington Lib. San Marino, CA– Pacific Mail Steamship was owned by Southern Pacific Co. /HEH & ADH had stock in)

Honolulu Cocktail –“a mai tai” (1916), Gin Fizz (1916), Old-Fashioned (1916) Document: Pacific Mail Steamship (SPRR Co. owned) menu in the Huntington menu ephemera; Huntington Mansion family menus (No. 2) 

“Apollinaris Lemonade” (1917) Shaved ice, lemon juice powdered sugar, Apollinaris water. Rare book: The Ideal Bartender (Huntington Library San Marino CA) 

“Ginger Ale Punch” (1931) juice of lemons & oranges, tea, ginger ale, sugar, & water.  Recipe in The Household Searchlight Cookbook 1931 (later ‘fruit punch” was added)

“Cocktails” (Seafood Cocktail or Fruit Cocktail often a 1st course for luncheons: Exotic fruit Cocktail like mango and papaya and kiwi with Brandied Peaches, Crab Cocktail (SF & SMR), Peach Compotes (PAR & SMR & No 2), Grapefruit Cocktail, Shrimp Cocktail, Oyster Cocktail (HEH loved oysters) Half of an Avocado Cocktail with shrimp or crab meat salad or Lobster or Seafood inside an avocado, Valley Hunt Club Seafood Salad inside a papaya or avocado (VHC with Howard and Leslie Huntington a member).  Document: Huntington House grocery list, menus, ranch fruits & berries, etc.

In the 1920’s, often a colorful “Fruit Cocktail” could start the 4-course luncheon. what a way to show off the lovely exotic fruits of the San Marino Ranch. Served in a fancy wine glass or a footed compote bowl, set on a doily, placed on top of a gold & white salad plate. The Fruit was, cut up fruit with brandied peaches or Grand Marnier liqueur.

Seafood Cocktail/ Fish course: Oysters (No. 2 and SMR) , Clams (SMR & No. 2), Mussels (No 2), Boiled Lobster Feasts (TN & No.2), Crab Cakes with Rémoulade  sauce (New Orleans), Crab Puff Appetizer (SF, LA Pas, & No. 2), Lobster Croquette (No. 2), Oysters were the starter course at the Huntington dining room table: “Huitres” (Oysters on the half shell (SMR, TN, No. 2, & Paris), Oyster Kirkpatrick was served at HEH’s favorite downtown LA club: the California Club.

Huntington Canapes (SMR): Societe Roquefort Bites or “Roquefort Puffs”(ALL), Caviar & Champagne (SMR), Caviar Amuse Bouche with all the accoutrements: chopped yellow egg yolks, black seguva caviar, baby green chives, crème fraiche, & toast points (SMR, No. 2, like the Cunard ships would serve it), Spanish Canapes (No. 2), Crab Puffs (SF, LA , & SMR), Cheese Puffs (SMR),  Sardine Canapes (LA & SMR), Crabmeat puff with Parmesan cheese (SF & SMR)

RECIPE: Parmesan “Cheese Puffs” (1920’s appetizer): Make small rounds of white bread cut with a small cookie cutter. A mixture of 1 c. mayo,1/4 c. parmesan cheese, & 2 t. minced onion on top of bread– place on cookie sheet & bake 400@ for 15 minutes until the bread is toasted & has golden brown edges; there was a 1920 appetizer that is very similar to this with anchovies,; Mrs. Arabella Huntington loved Roquefort, so it is highly possible they served “Roquefort Puffs”.

Huntington Fish & Shellfish: Sauteed Shrimp Scampi, Shrimp Cocktail (ALL), Oyster Cocktail with Mignonette Sauce (ALL), Smoked Trout or Smoked Salmon (CPK), Poached Salmon Salad with Lemon Sauce, Santa Catalina Sand Dabs (LA clubs, Santa Catalina Tuna Club, Annandale Country Club, & SMR), Seabass with Lemon Wine Butter Sauce (LA and SMR),

Huntington Bread (SMR): Cornbread (SMR), Parker house Rolls, French Bread, (PARIS) English Cream Scones (London), Homemade Rye Bread (for sandwiches at SMR), Sourdough Bread (SF) Southern Buttermilk Beaten Biscuits with Sausage Gravy (ADH Alabama, SMR, No.2, TN, and SF), French Croissants (PARIS), Cinnamon Raisin Bread (SMR Grocery List)

Southern Huntington Relish dish: Queen Olives(No. 2, SF & SMR)), celery, Salted California almonds (SF & SMR), pickled carrots (SMR), Pickled baby corn on the cob, Virginia Peanuts (No. 2, & VIR), Baby gherkin pickles, California Black olives (SF & SMR), Green olives with red pimento, Marinated mushrooms (Paris), Pickled Okra (SMR), Southern Dixie Relish. Document: Huntington menus ephemera & grocery lists

Huntington Poultry: Capons of Chicken with Mushroom Wine Cream Sauce (SMR & Hotel Huntington), Southern Giblet Gravy & Cranberry Relish, Pheasant with a Marsala Wine sauce, , Southern Turkey with Southern Corn Oyster Stuffing or Dressing  (ADH & SMI), Cornish Game Hens with herbs, Southern Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes & gravy (ALL),  Roasted Turkey with Cornbread dressing & Giblet gravy (SMR and SMI RR car ), Roasted Guinea Hens,

Huntington Salads (SMR): Avocado & Orange Salad with Marinated Shrimp (Sunkist cookbook aff. with HEH & Jonathan Club LA), Marinated French Mushrooms with French vinaigrette (would showcase many of Ranch produce SMR ) “Sundays at the Ranch” – Southern Potato Salad with deviled eggs, Ranch Cole Slaw, NYC Waldorf Salad with Apples (ALL on many Huntington menus) , Avocado & Shrimp Salad with Ranch dressing, French Potato Salad with French Tarragon (Paris), New Orleans Turtle Soup (NOLA, No. 2, SF and SMR), Southern Pickled Okra (SMR), Watercress Soup, Avocado Salad with Shrimp & French Vinaigrette drizzle on the top (Jonathan Club recipe – English Coalport bone china made “Avocado bowls”: made to look like ½ of an avocado), Salad dressing: Railroad Salad dressing (SMI – the Huntington’s private RR car), French Niçoise Salad with French Herbed Vinaigrette   Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 (SMR Papers) also No. 2 papers and menus)

Huntington Mansion Sauces: Harvey Sauce (No. 2) Oscar Sauce (No. 2), Southern Sausage Gravy with Buttermilk Biscuits, Southern Giblet gravy, Robert Sauce (No. 2) Colbert Sauce (No. 2) Huntington Orange Sauce with Duck(SMR), Caper sauce, (SF) Capons with Mushroom Wine Sauce (PAR & SMR)Document: HEH Coll. HEH 38/6 [Huntington Mansion inventory book at SMR]; SMR grocery lists, Huntington menus, Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif.;

San Marino Ranch Vegetables (SMR): Showcasing the abundance of vegetables at the San Marino Ranch: Pickled or Southern Fried Okra (ADH -Alabama), “Cauliflower a la Huntington” (No.2 -Dutch Hollandaise sauce with toasted butter bread crumbs), Oyster plant/Salsify sauté with Herb Sauce (ADH), Spinach & Artichoke Casserole, Southern Fried Green Tomatoes, French Sautéed Mushrooms with onions, garlic, butter with brandy, Artichoke sauté with Mayonnaise, Southern Spinach with Ham (ADH), Southern Salsify Sauté (oyster plant at SMR), Creamed Corn & Corn on the Cob (SMR), French Ratatouille (ADH – PAR), Scalloped potatoes with Hollandaise cream (No 2 menu), Petit Pois (French Garden peas- ALL and PAR and No. 2 Menu) – All Huntington menus & SMR crops & provisions & grocery lists), Haricot Verte (French Green Beans with toasted almonds) SMR & all Huntington menus), Southern Okra sauté with tomatoes (ADH) Document: Huntington Coll. HEH 8/9 uncat (SMR papers) at Huntington Library SM CA

Sides: Chateau Potatoes (PAR), White Rice with French Tarragon, Buttered & Herbed Dutch noodles (No. 2), Savory Macaroni, Macaroni & Cheese (SMR & Chat. B), Potatoes Hollandaise (No. 2) Duchess Potatoes (Ships and trains), Mashed potatoes with parsley, French Scalloped Potatoes with Heavy Cream (Chat B. & Paris)

Herbs at the San Marino Ranch (SMR): Angelica, Anise, Balm [Bee Balm] Basil, Bay leaves, Borage, Catnip, Chile peppers, Chives clumps, Cilantro, Dill, Fennel, Leeks, Marjoram, Nasturtiums, Parsley, Rosemary, Saffron, Sage, Savory, French Tarragon, Common thyme, French Thyme, Watercress, Winter Savory Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 6/15 & HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 [San Marino Ranch papers – at Huntington Library, San Marino, CA] Also, [French Chervil, baby chives],  

Entrees: Irish Lamb stew (SMR & No. 2) Pork chops, Spagetti & tomato sauce (Chat. B, SMR No.2), Chicken Croquettes, Macaroni & Cheese (Chat B and No.2 )

Huntington Game: Pheasant with Marsala wine sauce, Duck a la Orange (SMR), Venison Stew (SMR), Venison,

Bread: Southern Cornbread (All), Southern Buttermilk Biscuits(All), Fresh French Bread fresh from the bakery-French Bagettes (SMR &Chat B.), Cinnamon Raisin Toast with Jam , English Cream Scones with Orange Marmalade & Devonshire Cream (ENG, PAR & SMR) also called “Chantilly Cream” (Arabella would have liked this French term) more than “Clotted Cream”. 

Huntington Cheeses (SMR):  Assorted Imported French cheeses: Roquefort  cheese (SMR, No. 2, & Chat B.), Port Salut (Chat B.), French Brie (No. 2 & Chat. B.), Camembert (Chat B.), Neufchatel, with water crackers or cream crackers, also New York Cheddar, “MacLarens Canadian Cheese” (Sharp creamy cheddar cheese spread) and Roquofort spread (No. 2)  or MacLaren’s Imperial Cheese (1891) (creamed cheese in crocks – one was sharp cheddar cheese & another was creamed Roquefort cheese) (SMR papers, No. 2 papers, Chat. B. Papers, grocery list, tea parties on Tuesdays at No. 2 “At-home day for 5th Ave.”, All Huntington menus- this cheese was used to spread on tea sandwiches also.)   Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 (SMR papers and HEH Col. MS 38/6 [Huntington Mansion inventory book at SMR] crops & fruit grown on the ranch, Huntington menus. Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif.

Lemon Curd petit tart with whipped cream and a raspberry to top.

Huntington Desserts: Lena Kley’s Huntington Mansion “Honey Spice Bars” (SMR – specialty sweet between a truffle & a brownie), Lena Kley’s Huntington Mansion Spice Star cookies (SMR), Opera Cake (Paris)  “Roy” or Royal Pudding with Vanilla Sauce or Lemon or Orange Sauce (SMR), Charlotte Russe,(SMR -1920’s) Pies (SMR- Apple, Lemon, Rhubarb, Chocolate Cream, Mixed Berry, & Pumpkin), Cakes – Gateaux, Petit fours (ADH- Paris & SF), Homemade Vanilla & fruit (mango & peaches) ice cream, Homemade Root Beer (SMR), French Crème Brulee (Caramel Custard), Homemade Root Beer Floats (SMR), Cabinet Pudding (All Menus &1900 ships), Diplomate Pudding (ADH- Huntington Menu SF), Gingersnap Cookies (HEH’s favorite), Apple Pie (NY- HEH’s favorite), Mixed Berry Pie (SMR), French Chocolate Tart (PAR)

Sorbets & Ice Cream: Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream (SMR), Rootbeer Floats (SMR) Peach sorbet, Raspberry sorbet, Champagne Sorbet (SF), Ice cream molded in molds shaped like a train (Hotel Huntington & Hotel Maryland-Pasadena), Tuxedo Strawberries (Dark & white chocolate – dipped strawberries Cunard ships), Ice cream sundaes, Irish Trifle Document: Huntington Menus (SF, NYC mansion & Hotel menus in HEH’s collection)                                           

Huntington Candy – Chocolate Bonbons – Parisian Chocolate Truffles (SMR, No. 2, Paris, & Dessert chef at SMR, SF) Peppermint Bonbons (No.2), & Chocolate Bonbon (No. 2, and SMR like California See’s candy), Southern Pralines with Nuts (VIR). Document : Lena Kley’s 2 recipes are actual recipes of the H.E. Huntington Mansion (SMR): these Mansion “Honey Bars” are like a truffle brownie -that were made at the SMR, & Cinnamon star swirl cookies I received the recipes from her great granddaughter, Chris Story. Mrs. Huntington had a collection of silver bon-bon silver dishes. Jordan Almonds (SMR), Southern pralines (NOLA and ADH), Chocolate Bon-Bons (No. 2), Peppermint Bon-Bons Huylers Bonbons (No.2), Louis Sherry’s Bonbons & Louis Sherry’s Fancy Cakes (No.2)

Huntington Pies: showcased all the abundance of lovely fruit & berries from the San Marino Ranch: Apple Pie (SMR), Ranch Mixed Berry Pie (Loganberry, Raspberry & Blueberry with cinnamon- SMR), San Marino Ranch Pumpkin Pie (SMR), Cherry Pie (SMR), Southern Deep–dish Peach Pie (SMR), Mincemeat pies & tarts (SMR and No. 2), Southern Pecan tassies (ADH), Ranch Pecan Pie (SMR), Southern Sweet Potato Pie (ADH), Mango Cream Pie (SMR) , Lemon Cream Pie (ALL- 1920’s), Southern Peanut butter pie with Chocolate crust & Dark Chocolate sauce (Alabama and the South), Lemon Meringue Pie, Rhubarb Pie (SMR), Marion berry Pie (SMR) Deep dish Blackberry pie (SMR), Apple Cobbler (SMR), Mixed Berry Bread Pudding, Pecan tart, Petit berry tarts (raspberry, blackberry & loganberry with blueberries, sugar, & cinnamon in a buttery crust) Document: HEH Coll. HEH 38/6 [Huntington Mansion inventory book at SMR] crops & fruit grown on the ranch, Huntington menus. Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif.

Fancy Cakes, Birthday Cakes & Tea Cakes: “Gateaux” or French Cakes (SMR): Petit Fours (SF & No. 2), French Cake, (Paris) Opera Cake (PAR), Chocolate Cake (No. 2 & SMR) Orange Cake with orange peel with Orange Frosting (Hotel Huntington & SMR), Sponge Cake with Frosting (No.2) Strawberry Shortcake (SMR) , “Assortis Gateaux” (many Huntington menus), Peach shortcake, Peach Cobbler (Southern), Brandied Peaches drizzled on Pound cake (SMR), Royal Pudding – Rice pudding or “Roy” (SMR), Rice Pudding (SMR) Currant Cake (No.2), Irish Trifle Cake with Brandied Peaches (No. 2), Apple Charlotte with Chantilly Cream (SMR), Irish Christmas Cake with Royal Icing & red ribbon & holly branch on top (No. 2), “Orange Gateaux” (Hotel Huntington Special cake), Raisin Cake (No. 2) Lemon Cake with Lemon Frosting (SMR), California Cake (Lemon filling include the lemon zest) a Pasadena tradition (PAS), German Chocolate Cake, Sherry Tea cake (Hotel Huntington, PAS) St. Nicholas Cake (Christmas at No. 2) Christmas Plum Pudding, Irish Christmas Cake (No. 2) with red ribbon around it, Pound Cake with caramel frosting & honey drizzle on top (Alabama), Poppy seed cake, Irish Caraway Seed Cake (No. 2) 

Huntington Sweet Sauces for Desserts : (for Charlottes, Apple Charlotte, Christmas puddings (No.2 and SMR, crepes, over ice cream) Vanilla sauce, Hard sauce for a plum pudding, French vanilla sauce, Orange Sauce, Lemon Sauce, Dark Chocolate sauce with cream, Brandied Peach (with cinnamon), Cinnamon Sauce, Old–fashioned Cranberry Relish (with grated cranberries, apples, pecans, ginger & mandarin oranges)

Cookies & Ice Cream: Ginger snaps (Mr. Huntington liked them), Fruit Glaces, Peanut butter cookies, Molasses Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin cookies with cinnamon (SMR), Chocolate chip cookies (1920’s) Ice Cream into Shaped molds (like trains- SF Banquets, and No.2 ) San Marino Ranch Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Homemade Root beer (SMR), Root beer floats, Ice Cream Sundaes with hot fudge sauce & chopped peanuts.

San Marino Ranch Fruits (SMR):  Mr. Huntington’s Oranges (SMR -Valencia’s & Navel oranges were the best), Brandied Peaches (SMR, No.2 & Paris), “Peaches & Chantilly Cream”, Brandied Lemons, Compotes with peaches with mangos (PAR), papaya, oranges, Strawberries with Curacao orange liqueur & Chantilly Cream, Jeweled Fruit Compote with Brandied Peaches & Ranch Berries, Exotic Ranch Fruit Cocktail (Mango, Papaya, Kiwi fruit, Mandarin Orange, Strawberries, & Pineapple with a mint sugar syrup- SMR), Mixed Berry Compote (Loganberry, Raspberries & Blackberries) with  Rhubarb compote, Exotic fruits of Mango & Papaya, “Tuxedo Strawberries” (chocolate dipped strawberries to look like tuxedo with dark & white melted chocolate – Cunard Ships) Document: HEH Coll. HEH 38/6 [Huntington Mansion inventory book at SMR] crops & fruit grown on the ranch, Huntington menus. Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif.

Huntington Mansion Breakfast: Sweet and Savory French crepes (SMR – Crepe pan), Apple cinnamon  crepes (HEH & ADH SMR), French Crepe Suzette (Paris and SMR- Orange Crepes with flaming orange sauce), waffles, Railroad French toasts (RR trains made with cornflakes & powdered sugar dusted), Mexican Huevos Ranchero (SMR -Mexican Tortilla pan), Hand squeezed orange juice (SMR made by Alfonso the Huntington’s Butler), Fruit Compote with Brandied peaches & cinnamon, French Chocolate croissants (PAR), French Toast sliced & toasted with Orange Marmalade, raspberry jam (SMR, NO. 2 Chat. B.) Peach conserves (Chat. B.)  

Huntington Mansion Condiments (SMR)

Savory Condiments: Caviar, Southern Style Picked Okra, 7 cans Jevnes Gourmet coffee (SMR -French roastcoffee), Chutney, Dijon mustard (SMR), Oatmeal, Grapenuts cereal, Kalak mineral water, White Rock mineral water (ALL), puffed rice, sugar, Hominy (side dish on No 2. Menu), bread & butter pickles, Anchovies, (Caesar Salad or Anchovy Canape), Snider’s Chili sauce, Jevne’s Gourmet Stuffed Olives (red pimento or garlic cloves), Cans of Tomatoes, Catsup, Southern Macaroni (Macaroni & Cheese ADH), Tabasco sauce, Misc. Pickles, Quaker oats grits, (ADH Cheese & Grits/ Shrimp & Grits), tomatoes, (in 1927: the Basement Pantry had 20 cans of Caviar, 9 jars pickles, 33 Jars Jevne’s gourmet store Stuffed Olives (SMR and NO. 2), 9 bottles Anchovies (SMR – Anchovy Canapes 1920’s, 9 jars Melon-mango,   

Sweet Condiments (SMR): Brandied Peaches (SMR, No 2), 9 jars of Cherries & Cherry filling (Cherry Pie), Cream of Wheat (hot breakfast cereal) with brown sugar & cinnamon, Crocks of honey (SMR Honey from the water tower), Bread & Butter pickles,  65 packages of canned spices (Cinnamon, allspice, cloves, nutmeg, white pepper, cayenne, etc.), Molasses, 9 jars melon-mangos, minute tapioca, cherries, sugar, flour [Cherry pie], Boxes of Tea (Ridgeway & Lipton’s Tea), Sparkling waters: Vichy water, Poland water, Shasta water, Sweet Pickle Relish, Dijon French mustard, mayonnaise, San Marino Ranch Honey, 57 plus 111 jars in cases – jars of Homemade Ranch Preserves (orange marmalade, raspberry jam, orange curd, loganberry jam, strawberry jam, sweet potato jam, apricot jam, lemon curd, & pomegranate jelly, etc SMR.), 15 cans Molasses (SMR cookies) 57 glass jars of Fruit preserves, 9 jars of cherries (SMR pies. tarts, and decoration on cakes and cocktails), 10 cases (12 ea) of Vegetable and Fruit Preserves (Orange marmalade, Apple sauce, Brandied Peaches, and Pickled Okra) Document: HEH Coll HEH 38/6 uncat (Huntington Library SM CA) List in the late 1920’s Document: HEH Coll. HEH 38/6 [Huntington Mansion inventory book at SMR] Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif. inventory of pantry & basement groceries. Plus and SMR crops & fruit grown on the ranch, Huntington menus.

Huntington Family Menus: Foods & elegant food recipes come from Huntington Hotel Pasadena, CA (Hotel owned by HEH & H.L.&I. Co.; 1914,  1918, & 1920 Menus), Hotel Huntington recipes, Hotel Maryland Pasadena menu (HEH owned it), San Marino Ranch Grocery Lists, No. 2 grocery lists, HEH Coll HEH 8/9 (San Marino Ranch) Invoices, SF mansion (SPRR Annual Banquets 10-12 course fancy dinners at Huntington Mansion on Nob Hill 1020 California St. SF, CA, No. 2 NYC mansion Fancy menu 1900, Chat B., Paris France invoices bakeries,   

Huntington Wine Cellar: Mr. Huntington actually had 2 wine cellars (SMR) (Mr. H.E. Huntington large wine cellar (the main one) was located in the basement of the Huntington’s Mansion & the other one was in the basement of the H.E. Huntington “guest cottage”(large house). Mr. Hertrich (Supt. of the Ranch) had the keys to Huntington mansion wine cellar/ the other wine cellar was located in the basement of the large cottage (really a large house) or “Archer’s House” with 4 pillars in the front like the Greenbrier Hotel in VA, this large cottage was just north of the Library Building)

Huntington Wines & Champagne & Liqueurs (SMR): May 12, 1915  List of H. E. Huntington high quality liquors for H.E. Huntington & Hotel Huntington (Pasadena, CA) was the purchaser or food stuffs & these large quantity of these 1 case (12 bottles) liquors which were Sherry, Amontillado Sherry, White Sauterne, Red Burgundy wine, French Champagne, California Champagne, Port, Brand: Chateau LaFitte [red wine], Sherry [served at tea and with 1st course of Oysters), 1900 Red Burgundy, Gin, Vodka, Bourbon, Italian Vermouth, Ruinart Brut, Pearline, Pontet Canet, Riesling 1905 Red Seal Johanesberger [sweet dessert wine], Burks Gin, Vermouth, Mumms Cordon Rouge, Château Yquem, Louis Roeders, Berncasteler Doctor, V.Clicquot Y Label, Mongrame No. 6, Pommery and Greno, Old Mill Special (Beer, ? Homemade brew by the Old Mill), Moet & Chandon Icr, Old Curio, Haig & Haig 3 Star,  French Vermouth, King William, Italian Vermouth, Oxford Club Gin, Imported Pilsner, Benedictine, Bass & Co. Dogs Head, Club Soda C & C. Gingerale Poland water Document: HEH Coll. HEH 11/6 (3) uncat Folder 3 (Hunt. Lib San Marino CA) Liqueurs: Curacao, Crème de Menthe, Brandy, French Brandy, Sherry Document: HEH Coll. HEH 38/6 [Huntington Mansion inventory book at SMR] crops & fruit grown on the ranch, Huntington menus. Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif.

Mrs. Arabella Huntington Tea Party- “At-Home” tea Entertainments (SMR):  On the San Marino Ranch there was numerous Locations for “Tea with Belle”. Tea was served in the Large Drawing Room, Small Drawing Room (2-3 people), Tea at the Huntingtons Guest Cottage, Tea with the Swans down at the Lake, Tea in The Loggia, Tea in the Lath House (HEH & ADH), Sherry Tea in the Rose Garden, Tea on the Terrace, Japanese Tea in the Japanese Garden with the Japanese Gardener & his Family (HEH would wear a black kimono) 

Huntington Tea Blends (SMR): RECIPE Mrs. Huntington’s Tea blend: (Combination 1 c. Ceylon Tea & 1 c. India Tea which makes “Orange Pekoe Tea” place in a mason jar or tea tin (No. 2), Ridgeway tea, Lipton’s Tea (Orange pekoe tea at SMR), Rose Petal Tea (Victorian tea -1890’s) Smokey Souloug Tea with Lavender & Earl Grey (Chat. B)

Huntington Beverages: Southern Iced Tea, Lemonade, Orangeade, Garden Party Champagne Punch, Ginger Ale Punch, Roman Punch, Christmas Punch, Milk Punch (HEH’s stomach) GingerAle (HEH) 

Huntington Tea Sandwiches (SMR): Southern chicken salad (SMR & ADH), minced Virginia ham (SMR &No.2), minced roast beef tea sandwiches (No. 2) H.E.Huntington’s favorite cheese sandwiches (LA & SF), egg salad, English salmon (ENG), crab sandwiches (SF), tuna salad, deviled ham sandwiches (SMR, TN, & No.2), English cucumber sandwich (ENG & America), Brie and tomato in baguette (Paris) 

Huntington Cookies/Biscuits/Sables (SMR): Huntington Mansion Honey Bars (SMR), Huntington Mansion Cinnamon Swirls (SMR), Five o’clock teas -cookies (No. 2) Ginger snaps (SMR), Molasses Cookies (SMR) Loone Doone cookies (No. 2), Social tea wafers, (No. 2) French tea cookies (butter cookies), Peanut Butter Cookies (SMR), Osborne Biscuits (No. 2) Oatmeal raisin with California Raisins (SMR), Irish Shortbread Cookies dipped in chocolate (SMR & No. 2), H & P, Petit Buerre, (PAR & No.2) Chocolate Chip Cookies (SMR 1920’s), French Butter thins (SMR & No. 2) , Spice cookies, called “Speculaas with almonds” in the image of Bishop St. Nicholas (No.2 / NYC called “New Amsterdam” (Dutch) at Christmas – Bishop St. Nicholas Day Dec. 6th), Heart-shaped shortbread cookies with Royal Icing, Chocolate French Bon-Bons (No.2), Peppermint Bon-Bons (No.2) 

Huntington Scones or Southern Buttermilk Biscuits or Southern Beaten Biscuits, with “French Chantilly cream” (Clotted Cream) or lemon curd or Orange curd (SMR), orange marmalade (SMR) Raspberry Jam (Chat B. No. 2 and SMR) Document: HEH Coll. HEH 38/6 [Huntington Mansion inventory book at SMR] crops & fruit grown on the ranch, Huntington menus. Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif.

Preserves Jams & Jellies: Miss Larsen & a team or kitchen servants made homemade fruit & Berry preserves. Depending on what season it was & how much fruit & vegetables they needed to “put-up” they hired extra help if needed) they made homemade fruit & berry preserves: San Marino Ranch Orange Marmalade, Raspberry Jam, Loganberry Jam, Marionberry Jam, Mixed berry Jam, Blackberry Jam, Lemon Curd, Orange Curd, Apricot Jam, Pomegranate Jelly, 1920 tutti-frutti, brandied peaches, etc. Apricot Cordial, Blackberry Cordial, Brandied Peaches, Brandied Apricots, Tutti-Frutti 

Huntington Desserts: French Fancy Cakes, Charlottes, “Roy” Pudding “Royal Pudding”, Apple Pie a la mode, Crepes with Brandied Peaches, Homemade Ranch Jams (SMR), Charlotte Pudding, “Petit Fours” with Royal Icing (small iced teacakes) & Chocolate covered, Cherries jubilee, Cherry pie, Tutti-fruitti over Homemade Ice Cream, Mixed Ranch Berry pie, Oatmeal cookies, Ginger snaps, Homemade ice cream, Root beer floats,  Document:  (SF, No. 2, SMR, Calif Club LA, & Huntington Hotel)

Huntington Homemade Ranch Jams,& Jellies (SMR): SMR Orange Marmalade, Raspberry jam, Loganberry jam, Pomegranate jelly (SMR & Old Mill), Lemon Curd, Orange Curd, Tutti-frutti, Apricot Jam, Brandied Peaches (ADH), Kumquat Jam, Plum Jam, Peach Jam, Rose Petal Jam (Edwardian), Strawberry Jam (SMR, No.2 & HEH). The head housekeeper & cooks would make homemade jams, jellies, tutti-frutti, & brandied peaches – it is a combination fruit placed in a large 5 gallon crock in layers with rum or brandy on the fruit to preserve it.

Huntington Cordials: Apricot Cordial (No. 2), Crème de Menthe (SMR &PAR), Curacao (SMR) , Peach Cordial (SMR), Blackberry cordial, Rose Petal cordial (Victorian), Italian Limoncello, orange liqueur “Curacao” (SMR), Brandied peaches (homemade & SMR Grocery lists, No 2, Chat B.), 

Huntington Family Fruit Orchard: Navel Oranges, Valencia Oranges, Grapefruit, Tangerines, Mandarins, Blood oranges, St. Michael’s, Oriental Kumquats, Apricots, Nectarines, Mission Figs, Kadoka Figs, Peaches, Plums (6 varieties), Cherry trees, Walnut trees, Sapotas, Cherimoyas, Guavas.  Book: Personal Recollections by Hertrich

Huntington Exotic Fruits in the Lath House (SMR):  Grapefruit, Pineapple, Mango, Papaya, Loquats, Kumquats

Huntington Nut Trees: Pecan, Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachio, Seeds: Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds

Huntington Berry Patch (SMR): Loganberries, Raspberries, Strawberries & Blackberries, Blueberries, Marionberries   Document: HEH Coll. HEH 38/6 [Huntington Mansion inventory book at SMR] crops & fruit grown on the ranch, Huntington menus. Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif.

Mrs. Arabella Huntington’s favorite: Southern Food: New Orleans Gumbo, Ham Biscuits & Gravy, Oyster Cornbread Stuffing, Fried Green Tomatoes, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Baby Back Ribs BBQ, Virginia Ham (SMR and No. 2), Hominy (No.2), Pickled Okra, Sweet Potato Jam, Swiss Chard, Spinach & Bacon, Macaroni & Cheese, Roasted Turkey with Sausage Stuffing and Giblet Gravy with Mashed Potatoes, , Rhubarb Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Fried Salsify (Oyster plant) Fried Okra, Lima Beans, Succotash, White Navy Bean Soup, Virginia Peanuts (No. 2 and SMR), Peanut Butter pie with chocolate crust, Peach Pie with Homemade Crust

Huntington Mansion’s Recipe- Ingredients: (SMR & Hotel Huntington Pasadena, CA):

“Punch Mont Blanc” (1924): made with vanilla ice cream, heavy cream, vodka, & Chambord (a raspberry liqueur). Place in a wine glass with a fresh raspberry on top Document: Hotel Huntington 1924 menu

“Imperial Punch” (1924): a champagne fruit rum punch made of J. Roget champagne, Capt. Morgan rum, hock Rhine wine, Lemon Seltzer water, orange juice, pineapple juice, vanilla extract, lots of ice cubes with Cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice. Document: Hotel Huntington Menu 1924

A clever hostess trick of Mrs. Huntington: she taught me to use a sugar bowl as a soup vessel. She bought 6 sugar bowls at the same time in Feb. 1914 at Parmalee-Dohrmann in Downtown Los Angeles. I am convinced she used them for soup vessels. Using a lidded sugar bowl, it would fit 2 c. soup & keep the soup hot from kitchen to Dining Room Table. Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

Huntington Soups (Ingredients) :

Bouillon en Tasse, Madrilène” (served at the Hotel Huntington, Pasadena): cooked beef or lamb, chopped thin, onions, tomatoes, onions, celery, carrots, green onion, Bouquet garni: bay leaf, garlic, white peppercorns, salt, lemon juice, Knox gelatin, chicken stock. 

“Parisian Mushroom Soup” (SMR,No.2, & PAR): butter, olive oil, onions, garlic, Paris & Button mushrooms (SMR), chicken stock, brandy, finish with cream, garnish with herbs like minced baby chives or parsley & sautéed garlic croutons.

Canapes (Ingredients):

“Roquefort Butter Canapes” (SMR): make a mixture of sweet butter, French Roquefort cheese, Dijon mustard, anchovy paste, squeeze Sunkist lemon, dash cayenne pepper. Spread on Melba toast or toasted French bread slices or bread rounds. Recipe from Book: Sunkist Cookbook: (1916 H. E. Huntington Oranges affiliated with Sunkist – Toucan orange crates; there is an illustration of HEH in the cookbook) 

Seafood/Fish Entrée (Ingredients);

“Shrimp or Lobster with Sauce Newburg” (No. 2 & SF ): 2 lb. cooked shrimp, Make a lobster sauce by cooking lobster, heavy cream, Aunt Penny’s white sauce (or make a creamy roux), with sherry wine, add an egg yolk & heavy cream.

Lobster Thermidor” (1919- No. 2 and SMR and SF): a French dish traditionally made of lobster meat, egg yoks, brandy (often cognac) with a creamy tarragon mustard sauce & topped with gruyere & parmesan crust

Chicken Course or Entrée (Ingredients):

“Spring Chicken Roti, Huntington” served at the Huntington Hotel, Pasadena (1924): or “Chicken Sauté” (Mrs. Howard E. Huntington’s recipe) made with roasted chicken with garlic & paprika with a Mushroom Onion Sauce with French tarragon, chardonnay, garlic, parsley & baby chives. Sprinkle with French tarragon. Recipe from Rare book of Mr. H.E. Huntington at the Huntington Library: Tried Receipts of Pasadena by Scripps 1914

Vegetables (Ingredients) :     

Cauliflower a la Huntington”: steamed cauliflower with a (Hollandaise Sauce or Dijonnaise curry lemon sauce of lemon juice, Dijon mustard, shallots, paprika, champagne vinegar, curry powder). Line a casserole with cauliflower & drizzle of Dijonnaise sauce or Aunt Penny’s lemon sauce & dust toasted bread crumbs & cook in oven. Document: Huntington menus

Vegetables at San Marino Ranch: (March 1915): 100’s of different vegetables they grew on the Ranch on 2 enormous vegetable gardens. Asparagus in a butter sauce, carrots in a dill sauce, French Artichokes in garlic toasted bread crumbs, new potatoes (whole) with a parsley butter sauce, Italian style, fried eggplant with thick tomato sauce, Fried Green tomatoes (Southern), French Green Beans in a butter sauce with toasted slivered almonds, Garden Peas “petit pois”, sautéed parsnips, French Artichokes, Potatoes, Asparagus, Mushrooms saute, Onions, Lettuces, French Green Beans with Toasted almonds, Fried Okra, Fried Southern Salsify or Oyster Plant, Carrots in Dill Butter Sauce, Tomatoes, Garden Peas “Petit pois”, Baby New Potatoes, Avocado cut in half with Shrimp Salad inside and French Vinaigrette drizzled, Pickled Beets, Lima Beans, Corn, Southern Succotash, Stuffed Bell Peppers, Spinach Salad, Sweet Potatoes and Sweet potato pie, Squash Medley with onions,

Southern Vegetables (ADH at SMR): Salsify (Oyster plant) sautéed salsify, pickled beets, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Southern Fried Okra, Pickled Okra, pickled beets, Oyster plant (Salisfy), Fried Green Tomatoes, Cornbread

French Vegetables (SMR): French “Petit pois” with butter (garden peas), French Mushroom, Paris Mushroom and Button Mushroom sauté, Endive lettuce, French tarragon, Frenh “Haricots verte” (Garden French Green beans) on many menu of the Huntingtons (SF, No 2, and SMR) French chervil herb Document: HEH Coll. MS 6/1/1-3 uncat (SMR)

Homegrown summer tomatoes

Huntington Desserts (Ingredients) : Mrs. Kley’s Huntington Mansion “Honey Spice Bars”(SMR -1920’s): they tasted like a chocolate brownie & a rich chocolate truffle, with royal icing drizzled over the top. They have to be cut into 1” squares they are so rich. Made with ground Belgium cocoa (the best), flour, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, & allspice with honey (Orange Blossom San Marino Ranch honey of course), walnuts, baking powder, & eggs. Recipe from Mrs. Kley’s (Dessert chef of Mr. & Mrs. H.E. Huntington) granddaughter Chris Story gave me the recipe.

Mrs. Kley’s Huntington Mansion Cinnamon Stars (SMR -1920’s) A shortbread Christmas cookie made with ground almonds, sugar white of eggs & cinnamon. Frosted with royal icing and/or red hots candies. Recipe from Mrs. Kley’s (Dessert chef of Mr. & Mrs. H.E. Huntington), granddaughter Chris Story gave me the recipe. 

Huntington Pudding Course (Ingredients):

Recipe: Mrs. Howard Huntington’s (Leslie) “Apricot Pudding”: (1922) 1/b. apricots, dried, ½ lb sugar, ¼ lb. white hominy [or polenta], wash 1 qt. hot water, add 1 qt. cold water. Cook in double boiler for 2 hrs. Book: Ceche Castelar Cookbook Los Angeles (1922)

Apple Charlotte with Brandy Sauce   Book: Castelare Creche Cookbook (1922)   

Apricot Pudding  Mrs. Howard Huntington’s recipe Book: Castelare Creche Cookbook (1922)   

Royal Pudding (SMR) – “Roy pudding” mold in the SMR Kitchen; maybe for the Royal Dinner as a fancy layered dessert: Document: Huntington mansion inventory book 

English “Roly Poly Pudding” with Raspberry Jam (England): Take Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, roll out & spread raspberry jam & roll up like a sausage.  Serve with Afternoon Darjeeling Tea.

Mrs. Howard E. Huntington’s “Fruit Cream” (Pasadena in 1914): Oak Knoll on the San Marino Ranch – made with bananas, dried apricots, orange & lemon peel. Cherries, lemon juice, powdered sugar, & gelatin (now jello or gelatin) with heavy cream. Recipe from Mr. Huntington’s rare book: Tried & true Receipts of Pasadena Wm A. Scripp, 1914

“King of Puddings” (1903) Los Angeles: (like a bread pudding with orange marmalade) made with almond meal or bread crumbs, sugar, baking powder, salt, Crisco, lemon juice, orange marmalade, eggs. Bake a pudding mold for 4 hours. Serve with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Recipe from rare book: Landmark Club Cookbook, Los Angeles CA by Mr. Lummis, 1903  

Mrs. Howard Huntington (Leslie) “Frozen Pudding” (1914) with fruit [apricots, orange & brandied peaches]: like a frozen trifle. Made with fancy lady fingers with candied fruit citron, apricots, orange slices with sugar, rum and brandy and cream and brandied peaches. Cut into pieces greatly improved the pudding. Rare book: Tried Receipts of Pasadena by Wm. A. Scripp 

Mrs. Howard Huntington’s “Steamed Graham Bread” (1922) Raisin Bread, made with graham flour, bran flour, raisins, molasses, buttermilk, baking sold and salt. Rare book: Castelar Creche Cookbook LA Ca 1922.   

Huntington Preserves for Breakfast or Tea:

San Marino Ranch Orange Marmalade (1910-1927) made orange peel, lemon peel & sugar, water, & pectin

Sherry Tea (a Pasadena tradition – 1920’s Hotel Huntington) mixture of tea, fruit juices, & sherry 

Huntington Mansion Large Butler’s Pantry (SMR): (located north of Dining Room & the Huntington Kitchen) Fine China & Porcelain plates & bowls of 20-25 sets of fine china & porcelain & tea & breakfast sets; Mrs. Arabella D. Huntington absolutely loved pretty fine china. In each of the Huntington Fine China/porcelain sets there was: Oyster plates, bouillon soup, cream soup bowls (2 handles), Salad plates, dessert plates, dinner plates, butter chips, (about 20-50 plates each), Huntington Crystal, & Huntington Gorman Sterling silver & Silver plate flatware (2 large silver boxes) Document: HEH Coll HEH 38/6 uncat (Huntington Library SM CA) List in the late 1920’;Rare book: Castelar Creche Cookbook LA Ca 1922 (several of Mrs. Leslie Huntington recipes in this cookbook)    Rare book: Tried Receipts of Pasadena by Wm. A. Scripp (1914); Hotel Huntington menus (1914)

San Marino Ranch & Huntington Family Recipes & Ingredients:

San Marino Kitchens “Tutti-frutti” sometimes called “tutti-frutti Cockaigne” (1920’s) or “brandied peaches” (SMR, No.2, TN, SF, & Chat.B). Made in a stoneware crock add: peaches, apricots, plums, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, gooseberries, currants, & add brandy (every time 1 c. of fruit if removed, add: fruit, sugar, & brandy. Perfect over puddings, like bread or fruit puddings & ice cream. Cookbook Joy of Cooking 1930 

“Champagne Punch” (SMR, No. 2 , SF & SMRI RR car): fruit juices, & champagne with fruit (HEH traveling on Christmas 1905, aboard the Huntington private railroad train car. Train trip from LA to NYC: Christmas dinner of Champagne Punch, Turkey with Oyster Dressing with Asparagus & Hollandaise with Mashed potatoes) Document: HEH papers for the Huntington’s RR car to NYC/LA Christmas1905

Ranch “Carbonated Lemonade” (Appollaris Lemonade at SMR): fizzy and delicious homemade lemonade with ranch lemons with carbonated water in an ice cream soda glass with slice of lemon & spearmint sprig (1920’s tradition)

Homemade Root Beer (SMR): sassafras, carbonated water, spices Document: HEH Coll. HEH 8/9 (grocery list SMR)

Homemade San Marino Ranch Minted Fruit Medley (For Breakfast): Cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, watermelon, strawberries, with minced spearmint leaves with brandied peaches (recipe similar to Mrs. Leslie Huntington’s fruit) or ambrosia with marshmallow cream or whipped cream Mrs. Huntington would call “Chantilly Cream”

Fruit Cocktail or Brandied Peaches (1914): diced fruit of grapefruit, oranges, bananas, pineapple, sugar & currant jelly and/or brandied peaches. Presented in pretty Mrs. Huntington’s “Havilland EH Elite Havilland footed-Compote cup & saucer” in fine bone china rose motif (Gold, white, & pink roses) with a paper doily on the saucer. Document: Parmalee Dohrmann invoices for Havilland bought by Mrs. Arabella Huntington 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Huntington’s Breakfast:

San Marino Ranch Orange Marmalade: a combination of orange Valencia & Navel, marmalade made the zest of the orange, sugar, & water.

Huntington breakfast French sweet crepes (SMR) with apple or peaches & cinnamon: using any fruit: strawberries, peaches, brandied peaches, raspberries, mangos, or apples with cinnamon sugar syrup, Chantilly cream & sprinkling of powdered sugar on top, Cream of Wheat porridge with brown sugar and fresh fruit (SMR), Puffed Rice (SMR) Grape nuts (breakfast cereal) (SMR), Jevne’s coffee (Gourmet store in Pasadena). Document: Huntington mansion inventory book had a French crepe pan

Brandied Peaches; firm peaches, to every lb. of peaches add 1 c. sugar & 1 c. water, cinnamon, lots of 4 t. brandy. Document: all Huntington mansion food invoices

The Huntington’s Butler, Alfonso Gomez, Perfectly-cut breakfast grapefruit with a cherry on top. There is an art to cutting fruit & the Huntington butler, Alfonso was brilliant at it. When preparing the grapefruit halves with a maraschino cherry in the middle every morning for breakfast. Of course, served on a doily lined pretty plate or bowl for the Huntington’s delight. Alfonso started his service on a Cunard ship in 1910 & in 1911 Archer Huntington met him & told him in NYC to visit his mother (Mrs. Arabella D. Huntington & give her (Archer’s) calling card. Alfonso was such an amazing thoughtful steward, she hired at the Huntington Mansion at No. 2 57th St. NYC on the spot.

Alfonso Gomez (before 1911 Alfonso the Butler/HEH’s valet worked on a Cunard cruise ship) Homemade freshly squeezed Orange Juice with San Marino Ranch fresh Valencia and Navel oranges fresh from the Huntington’s Orange Grove, Alfonso knew how to cut a grapefruit for the Huntington perfectly. 

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream (SMR): ice, salt, cream, vanilla bean (ice cream maker), Rootbeer float (SMR), Homemade Rootbeer (SMR)

Terrapin a la Maryland”: Document: many of the Huntington menus

San Marino Ranch Sun-Tea (SMR): Huntington Blend of India tea mixed with Ceylon tea to make an “orange pekoe” delicious tea with a sliced orange on top of the glass & lots of ice. A tradition at the San Gabriel Country Club which H.E. Huntington was a founding member and he might have donated the land; they always had a orange slice in their iced tea (instead of a lemon slice). Served in a large ice tea or shake fluted glass on a white doily lined sauce, with a orange and a long iced tea spoon. 

Belle’s Southern Sweet Tea: tons of sugar in iced sun tea (orange Pekoe) with sparkling mineral water/soda water added.

California “Huevos Rancheros”: (a breakfast item or Sundays at the Ranch) SMR: a delicious popular California Mexican egg dish: made with eggs & tomatoes, & chiles (Ortega or spicy chilies) red or white onion, fresh avocado slices (SMR) with cheddar cheese & salsa or Pico de Gallo in a freshly made tortilla (tortilla press in Huntington mansion inventory) Other recipes that are used with Tortilla press (SMR): tamales, tamale pie, taquitos, & tacos.

Mrs. Geo. S. Patton’s, “Strawberry Pie” with berries, sugar & cornstarch making a meringue of egg whites & whipped cream on top

Ranch Mixed Berry Pie sometimes called Myrtleberry Pie : Raspberry, Loganberry, Marionberry, Blueberry, or Boysenberry with sugar & cinnamon in a flaky butter or crumb crust

NYC Waldorf Salad: with apples, walnuts, & mayonnaise. Document: many Huntington menus 

Christmas Stuffed Turkey & Southern Oyster Dressing (aboard the Huntington’s private railroad car – 1905) we know what HEH ate (written on a memo for the train): HEH traveling on Christmas 1905, aboard the Huntington private railroad train car.  Train trip from LA to NYC ADH ordered this dinner to be served to HEH on the train: Christmas dinner of Champagne Punch, Roasted Turkey with Gravy [Southern Giblet] & Southern Oyster Dressing with Asparagus & Dutch Hollandaise with Mashed potatoes,

Lemonade with sparkling water called Apollaris Lemonade (recipe): made with sparkling water & lemonade with a slice of lemon.

“Roy” Pudding – Huntington Royal Pudding: cream, berries, eggs. Document: in the Huntington mansion inventory book: “Roy” pudding pan for Royal pudding (for the longest time I couldn’t figure out what roy meant

Visitors & Callers & Guest to Huntington Mansion (SMR):  

Family: Caroline Huntington Holliday (HEH’s sister) & her husband: Edmund “Burke” Holliday, their children Collis Holliday & Helen Holliday, Howard E. Huntington (HEH’s son) & his wife Leslie Huntington & 6 children (later Leslie Huntington Brehm), Leslie Huntington Brehm often enjoyed for afternoon tea with Belle (on a affidavit she states almost every day when Arabella was “in-residence”), Edwards & Mary Lewis (cousin of HEH), Mulford & Ethel Wade & Ida Carner (cousins to HEH), Doc. Burke Journals

Friends of the Huntingtons to San Marino Ranch: There were many Teas & Luncheons at the San Marino Ranch, especially for 6-12 guests & Dinners for 6-24 guests (always an even number at the Huntington Dining Room Table. 

The Huntington’s enjoyed “Tea on the Loggia” with Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniel & Mrs. Daniels (August 1919) Document LA Times August 1919, A. Gomez tapes 

Visitors & Callers & Guests to Huntington Mansion (SMR):  

“Royal Dinner” with 24 guests with guest of honor: Prince Adolphus & Princess of Sweden July 23, 1926 (A whole weekend of events planned by HEH), 

Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Dunn (numerous times),  

Dr. & Mrs. Ernest Bryant (Tea with Belle, Feb. 1914),  

Mr. & Mrs. George Patton Sr., 

General & Mrs. George Patton (often), 

Mr. Benjamin Wilson, Miss Wilson (often), 

Myron Hunt (often – Architect of H.E. Huntington Mansion, SMR), 

Judge & Mrs. Sepulveda (June 1916), Capt. & Mrs. Randolph Huntington June of 1916),

The Banning Family (Wilmington Transportation Co. Santa Catalina Island), often –

The Morgan Family:  Mr. & Mrs. Cosmo Morgan, Mother Morgan (March 1921),

Mr. Ashton Johnston,   Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bixbee (Bixby Ranch- Long Beach, CA), 

Col. & Mrs. Denis,    Mrs. J. P. Jones, Judge Ross.      Mrs. C. E. Thom (1920), 

Kenny & Madge Warren (June 1921), 

Dr. Coley (traveled with Mr. Huntington in 1926 & 1927), 

Mrs. Leakey,    Harry Ord (cousin to Burke Holladay), 

Many guests of Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Huntington (Arabella) (SMR): 

Mr.  & Mrs. Arnold,      Mr. & Mrs. John Miller,      Mr. & Mrs. Geo. J. Denis, 

Mrs. Le Blond,     Dr. & Mrs. Barlow,     Dr. Baer, Geo. W. Fairchild, 

Dr. M. de Gauff,    Miss Foster with Carrie Holliday, 

Robt. A. Milliken (Nobel prize winner), 

200 guests to SMR (Cal Tech Associates “Cosmic rays” lecture & tea reception (1920’s) 

Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 10968  (E. Burke Holladay Journals) Huntington Lib San Marino, CA

Visitors & “Callers” & Guests to Huntington Mansion (SMR):  

Business (SMR): Homer Ferguson (HEH owned the Newport News Ship building & Dock Co., Mr. McAdoo, Randolph Hearst, Myron Hunt (architect), Mr. John McGaw (July 1917)  

People (SMR): Dr. Rosenbach (art or book dealer), Aurelia Reinhardt (President at Mills College), Miss Jones & Miss Townsend (Friends of HEH’s niece Helen Holliday), Cora Case Porter (Librarian: Muskogee, Oklahoma),  

People of Note (SMR): Albert Einstein(Caltech Assoc.), Cecil B. De Mille, former president of the US: Ulysses S. Grant, Jr. Lady Beaverbrook, Sir Esme Howard (British Ambassador), Wm. Randolph Hearst (Newspaper owner Hearst Communications & 30 newspapers like SF Examiner, & New York Journal), Mr. & Mrs. John D.  Rockefeller Jr. & his 3 sons: David, Winthrop & Laurence (Luncheon with HEH, 7 the Rockefeller family June 1926), Clarence C. Little (Pres. University of Michigan), Remsen D. Bird (Pres. of Occidental University), Otto H. Kahn & Mortimer Schiff (both NY Financiers), Herschel V. Jones (Minneapolis Publisher), Prince Paul Troubetzkoy 1917, Admiral & Mrs. Edward W. Eberle (the Secretary of the Navy), Sir Gilbert Parker, General Sir John Maxwell of London, John Grier Hillen (Pres. of Princeton Univ.), Edward E. Ayers- Pres. of Field Museum, Arthur Secor (Pres. of Toledo Museum),  

H. E. Huntington Houseguests (SMR): Mr. & Mrs. Edmund “Burke” Holladay with their children: Collis Holliday & Helen Holliday (before they lived in Pasadena 1918?), Cousins of HEH, Princess Clara von Hatzfeldt nee Huntington (ADH step daughter & HEH’s sister in law from 1st wife), Sir Joseph Duveen & his wife (ADH & HEH art dealer & friend), HEH’s 3 daughters who lived in northern California: Marion Huntington, Elizabeth Huntington & Brockway Metcalf, Clara Huntington Perkins, Edwards & Mary Lewis April 1920 (Cousin to HEH), Prince Adolphus & Princess of Sweden 3 days and 2 nights – (Friday July 23 1926 Royal Dinner ), Document: HEH Coll. HEH 10968 (E. Burkes Holliday Journals: HEH Coll. HEH 53/1-2; Huntington Guest Book (now in Huntington Library President’s Office.)  HEH Correspondence 

“Sundays at the Ranch” & lawn parties & Garden parties for 20-50 or more guests         

1922 Many Entertainments Luncheons & Dinners from 8-12 luncheon guests or dinner guests at the H.E. Huntington Mansion on the San Marino Ranch

Some Caltech Associates: Lecture receptions 150-200 guests like Cosmic Ray Cal tech lecture in 1925 

(1920’s) Numerous intimate Luncheons & Dinners for 6-12 Guests at Huntington Mansion, (Always Formal with the butler & 3 footmen in attendance) with family & Friends       

The H.E. Huntington Dinner Room Table was the location of the Royal Dinner. Photo Credit: Nancy Armitage

Mr. Henry E. Huntington’s “The Royal Dinner” (1926)

The Royal Dinner: Friday July 23, 1926  Huntington Mansion, San Marino Ranch, CA Mr. Huntington hosted the Crown Prince Alphonsus & Princess Louise of Sweden to his home on the San Marino Ranch. It was a whole weekend of Royal festivities at the San Marino Ranch. According to HEH’s typewritten notes of the weekend events. Mr. Huntington first met them on Wednesday for a large dinner (150-200 ppl) at the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. Then they were taken by train car to the Mr. Huntington San Marino Ranch. Mr. Huntington hosted the Prince Alphonsus & Princess Louise of Sweden to his home on the San Marino Ranch. The royals either stayed at the Huntington Mansion with Mr. Huntington, or at his “Guest Cottage”, or at the Hotel Huntington in Pasadena, CA. 

The Royal Dinner was on Friday, July 23, 1926, the most elaborate dinner Mr. Huntington ever had. It was summertime of 1926 (2-hour dinner) H. E. Huntington in white tie and tails was the host & his sister, Carrie Holladay was the hostess for 24 dinner guests many of them royals. Mr. Huntington would have wanted to showcase all the wonderful things he grew on the San Marino Ranch during the warm summer months. By the black & white photograph in the Hertrich Book: Personal Recollections: it looks like the table was laid with a French Le Jacquard or Irish Damask fine linen tablecloth; most likely pink or white in color.  Document: HEH Coll. MS822 Box 182 corr. (Seating Chart); photo of table Hertrich book

There were 4 different kinds of Baccarat crystal goblets on the elegantly set table  (water glasses, wine, champagne & sherry glasses) were ordered by HEH in 1925 & brought to the Ranch from NYC. The French fine bone china/porcelain plates used look like either Dresden or Havilland (gold & white with pink roses). There were several flowers vases along the dining room table filled with flowers: stock, purple larkspur, Huntington gardens fragrant pink (General MacArthur or pink Killarney rose) & white roses (white Killarney rose), or passion flowers, & purple delphiniums.

The Huntington “Royal Dinner” on Friday July 23, 1926 (from HEH’s weekend From Wednesday to Saturday a typed schedule of festivities) would have probably been about 8 -10 full-course dinner. The Huntington Mansion kitchen Head cook and team of Kitchen staff or maybe the caterer from Hotel Huntington in Pasadena, CA might have made this very important dinner. This elegant meal would have started with the:

Oyster course: Oysters on the half shell on elegant Limoges Oyster plates of Mrs. Huntington’s (often was the beginning of Huntington fancy dinners),

Also, served with Sherry & Huntington Relish Dish (Pickled Petit Corn, Queen Olives, Celery filled Roquefort Cream Cheese, Petit French “Cornichons” pickles (gherkin), California Black Olives, Radish, Almonds)

Soup course – a Guest’s choice of Clear soup or a Cream soup: (Clear soup like a Consommé Royale or Scotch Broth or Cream soup like Artichoke Soup or Mushroom Soup), 

“Amuse bouche” or appetizer course (Caviar or Roquefort canape; if caviar it was served with chopped egg, baby chives, & sour cream on a round of toast),

Fish course (Southern Crab Cake or could have been marinated Shrimp salad in an California Avocado bowl), served with a white Chablis wine, 

Poultry course (Chicken Pate in Aspic or Duck Liver Pate in Jelly, Chicken Croquette), a break in the middle of the Royal Dinner with Roman Punch (mixture of rum, fruit juices, champagne & frothy meringue) or Champagne Punch

Entrée or meat/game course (Lamb Roast with Mint jelly or Filet Mignon with Bearnaise Sauce) with Duchess Potatoes or Asparagus Hollandaise as vegetables (served with a red wine-claret or burgundy), 

Cheese Course French-Style after dinner: with Imported French cheeses: Brie, Roquefort & Camembert with cream crackers (served with a glass of sherry)                                          

Displayed in the middle of the Dining room table would have been an elegant silver Epergne, filled to the brim with San Marino Ranch nuts (walnuts, pecans,& pistachios, & dried fruit like apricots, mangos, or Ranch summer fruits of nectarines, plums, & oranges & raspberries, Blueberries, Loganberries. 

Desserts especially made by a dessert chef team (Mrs. Kley) like Royal Pudding with Chantilly Cream & Petit fours little cakes & Huntington Mansion Honey Bars (like chocolate brownies & truffles) & frosted with royal icing. Refreshing Lemon Charlotte with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream (SMR 1920’s) 

With After-dinner drinks like Crème de menthe & soda or Curacao (orange liqueur) & bonbons served in the large Drawing room.  Document: grocery list, Huntington menus, SF SPRR elaborate Banquets, menu of 1900 at No. 2; Hertrich’s Book has a photo of the event. Document: HEH Coll. MS 822 Box 182 Correspondence (seating chart, HEH typed up weekend schedule of event, tea parties, Hollywood bowl concert after the Royal dinner, luncheon at Midwick Country Club. (or) did they take the grand ship, “RMS Olympic” on Oct. 28, 1914 traveling with HEH & Arabella with his private secretary, Robert Varnum & his wife, Catherine with J. Reifer (ADH’s private Ladies Maid), A. Gomez (HEH’s gentleman’s valet) & A. McGillivray (Head Butler), with Temple (Footman) & Cook. Document: HEH Coll. MS 12/1-30 uncat (Chat B. papers) the later one, the grand “Olympic” ship seems more likely then the “Adriatic” to me. Document: HEH Coll. HEH MS 12/1-30 (Chateau B. boxes)

Thanksgiving & Christmas at the San Marino Ranch (SMR) (1922 & 1923)

In 1922 & 1923, Belle & Edwards Huntington’s spent Thanksgiving & Christmas at the San Marino Ranch which was unusual. In 1922, Huntington Entertainments were extensive that year after the Huntington’s arrival from the train on January 1, 1922 to San Marino Ranch. 

There was New Year’s Pasadena Rose Parade, New Year’s Parties to attend & a  “Coming out” party [Debutante] for Mr. Fred Bixby’s daughters; the Huntingtons went to a Dr. Bryant’s house in Los Angeles., the Holladays host a large dinner for the H.E. Huntingtons, there were lots of festivities. Belle & HEH hosted many entertainments for 8 to 12 guests for Luncheons & Dinners at the Ranch that year. On Tues. March 21, 1922 The Blue Boy ” painting by Gainsborough was hand-delivered by Joseph Duveen himself. Duveen & his wife were houseguests at the Huntington Mansion.  But Mr. Huntington has several difficult losses in 1922-25, Howard Huntington (HEH’s only son) died & and Harriett Huntington (HEH’s mother) died, also.  

Sat. June 17, 1922 they take a train to NYC from LA via U.P (Union Pacific) they spend the summer at No.2 & TN.  HEH & ADH come back to the Ranch between Nov. 14 & Nov. 22, 1922, & are there for the Thanksgiving & Christmas. Document: HEH Coll. MS 10968 (Burke Journal) Document: HEH Coll. HEH   (Burke Journals)

After Arabella Huntington died in September 1924. Mr. H. E. Huntington, spent the rest of his years of 1925, 1926, & 1927; spending Thanksgiving & Christmas at his beloved San Marino Ranch. 

During that time, he did help Archer with his mother’s estate, it took them 3 years to sell all the properties & stocks & bonds, property, taxes, jewelry, etc. HEH traveled to NYC to settle Arabella D. Huntington’s enormous estate with Archer Huntington & also Philadelphia for an operation by train in 1927). After Arabella died, HEH didn’t travel as much. In those years without Belle, HEH spent his Thanksgiving & Christmas at the San Marino Ranch. His daughters would come & see him along with many other guests & houseguests.  

Clubs & Social Clubs of Henry Edwards Huntington & Mrs. H.E Huntington (Arabella)

Clubs in San Francisco, CA: 

Bohemian Club, SF 

Burlingame Country Club, Burlingame, CA 

Pacific Union Club, SF 

Unitarian club, SF

Clubs in NYC, NY: 

Metropolitan Club, [HEH lived there when he was in-residence in NYC in early 1900’s] 

Union League Club, 

Calif. Society of NY, 

City Club

Midday Club 

Hobby Club of New York, (this was one of Mr. H. E. “Edwards” Huntington’s favorite clubs, each month the members had a fancy 9-12 course dinner banquet with an interesting theme; sometimes the meeting were at the metropolitan club NYC or member homes or mansion. The theme usually surrounded the host member collecting books, art, memorabilia))

Economic Club,

Entertainment Club, NYC (Arabella Huntington was a member) 

Grolier Club, 

New York Chamber of Commerce, 

Oneonta Country Club NY, 

Sleepy Hollow Country Club – close to the Huntington Estate “Homestead” at Throggs Neck , NY

Lawyer’s Club, 

Metropolitan Museum of Art, 

Museum of Peaceful Arts, 

National Historical Society, 

National Marine League, 

National Surety League, 

New England Society of New York, 

Society of Colonial Wars, 

Society of the Sons of the Revolution, 

American Museum of Natural History (LM), 

American Railway Assoc., 

Elizabethan Club, New Haven, Conn,

Clubs in San Barbara:

San Barbara Country Club Santa Barbara, CA

Clubs in Los Angeles, Calif.:

California Club, Downtown LA

Jonathan Club, Downtown LA

Wilshire Country Club, Midtown Los Angeles,

Los Angeles Country Club- West Los Angeles,  

Midwick Club Alhambra CA, 

Bolca Chica Huntington Beach CA, 

University Club, LA, 

Los Angeles Athletic Club, 

Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce LA, 

Man Triumphant Foundation LA, 

Automobile of Los Angeles LA, CA

Horticulture Society,

Southwest Museum (off the old Pasadena Freeway: once the Route 66, then the Fwy 11, now the Fwy 110)

HEH Clubs in Pasadena, Ca: 

San Gabriel Country Club, San Gabriel, CA 

Pasadena Polo Club, Pasadena, CA

Annandale Country Club, 

San Gabriel Country Club SG, CA,  

Huntington Country Club (or Pasadena Country Club) just below the Huntington Hotel built in 1914 there was a 9- hole golf course, the club house was the Old Mill owned by Mr. H.E. Huntington as the time. In 1918, Mrs. Arabella Huntington bought the Old Mill in San Marino, CA

Midwick Country Club Alhambra, LA CA, 

Pasadena Board of Trade (LM), Pasadena, CA

Pasadena Chamber of Commerce (LM), 

Pasadena Country Club, 

Pasadena Music & Art Assoc. (LM),[once called the Strickney School of Art; located where Norton Simon Museum is now. Both HEH & his daughter-in- law, Leslie Huntington Brehm were members]

Document: Schad – curator notes at Huntington Library; Who’s who’s of America, HEH cancelled checks & ledgers, 

This is the short list

The C.P & Arabella & Archer Huntington Family

Charities: H. E. Huntington

American Fine Arts, NYC, NY, American Red Cross, NYC, NY (HEH Lifetime member), Brooklyn Museum, NY (ADH & AMH), Chamber of Commerce, New York City (CPH & HEH), New York Orthopedic Dispensary, New York City, NY (ADH), New York Hospital, NYC, NY  (ADH), White Rose Society (ADH) for the poor young girls that came off the ships to NYC port, -to have someone to guide them where to go & where to stay & not meet up with unsavory people in the Victorian times in NYC & Richmond- VA, Hampton Normal School, VA (CPH & ADH), Hispanic Society NYC, NY (AMH & ADH) – (Archer Huntington was the founder of this museum, it open in 1904; ADH gave a Velasquez painting, HEH gave $16,500.00 in 1909), Metropolitan Museum of Art (CPH, ADH, HEH & AMH) ,Metropolitan Opera, NYC, NY Huntington family box seats for decades (CPH, ADH, & HEH), Morning Tea Club (ADH in NYC), New York Hospital, (ADH in NYC), Panama Canal fundraisers, the building of the (CPH, HEH, & AMH), San Francisco Hospital (ADH in SF CA), American Museum of Natural History (CPH, ADH, HEH, & AMH) , Red Cross or American Red Cross  NYC, NY (HEH & ADH), Document: Huntington Family menus, HEH personal ledgers, receipts, HEH account ledger bank ledgers. At the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA. Arabella letter (NY Orthopedic Dispensary with her friend Mrs. Harriet Crocker Alexander – it was even in her ADH’s will to continue to pay the charity)

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